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EPGH 3 Preview

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 64
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Sana Ic
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Cesar Colnago

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SNPF 2 Quick Review

James Maverick won in convincing fashion to make himself certainly one to beat.

Francisco Junior wins his second straight EPGH fight by submission with a third round win of Bjorg Hrjinski adding to his resume for a title shot.

Fighters who made their debut in a EPGH ring and certainly raised their profile include.

Gunnar Bjorkson, Coach Eddie Boxing, and Norris Norton who earned the opportunity to become the first and last Super Heavyweight Champ.

FOTN/KOTN winner Ginekes Poutanes came away huge in his debut fight and made a huge impact on the Light Heavyweight title picture. Along with the strong performance from his opponent Ethan Adams these two look to make a big impact on this division as a whole.

White Snake definitely infected his fight with venom coming up with a huge submission victory locking in a kimura mid way through the first round with a kimura to lock up the SUBOTN award hopefully he continues having performances like this and inserts himself into contention for a title opportunity.

Congratulations to both TJ Goodard and Leonardo Laiola for coming up with victories to avoid being the first 0-2 fighters in EPGH history a distinction that solely in the hands of Bjorg Hrjinski.

Show Overview

As a whole the show was a bit disappointing but nothing that can't be fixed because there were a few really big positives that I think outweigh the negatives. We turned a mutha fuckin profit! Huge positive considering we were in a smaller venue and another big one is we had 6 fighters get below 5k in p4p rankings which will help our event rating and attendance figures in the future. Though we did have a no contest and a lot of fighters were hurt due to auto flights (easy fix go to maps, then schedule flights, then cancel your fighters flight.) The show was more positive then bad. Just keep this in mind winning is cool, but I need your help to make sure your fighters are fit and ready for each fight. I need you more than you need me, but in order for EPGH to improve and grow we need to work together to help each other grow. Better fights = more money/more hype = Fighters get paid more. I will do anything I can to make the EPGH experience better than any other org in Tycoon world, so ask questions, if your new we have a mentor on staff in Lucky Lefty I recommend gaining mentorship with either him or one of the many other mentors who are 100% willing to help improve your game. Improving Morale is easy go to one of our clothing sponsors (Helsinki Extreme Fightware/Fanatic Inc.) Buy some clothes and switch em out every few days till his morale is back to 100. Energy just don't train it's that simple. Aside from that everyone does a great job you guys do you and let me know if you have any problems.


SNPF 3 Preview

This weeks Saturday Night Pride Fights includes a qfc rematch between 2 solid bantamweights with big implications going forward and a whole heap of great talent with the potential to blow the roof off the building. I would again like to apologize to all of the managers competing in this event you guys were among the first fighters booked within this organization but we've had 3 events already I would have moved this event up a few weeks but I wasn't able to due to how the games booking process works. Goodluck to all of the following fighters!


Main Event

Austin “Smackdown” Bostin vs Pocong Kranang

A rematch of a qfc match from a month ago these two had a hell of a war in there first match up. Bostin came out the loser but by the end of the fight Kranang realized the fight could have gone either way and offered a rematch to Boston who suffered his only loss in the bout. This fight is a huge pillar in the Bantamweight title picture and one of these two will make huge progress towards a title shot.

Co-Main Event

Aaron “Tidal Waves” Atlantis vs Bobby “Punkrock” Pickledoo

This heavyweight matchup features 2 undefeated fighters one with 2 wins another with three wins all by ko/tko again right now everybody who wins increases their chances at gaining a title shot ten fold so good luck to both of these guys. But seriously I want an old ozzy man reviews classic. “NAH FUCK YOU NAH FUCK YOU NAH FUCK OFF”.

Christian “Money” Shaw vs Reese “Big Toe” Worthington

One of the last Super Heavyweight Division bouts these two fighters will duke it out in another preverbial slugfest with the winner leaving with his brain fully intact. Goodluck and godspeed on your future (unless you decide to try out Kickboxing ;D)

Sylvester “Big Dog” Stallion vs Coach Sua Wrestling

I have a really good feeling that we may get a sub of the night contender from this fight as Coach Sua is obviously into wrestling and Stallion has his lone victory by way of submission. Hopefully we get a good clinical ground fight that ends with an amazing submission hold or vicious ground and pound.

Blaze Max vs Deshawn “Money” Shaw

This Heavyweight fight could become a treat for the fans looking for a ko. Shaw has a victory on his record but Blaze is unknown with zero in ring/cage experience. Both men are big and generally that means one man is getting knocked the F out.

Brendan “Backwoods” Bennett vs Soitoi “Chief” Wanalaiiea

A fight between 2 18 year old prospects one coming off 2 straight loses looking for his first victory and another one with a convincing victory in his first contest at EPGH 1. Goodluck to both competitors!

Varun Khumar vs Ralph McGucken

Only 1 fight seperates these 2 from both being completely inexperienced in the cage. But regardless of that from my initial reports are that these 2 are completely even. Goodluck in this battle of attrition.

Luke “Cocky” Cockhold vs Yury “The Assassin” Konstantin

An 18 year old vs a 22 year old both these fighters have had plenty of time to prepare who trained better Will be the real question of this bout. Goodluck to both managers!

Rusi “Psycho” Kostov vs Rich “The Money Maker” Tyme

This fight is between 2 mostly unsuccessful fighters in mma thus far in their careers one of them will right the ship Saturday and come away with a victory.

Ezekiel Marley vs Deair “King” Shaw

This will be the first ever fight between 2 fighters with multiple loses. Goodluck to both fighters!


Event Rating Expectation : 70

Goodluck to all fighters! Remember to cancel all auto flights


Mockstar Energy Drinks Official OTN Award Sponsors giving you the highest quality nutrition for the highest quality competition.

Fanatic Inc. Bringing you the highest quality designs and the official clothing sponsor of EPGH.

Helsinki Extreme Fightware bringing you the most bang for your buck in clothing. Official Merch Partner of EPGH

Also looking for owners of companies to get involved in our team oriented league contact Jay Veers for more information.

P.S. Sorry for the false preview sent yesterday from now on I'll do things on word not the messager on the site.

Any questions or concerns contact Jay Veers

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