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RISE Official Rankings (12/10/2017)

Org name: RISE Fight League
Fighters signed: 123
Number of events: 15
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Humble Greco
Website: RISE Official Website
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
RISE 10 - Lord vs Kelly 2018-01-22 Los Angeles
RISE 11 - Comeau vs Aron 2018-01-29 Los Angeles
RISE 12 - McKibbon vs Alison 2018-02-05 Los Angeles
RISE 13 - Ray vs Onera 2018-02-08 Los Angeles
RISE 14 - 2018-02-12 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
155 Logan Lord Eddie Diaz
185 Wes Ray Brian Maples

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RISE Fight League Rankings
(Based off of Hype/Pop and Record/Performances)

Champ - N/A
1.Rick James(3-0)
2.Nate Danger(1-0)
3.Never TryTo(2-0)
4.Paulo Leenoster(1-0)
5.Kenichi Shirahama(0-0)

Champ - N/A
1.Logan Lord(2-0)
2.Eddie Diaz(1-1)
3.Alex Jones(1-0)
4.Manolito Gafotas(3-0-1)
5.Angelo Suarez(1-0)

Champ - N/A
1.Your Moms Favorite(2-0)
2.Joe Bravo(3-0)
3.Brandon Ruane(3-1)
4.Benjamin Bittaker(1-1)
5.Nathan Shield(1-0)

Champ - N/A
1.Brian Maples(2-0)
2.Derek Bo(3-0)
3.Wes Ray(1-0)
4.Khabib Nurma Jr(1-2)
5.Max Onera(1-0)

Champ - N/A
1.Logan McKibbon(4-0)
2.Lance Mcsparren(1-0)
3.Jim Crocker(2-0)
4.Carlos Anderson(2-0)
5.Manolito Punyos(3-2)

Champ - N/A
1.Benny Alison(4-0)
2.Martin Ajax(1-1)
3.Bennie Benson(2-1)
4.Josh Heath(1-0)
5.Bobby Rude(0-2)

RISE P4P Rankings (Based On Above)
1.Logan McKibbon(4-0)
2.Benny Alison(4-0)
3.Brian Maples(2-0)
4.Derek Bo(3-0)
5.Your Moms Favorite(2-0)
6.Logan Lord(2-0)
7.Rick James(3-0)
8.Joe Bravo(3-0)
9.Nate Danger(1-0)
10.Lance Mcsparren(1-0)

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