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RISE Official Rankings (12/10/2017)

Org name: RISE Fight League
Fighters signed: 99
Number of events: 31
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Humble Greco
Website: RISE Website
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
LACC Tourney Round 3 2018-04-25 Los Angeles
RISE 26 - Kelly vs Gervais 2018-04-28 Los Angeles
RISE 27 - Barnaby vs Bartoli 2018-05-05 Los Angeles
RISE 28 - Farina vs Silva Jr 2018-05-12 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
145 Alessio Bianchi Tim Slater
155 Randy Kelly Xavier Merlin
170 Cornelius Barnaby Ricky Gracie
185 Max Slaughter Max Onera
205 Wes Ray Henry Aron
265 Mario Farina Benny Alison

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RISE Fight League Rankings
(Based off of Hype/Pop and Record/Performances)

Champ - N/A
1.Rick James(3-0)
2.Nate Danger(1-0)
3.Never TryTo(2-0)
4.Paulo Leenoster(1-0)
5.Kenichi Shirahama(0-0)

Champ - N/A
1.Logan Lord(2-0)
2.Eddie Diaz(1-1)
3.Alex Jones(1-0)
4.Manolito Gafotas(3-0-1)
5.Angelo Suarez(1-0)

Champ - N/A
1.Your Moms Favorite(2-0)
2.Joe Bravo(3-0)
3.Brandon Ruane(3-1)
4.Benjamin Bittaker(1-1)
5.Nathan Shield(1-0)

Champ - N/A
1.Brian Maples(2-0)
2.Derek Bo(3-0)
3.Wes Ray(1-0)
4.Khabib Nurma Jr(1-2)
5.Max Onera(1-0)

Champ - N/A
1.Logan McKibbon(4-0)
2.Lance Mcsparren(1-0)
3.Jim Crocker(2-0)
4.Carlos Anderson(2-0)
5.Manolito Punyos(3-2)

Champ - N/A
1.Benny Alison(4-0)
2.Martin Ajax(1-1)
3.Bennie Benson(2-1)
4.Josh Heath(1-0)
5.Bobby Rude(0-2)

RISE P4P Rankings (Based On Above)
1.Logan McKibbon(4-0)
2.Benny Alison(4-0)
3.Brian Maples(2-0)
4.Derek Bo(3-0)
5.Your Moms Favorite(2-0)
6.Logan Lord(2-0)
7.Rick James(3-0)
8.Joe Bravo(3-0)
9.Nate Danger(1-0)
10.Lance Mcsparren(1-0)

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