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EPGH Weekly News and Review Oct 8th

Org name: Elite Pride Glory and Honor
Fighters signed: 64
Number of events: 32
Base: Hilo
Owner: Sana Ic
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Weight Name Last Win
135 Snake Duanesboy Pablo Ramon Sanchez
145 Damen Mayer Ricky Stephenson
155 Blayze Sommer Makonouchi Ippo
170 Nick Lancaster Martin Bohac I
185 Grirkul Noseflame Delta Knox
205 French Frye Frank Curtis
265 John Braddock Cesar Colnago

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EPGH Weekly News and Review
Sign ups close on the 28th of October
The following link has all information contact Jay Veers or reply to thread in the link to sign up.
• KT Test Fights
Due to not being able to test fighters in a KT fight through qfc EPGH will become a vessel for KT Test fights for projects and anyone who wants to participate. Test fights will be between fighters of similar weight classes and contracts for said fights will not include a bonus and pay 500$ for base salary and win bonus. Winners and impressive losers will be offered a contract to join our openweight KT division.
• First Championship Fights Confirmed
I would like to congratulate the managers participating in our first title fights.
Norris Norton vs Muffin Wonder First & Last Super Heavyweight (265+)OCT 8th EPGH 2
Makonouchi Ippo vs Isaac Sparks Lightweight Championship (155) NOV 4th SNPF: Japan
Girkul Noseflame vs Miguel Sanchez Middleweight Championship (185) NOV 10th UFF: Sydney
The rest of the divisions are generally Wide Open with plenty of fights in the next 2 weeks that will go a long way in determining who will face off to determine a first time champ in each respective division.
• New Bookmaker
I am opening a brand new bookmaking company by the name of Kamahamaha Betting. The name is based off of the great Hawaiian chief Kamahamaha and mostly Son Goku's in Dragon Ball (Z, Kai, Super, GT). Kamahamaha Booking will aim to stay small and will only be taking bets for EPGH sanctioned fights.
Odds will be made public 2 days prior to each event along with the events preview. No bets over 1k will be allowed for the time being and Managers who are caught throwing fights will be reported and all fighters will be released.
Any profits gained by Kamahamaha Betting will go towards future Tournament Prizes and is the sole purpose of the Bookmaking Company.
Next Odds will be out Thursday Night.
• EPGH Custom Avatar Discount
Starting today I will do Custom Avatars for fighters signed to an EPGH contract for 5k.
Fighter cannot already have an existing avatar.
Must give a description of what you want the avatar to look like.
Pay once satisfied and avatar is accepted.
• Looking for a partner to start a Gym for strictly KT
Due to the lack of gyms being devoted soley for stand up I am looking for a partner to run a gym exclusivly devoted to Kickboxing and stand up.
Gym would include 15 Elite Coaches (5 Boxing, 5 MT, 5 Wrestling)
All Coaching sessions will be devoted to Secondary Skills
Looking to be exclusive to EPGH KT fighters thus Invite Only.
All profits would go to whoever the partner is.
Membership Limit will be 30.
Contact Jay Veers for more information.
• Improving Morale
A lot of managers have issues with managing morale I'm noticing. If your fighter is hurting in the morale department buy clothing (shorts & shirts) from clothing companies and equip your fighters with bought clothing in the possessions section. Changing clothes daily gets the best results within a week you can go from hardly any morale to a full morale bar. A lot of fights have been lost or became really boring due to one or both managers neglecting their fighters happiness. If your strapped for cash go to Helsinki Extreme Fightware for cheap clothing. If you have money and require fresh designs go to Fanatic Inc. Links to both companies will be at the bottom of the page.
• Energy Management
First and foremost if your fighters conditioning physical stat sucks you should train that asap. The better the conditioning stat the better your fighter can reduce day to day energy loss from training. To further help reduce the effects of Stamina loss you can buy and apply any Reduce Energy Loss products specifically Mockstar Energy Drink for example (Cheap sponsor plug :D). That will help reduce the costs of daily energy lose from training. Also never let your fighters energy dip below 80% as training isn t effective, to regain energy simply sit your fighter out of training sessions (especially useful prior to a fight as the less energy your fighter has the less likely he is to win.)
• Sacking Fighters Prior to Contract Ending
If you plan on sacking a fighter prior to the end of his contract please let me know prior to releasing him. A bit of heads up is just nice and generally I don't care if you plan on sacking someone.
• Inactive Managers
If your going to be inactive for any long period of time longer than 2 weeks please let me know. Generally if you have a fight scheduled during your absence this isn't an issue. If you don't have a fight scheduled and agreed upon prior to your Leave of Absence then Let me know of your absence and for how long so I don't cut your fighter for having an inactive manager. We've already had a few fighters get cut due to inactive managers and it's a shame because a few of them could have made real noise in their weight class early on.
• Volunteers Needed
Looking for Volunteers to help get the EPGH Forum up and running clean and efficiantly , must have experience with html coding.
Also looking for volunteers to write interviews, power rankings, etc.
All Volunteer work will be greatly appreciated and sometime down the line will receive compensation for your efforts.
Quick UFF Review and Thoughts
Main Event
Girkul Noseflame called for a title shot the week prior to this bout and he seriously delivered with a big knockout and thus propelled himself to the top of the pound 4 pound rankings within his division. This is Girkul’s 4th victory second under the EPGH Banner and he'll meet Miguel Sanchez for the EPGH Middleweight Strap.
Nick Lancaster and Pavel Schwartz put on a great fight and really made a huge impression on the division. Lancaster came away with the win but Schwartz has to come away with his head held high and ready to put some work in to put himself over the top vs Lancaster.
Match 8
James Lancaster doubled down on Matthew Theil and came away with a submission victory further proving Matthew Theil has a problem once the fight gets to the ground.
Match 7
Jansen Harumafuji won with a tko with 3 seconds to spare in the first round of his fight with Mike Munoz, this was a big fight in the Welterweight landscape and Harumafuji will find himself facing the winner of the Lancaster Schwartz bout
Match 6
Brad Page won this fight in 30 seconds disposing of Sevilla before Sevilla even got a chance to warm up. This fight puts Page in title contention.
Match 5
Isaac Sparks wins another fight and gained the opportunity to fight Makonouchi Ippo for the right to be crowned the first EPGH Lightweight Champion.
Match 4
The D bag himself Baron Von Duesche won 1 for holland with a solid guillotine choke win over fellow teenage contender Alberto Morya
Match 3
Junske Okazuki won his first career match after losing in his first fight.
Match 2
Marshall Taylor raised back up the rankings after losing his first career fight.
Opening Match
Miguel Sanchez put on a show to record himself his 6th victory in a row. Though it does not reflect in his ranking Miguel Sanchez is quietly becoming a huge threat with the EPGH ring/cage. He earned himself a title match against the nights main event winner for the first Middleweight Title Fight.
Show Rating 66.74
Fight of the Night: Lancaster vs Schwartz
Sub of the Night: James Lancaster
KO of the Night: Girkul Noseflame
Saturday Night Pride Fights 3 Quick Review
Main Event
Pocong Kranang won their rematch by unanimous decision putting himself in striking range of a championship opportunity.
Co-Main Event
Aaron Atlantis defeated Bobby Pickledoo by tko in the first round extending his win streak to 3
Match 8
Reese Worthington won his second fight in a row and has announced that he'll fight in a KT fight then plans on moving down to the heavyweight division. Good on ya mate and goodluck in all of that really will be rooting for ya!
Match 7
Sylvester Stallion had possibly the biggest win on the night and getting in a good position to challenge for a title if he continues to win.
Match 6
Blaze Max quickly put away his opponent with a tko and will move on from this event undefeated after his first career fight.
Match 5
Chief Soitoi won his second EPGH fight and continues to climb the Lightweight ranks.
Match 4
Varun Kumar established him as a threat within the middleweight division.
Match 3
Luke Cockhold won by submission.
Match 2
Rich Tyme won by unanimous decision in a tough fought battle.
Opening Match
Deair Shaw won by decision as well in his first career fight.
Event Rating 58.07
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