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GAMMA: December 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb

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December 2017 recap part 1

By Alika Webb

GAMMA#676 Defoe v Ericsson – December 2

205 title - Menace Defoe (c) Vs Ludvig Ericsson

A superfight loss at the hands of Alex John Conor Burns brought Menace Defoe to the eye of the storm as conflict was brewing between two of the most dominant forces in MMATycoon history, Gamma and CEC. Menace Defoe now found himself on a quest for redemption and his first stop was new light heavyweight title contender Ludvig Ericsson who was on quite a nice four fight winning streak.

Both men got on like a house of fire as they started swinging for the heavens from the get go. While the challenger tried to play it smart by looking for ways to take the fight to the mat, the champion brought the intense fighting spirit he is known for and frequently switched it up by closing the distance, keeping the challenger on his toes. While it was still a competitive battle up to that point, the champion always looked the part and never seemed to get into any sort of real trouble. A massive overhand right hand however knocked the challenger out cold in the second round and that was the exclamation mark that the champion desperately needed, to regain what he lost in his previous fight.

Winner: Menace Defoe by KO (punch) after 3 minutes and 56 seconds in the second round.

GAMMA#677 Menken v DaCoca – December 2

185 title - Matt Quin (c) Vs Russian Obama

One whole year after losing the title he held dearest, Matt Quin came back like a ghost from Christmas past with a vengeance as he recaptured the Gamma middleweight title. Now a man who has once beaten him before is his first challenger. Who would be victorious in an epic battle for middleweight supremacy? The champion who had fallen lower than any before him but through hard work and sheer willpower clawed his way back from rags to riches? Or would that honor go to the recently defeated but never conquered challenger, Russian Obama?

Russian Obama and his band of masked men who were all clad in black armor that covered them from top to bottom, stormed the palace where middleweight king Matt Quin had just taken place on his throne. The palace itself was sparkling with the holiday spirit, flashy lights aplenty, boughs of holly decking the halls and even a very real-looking life-sized Santa doll who greeted them by the door. The newly crowned king had taken his celebrations to a whole new level with the Christmas time nigh upon us. But Russian Obama had no intentions of enjoying the festivities. Christmas was nothing but a symbol of everything wrong in this world and when he got his hands back on the middleweight crown, his first act as king would be to cancel the holiday he hated so passionately. Russian Obama out of sheer hatred for what it represented punched the Santa doll so hard in the gut that had it lived, it would have screamed bloody murder. Russian Obama was glad to see the inanimate doll had remained still and with his fear of the doll being an actual person put to rest, he ordered his men to seize control of the palace.

With an arsenal of brutal punches that shot out like a fiery rain from a machine gun and kicks fired with the brutality of a shotgun, Russian Obama spared no man who stood on his way to reclaim his throne. With the palace sealed off and everyone inside rounded up in a single room, Russian Obama was more frustrated than ever to see that Matt Quin was not there, yet he was sure the king was still at large inside the building.

Confirmation came soon after, as one his accomplices was found dead wearing nothing but the Santa suit Matt Quin had used to avoid detection during the initial siege of the palace. A message was written on the Santa suit: “you won’t fool me twice, hohoho” and the message brought even more frustration to the already furious challenger. Russian Obama gathered his men, considering the king stole his accomplice’s clothes, the challenger was sure that he was now hidden amongst his own men.

But there was one thing the king hadn’t accounted for: the absolute viciousness of the challenger. The savage brute told his masked men to drop their weapons on the floor and as soon as they did, he pulled out his own gun and let go a thunderstorm of flying bullets striking flesh, blood spraying the canvas of the palace walls. One by one, the challenger killed his own men until there was only one left standing. Giving up all pretense, Matt Quin rushed the challenger in a passionate sprint and took him off his feet with a slam heard round the world.

“Merry Christmas!” Matt Quin exclaimed as he took off his mask. And the maddened Russian underneath his massive frame started wriggling like a squid in a desperate attempt to escape from the king’s clutches. The king weakened the challenger’s body with some nasty ground and pound but his spirit remained unscathed as his continued attempts to break free finally got him back on his feet.

“Luka—turn your wheel so I need not slay this man!” Matt Quin prayed for he knew the next attack he would launch could mean the death of the foe he now faced. Russian Obama readied his fist and ran towards the king with nothing but ill intent in mind but the king ducked under the challenger’s mighty swing that hit nothing but air. Matt Quin connected with the challenger’s torso, grabbed a hold of the Russian savage and lifted him up with a power only the king could produce in the heat of battle. Matt Quin lifted the challenger on his broad shoulder and started to sprint toward the stone wall he now faced. Russian Obama was speared into the stone wall, back first. The impact he felt was harder than that of a fall off a small building and the king had thought that the challenger’s body would give out before the wall would. He thought wrong.

The wall caved under the force of the two warriors and opened for them a new door towards the unknown. The rattled king and challenger had a hard time figuring out their surroundings as the light in the newly discovered room was dim … until the king flipped the light switch and the room came alive. Christmas presents filled the room so large it could house a small army. All presents were exactly the same size, nearly as big as the king’s head. Russian Obama was maddened by the sight of all these sizeable presents. “What are all these presents?” Russian Obama asked. “Christmas presents. One for each of my loyal subjects.” Matt Quin replied sternly. “Well you can keep mine!” Russian Obama shouted as he threw one of the presents towards the king. The present bounced off the king’s head and landed with such a soft thud that it was barely audible to the naked ear.

“What the crap was that?” asked the baffled challenger. “It’s a comb.” the king proclaimed. “A bloody comb in such a big box? Wait? What?! You give your loyal subjects a bloody comb for Christmas?” Russian Obama was shocked by this revelation. “Consumerism is the reason for the decline of our society, it’s the thought that matters not the price!” said the king in his defense. The maddened challenger was now steaming with rage and swung for the fences with a punch so powerful it would have launched the king’s skull to the moon had it connected. The king with cat-like reflexes ducked under it and swept the maddened brute off his feet. As they landed on the floor, a card fell from one of the presents and came into the view of these warring gladiators. The card read the following:

“Why is Santa always so jolly? Because he knows where all the naughty girls live.”

Even the stern face of Russian Obama vanished like snow melting in the sun. They laughed and laughed until they couldn’t laugh any more. The fight was ruled a draw as a definitive conclusion has yet to take place but one thing is for sure, we haven’t seen the end of this rivalry yet …

Winner: Nobody as the fight was rules a majority draw.

265+ title - HL Mencken (c) Vs Charles DaCoca

HL "Black Flag" Mencken put himself on the map and then some by finishing Gamma legend Gerbert Bryant but now he had to prove that it was not a lucky punch but true skill that made him the new super heavyweight champion. Charles DaCoca has been unstoppable since making his way to Gamma but up until now, he didn’t have to deal with the added pressure of a title fight. The question on everyone’s mind was which man would be able to rise to the occasion.

This fight was not competitive to say the least. The champion was busted open by the very first strike that landed and that was just the beginning as Charles DaCoca launched a massive nuclear assault with a blast radius that encompassed the entire cage.

Winner: Charles DaCoca by KO (punch) after 3 minutes and 12 seconds in the first round.

GAMMA#678 Bryant v Hoyce – December 9

135 title - Karol Mirowski (c) Vs Kira Miyata

A classic striker Vs grappler matchup with the bantamweight gold hanging in the balance. While champion Karol Mirowski took the lead in the stand up, challenger Kira Miyata did a hell of a job keeping up with the champion. Quick strikes led to both guys looking to break the pace by closing the distance as Kira Miyata was using his strikes to open up opportunities for a takedown while the champion looked to enforce his will in the clinch. A very even fight that could have gone either way but the judges gave it to the champion.

Winner: Karol Mirowski by unanimous decision.

155 title - Randy Springs (c) Vs Mathew Ridgeway

Randy Springs captured the Gamma lightweight title for the second time in his career. The first time around he had the misfortune of losing it in his first defense against Mathew Ridgeway, most certainly nominating him as the most hated fighter in Randy Springs’ mind. Now for the first defense in his second reign he gets to face his nemesis one more time.

A really close stand up encounter it turned out to be. While the champion did a great job of mixing up his strikes and scoring points, Mathew Ridgeway did so too and then some. A great wealth of kicks flashing out of the corners of their eyes put them both on notice while the snapping punches kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Winner: Mathew Ridgeway by unanimous decision.

265 title - Gerbert Bryant (c) Vs Hennan Hoyce

2017-12-09 Los Angeles

When I started my shift late in the evening, I hadn’t the foggiest that such a peculiar meeting would occur. Having just moved to the city of angels, I must admit quite dreadfully that I was not ready for such a life-changing moment so early in my short yet illustrious life.

My colleagues had already told me about the bizarre man who had just been escorted into the hospital but I knew my co-workers and I knew they had the habit of exaggerating a few details here and there to make the story more entertaining. Like the incredible tale of mister Puno whom they declared the greatest fighter of our time who turned out to just be incredibly smart, simply avoiding new challengers when he arrived at the peak of his career. But I digress.

When I walked into that room, the man’s face was an absolute mess. The cuts and bruises were no mere token of this man’s pain and suffering. No, it was a clear sign that the man had suffered more than any man should suffer in a lifetime. During my time in med school I had seen corpses better looking than the body that lay before me.

I hesitantly walked over to his bed as I feared he might look upon me. The aura emanating from that bed put me under a blanket of fear for that was one of the worst sightings I had ever the displeasure of seeing. I boldly glanced at him and out of the corner of my eye, I caught him staring at me. I looked away immediately and started to slowly back up out of the room as I feared that thing might start to talk to me.

A grunt came from that monstrous image that now faced my backside. I stopped dead in my tracks, gathered up all the courage I could and asked him if he was trying to say something. Once more a grunt came so I turned around, carefully avoiding any contact whatsoever with this gruesome abomination’s eyes and as I approached him cautiously I heard his voice as clear as day: “Still better than Puno.”

Trembling to the core, I walked away and as I closed the door I could feel my eyes starting to water up. At the brink of despair, standing on the edge of the most terrifying abyss known in the world we live in. Facing horrors unbeknownst to mere mortal men such as myself, this creature roamed the earth among us.

Winner: Hennan Hoyce by KO (head kick) after 2 minutes and 47 seconds in the second round.

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