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Org name: GAMMA: Contenders (ID less than 330k)
Fighters signed: 160
Number of events: 350
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Kevin Edwards
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Gamma Contenders brings to you the latest event from inside Hard Knocks Arena. With 9 fights this is sure to be an event you wonít want to miss with plenty of exciting talent fighting it out to ultimately join the top org that is GAMMA. Without further ado lets get into the fights.

Lightweight (146-155lbs)

Logan Sackett vs Brandon Stark

This fight sees the experienced head of Logan going up in his latest fight against a fighter who is coming off a 7-loss streak and really needs a change in fortune if he wants to get climbing that ladder of success. As Logan has matured his best efforts have escaped him and he has been struggling of late to pick up a win. He has the power to connect with a punch but the chin to keep the fight going till he seems fit and can easily rely on the judges. What game plan will we see from his new management team? On the other hand, we have Brandon who is easily the underdog in this fight as his chin is made of glass and canít withstand any decent punch which is the obvious concern coming into this fight. He has shown the ability to use any weapon in his arsenal to pick up a win but in this case, no one believes this will be successful.

Prediction: Logan Sackett KO 1st round

Light Heavyweight (186-205lbs)

Dennis Nilsen vs Mr Joker

Next up is a really close encounter that can go either way but with one fighter in a stinker of a mood during camp will this upset his plans for a win? Dennis is new to the org and has joined from the feeder org Rising Stars where he showed great skill in winning the title. He is a submission specialist that can easily throw bombs if needed, but what one will he choose in this match up. His stand up isnít well rounded and has a suspect chin that could come into play in this match up. While his opponent, has struggled of late since his promotion to the org and will need to show something new to come away with the win. It is clear to see that this fighter has raw power and will only be looking to throw bombs all fight and that is his only chance of getting the win that he is craving to kickstart his career.

Prediction: Dennis Nilsen by 2nd round Submission

Lightweight (146-155lbs)

Stevie Franchise v Techno Viking

This match up pits a veteran of the game against an unknown fighter with little fighting history behind him. Stevie is new to the org and will be looking to show the whole org what he is made of and that is a dangerous thing to be up against. He will be looking to get into the title scene when he can and change the bad luck he normally has with title fights. 4th time lucky? He will need to use his power to win this one against the inexperienced fighter. Franchise has shown massive holes in his skill set and this will be interesting to see how he works on perfecting the gaps that are so evident. Well what can I say about Techno, he has had 2 fights and they both have come by impressive blowouts in the 1st round. He has been seen to stay clear of the clinch and use his range to attack his opponents. There are no obvious gaps in his attack but his defence has been under no scrutiny in his 2 wins and this is something everyone will be looking out for when he gets in the cage.

Prediction: Techno Viking by T(KO) in 3rd round.

Featherweight (136-145lbs)

Mannie Parazinho Ė Minoru Nakano

We are looking at 2 fighters who have as many wins as losses on their respective records, which quickly tells us this will tight as they both have noticeable holes in their skill set that is clearly evident. Mannie is on such a good run of wins since joining up with his newest team and he will be looking to keep this going. As Hunter Jones puts it ďA rescue caseĒ this shows that he has the skills but just hasnít had the right guidance to pull it all together. He clearly has the ability to stand and bang with the best of them as he has shown us all that he has the power to down any of his opponents and also the chin to withstand anything that comes back in his direction. With another win he can really push forward to that all important title fight. Whereas, his opponent isnít fairing too well and has made the leap from Rising stars and will be looking to show what he can do here. But with a stuttering record can he really kick on? He has a varied arsenal and will use anything he can to get the job done, he clearly has the chin to stand with anyone has he has never been downed and that is something he can be confident about going into this fight.

Prediction - Mannie Parazinho by KO in 3rd round

Welterweight (156-170lbs)

Peter Batts vs Mika Saarenpaa

This fight pits a fighter who is taking the step up from rising stars against a legend of the game who has been #3 in his WC and this is no mean feat and will certainly come in to this fight with the biggest draw. Peter was on a good run when that came to an end with a title match loss which is nothing to be ashamed by and must have been his decision to move onto new pastures and see what he can do in the org. Now this fighter has won using every method possible under his new management which gives an opponent a sudden panic as they know he has the skills to do whatever is needed to get the win. He has been known to put on some classics and has won 2 FOTN awards and this could be another where he will be tested to his best. His chin has only been shattered once and it is hard to see if fists of Mika will be able to hurt it. But Mika is a veteran who has taken the last 2 fights to the end and shown the judges enough to get his arm raised. Mika still shows glimmers of power once and a while but it has been the judges that he relies on and this fight looks to be no different if he can make it that far. FOTN never alludes him and he has had 18 which shows he puts on a show and we expect no different.

Prediction: Mika Saarenpaa by Unanimous Decision

Light Heavyweight (186-205lbs)

Fabouzi Massu vs Nails Hammer

Both fighters are coming into this match up largely untested with their new management team, competing in QFC while they prepared to join the org. Fabouzi was hailed as a top prospect with a granite chin and power to match from his previous management which tell you everything you need to know on that point. Fabouzi has taken his first win after going on a 3-fight losing streak and this may be the turning point under new management who can settle him down and show us all why he was the talk of yesterday. He has shown weaknesses that canít be overlooked and he will be hoping his time off has filled in the cracks and made him a well-rounded fighter that can withstand a barrage of punches or hugs if he is on the floor that is. Nails has been fighting in the kiddie places and all his fights have come on QFC and that just isnít going to get you noticed from anyone. So has he learned from them experiences to use in this match up? With an impressive 4 submissions he can clearly sink in a sub when he deems fit but we havenít seen anything to show us that he can do anything other than that and that is the underlying problem here. He is somewhat saved by having a Granite chin that makes him hard to keep down and that is maybe his best fighting quality and is the only thing that will give him a chance of coming away with a positive outcome.

Prediction: Fabouze Massu 1st round KO

Light Heavyweight (186-205lbs)

Kai Kha vs Lefteris Papaioanou

Now the stats show a fight that favours Lefteris but I am well aware that Kai comes into the favourite after some big performances coming from him. Kai is a previous title holder in the worldís oldest organisation and that is something that canít be taken away from him and gives him a wee bit of a confidence boost knowing what he can do. It is no secret that if you are in the ring with Kai you are going to be in for a war and obviously blood will be spilt and he will make you regret standing with him. He will KO without a hesitation and also has the heart to keep the fight going to when those pesky judges come into effect. He has an incredible record and will look to hide his chin from punches as just often enough it has failed him and he has went crashing down without a whimper. But his opponent Lefteris is a highly skilled fighter who has struggled of late to pick up the wins that many expected him to get. If you want to beat this man you are in for a war and he wonít go down without a fight and a decision win is where you can get him as his heart and chin will keep him going through the toughest of challenges as going down isnít in his vocabulary. This fight will be fill of heavy hits as both fighters will most likely stand and bang and give as good as they get until the other falls down and canít get back up. Who is anyoneís guess?

Prediction: Kai Kha by T (KO) in the 2nd round

CO-Main Event

Light Heavyweight (186-205lbs)

Skeng Man vs Andy Rodgers

This fight is something that can go either way with one fighter a submission specialist and on the other hand we have a hard hitter who will be going to knock the head off his opponent and that is the only thing he knows. Skeng hasnít the greatest of stand up and will be looking to get this fight on the mat as soon as possible and he know a win depends on that very outcome happening. He has recently got a few scattered wins and he will be looking to get a string of them under his name if he wants to push onto the next level. It is no shock to see that his stand-up has no defence and he just canít handle taking clean punches to the face standing and if he does he will be swinging as he goes down. Whereas his opponent Andy will be hoping to keep it standing so we can get past his opponents half arsed attempt at defence. He is coming off 2 losses showing he has gaps that Skeng can exploit and one of them being a Sub loss which shows his ground game is as good as Skengs stand up so really whoever get the fight to preferred place is what will determine the winner here. He is a black belt but everything just screams, clothes belt because he canít do anything on the floor and it was clearly stolen from an elderly veteran of the game.

Prediction: Andy Rodgers by KO in 1st round

Main Event

Light Heavyweight (186-205lbs)

Ed Ruth vs Donsone De

Now this is a fight that is worthy of the right to be at the top of the bill and the match up looks like one that wonít disappoint for sure. We have a fighter in Ed that has struggled to find his early form that he showed when he was a youngster and a lot will have to be down to get back to what he was. He is clearly a fighter that will be eyeing up the KO finish and nothing else and that is what we have come to see here a real warrior. He really needs to make sure his chin can handle anything that is dished out to him and this can be the only downfall in his game that anyone can see. Now we have the big dog Donsone who never has or never will be KOíed according to the fighter himself, he is the one who does the Koíing and it clear to see that he has the raw power to do that every time he steps into the cage which would scare even the bravest of fighters. He is coming off a title win and a promotion up the ladder to the org and will be looking to kick on and quickly gain the next promotion and show everyone that he is the real deal. Can we really look past someone who can KO anyone and also take as good as he gets?

Prediction: Donsone De by KO in 3rd Round

This wraps up another preview by Liam Davidson and everyone be sure to be there to see the destruction that will be on show and I have a feeling the judges wonít be needed all night. Now thatís what we want to see!!

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