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SyFi 38 Preview

by Malikoy Muza
April 15th, 2018 - Bondi Outdoor Arena in Sydney, Australia

The proud posterboy Mr. Piano is at it again as Sydney Fights comes to the Bondi Outdoor Arena, where Rick 'Roidburg' Piano looks to return to his title defending ways against the challenger Gyukosho Fujimoto. In the co-main event welterweight number one contendership is on the line as Akira Harada and Kevin Daughtrey go head to head. Also, Big Asznee defends his SyFi Middleweight Championship against Sergei Bumanov.



For the Heavyweight Title - Rick 'Roidburg' Piano [8 - 0] vs. (#1) Gyukosho 'Fujizilla' Fujimoto [4 - 0]
The heavyweight champion Rick Piano has been running rough shot over anyone who has dared to face him thus far. As of writing this, Piano is tied for most fights in SyFi (5), the only one of those to win every fight and the champ has done it every time by knockout. There was some buzz on the social media before and after Piano's fight with Odogwu Agrinya, but Mr. Roidburg proved that not even an outside challenger can dethrone the homegrown king. Gyukosho Fujimoto is a newer arrival, with only the no.1 contendership win over Rivo Riitta in his SyFi record. A very impressive striker who has cross-trained to improve his overall game, Fujimoto previously went 2 - 0 in IFC before coming to Sydney. Both of these gentlemen (not sure if that applies to Piano) pack a big punch and no doubt are looking to land loaded shots to get the flush knockout. They're almost even in the regard that their wrestling / thaiboxing preferences might cancel each other out in the clinch, so clean striking exchanges are to be expected in this barnburner of a main event.
PICK: Rick Piano by knockout.

Welterweight No. 1 Contendership - (#1) Akira Harada [5 - 0] vs. (#2) Kevin Daughtrey [6 - 0]
Certified head hunters, Harada and Daughtrey have got two knockouts each as they look to add one more to the tally against each other. Harada's last effort was against Thor Odinson where he controlled the range and positioning in the fight with his wrestling, before stopping Thor in the second round. Kevin Daughtrey is unlikely to get bullied like that though, but Harada is sure to try. The big question is who has the better chin as they are known to have good knockout power in their hands. Here's to hoping the two rather go out swinging than hugging in the clinch, as they have the potential to put on a real slobberknocker. Almost dead even, it's a toss up between these strikers.
PICK: Kevin Daughtrey by knockout.

For the Middleweight Title - Big 'Baba' Asznee [8 - 0] vs. (#1) Sergei 'The Serge' Bumanov [3 - 0]
Big Asznee has shown to be an accomplished jiu jitsu specialist inside the cage, having tapped out two opponents in SyFi title fights and grabbed two decision victories on his road to the championship. Asznee is scheduled to make his second defence against Sergei Bumanov, who has gone on a three fight win spree to make it to this bout. Asznee's is going for takedowns straight after the buzzer, that's a no-brainer, but it'll be interesting to see what Sergei Bumanov's tactic going in will be. Very much a well-rounded athlete, he's shown to be a capable wrestler and ground guy, but much of his stand up has been merely short bursts of action. He needs to go out and strike, completing a double leg and slipping ground and pound is a dangerous thought against the submission expertise of the reigning champion. A tough fight to call since Bumanov has yet to be truly challenged in his career, much of it will be decided on whether or not Sergei Bumanov can stop takedowns, because both fighters are capable of going out to grind decisions.
PICK: Sergei Bumanov by decision

Light Heavyweight Division - (#6) Tristan Farsight [5 - 2] vs. (#7) Lars Hard [6 - 4]
I don't think Lars Hard is very pleased with yours truly, since I picked him to lose and he went out to prove me wrong with his fresh, new management. Here he is on a 2 fight win streak, ranked #7, going toe to toe with another ranked light heavyweight in Tristan Farsight. Since coming over from RISE, Farsight has likewise won two in a row to completely turn his momentum around. Lars Hard likes to get up close, grabbing ahold of his opponent and letting it rip. While he has the slight grappling advantage, Farsight's thaiboxing training will balance the scales a bit in the clinch. With his heavy hands, Tristan Farsight looks to be the bigger threat. Queue hate mail - I'll be sitting back eating popcorn Michael Jackson style!
PICK: Tristan Farsight by TKO.

Welterweight Division - Khalamedov Nurmagabeeb [3 - 1] vs. Steve 'The Celtic Warrior' Collins [3 - 0]
Forget being refined, Steve Collins goes out to stand and bang with all his opponents, while Khalamedov Nurmagabeeb prefers the ground aspect. A great wrestler and a capable jiu jitsu artist, Nurmagabeeb needs a takedown to establish control in the fight. Collins will likely be able to stop some takedowns, thus being on the driver seat with his pace of striking. Nurmagabeeb hasn't shown to be the best at locking in a submission, while Collins has been very accurate and powerful with his punching. He's going in as a comfortable favorite to this one.
PICK: Steve Collins by TKO.

Light Heavyweight Division - Gootti Kustaa [2 - 1] vs. (#8) Yunieor 'Neurosurgeon' Dorticosos [3 - 0]
Gootti Kustaa and Yunieor Dorticosos have clocked two to the win column each, though Kustaa has also one SyFi loss to Tristan Farsight. A freestyle wrestler who prefers ground and pound tactis, he's going against a sprawl and brawler in the #8 ranked light heavyweight Dorticosos. Kustaa has already faced off one talented striker in Farsight, which was a tight 29-28 decision loss, but he showed he can hang with fists flying. The key for the Russian will be his takedown defence, as Gootti is a talented wrestler. Yunieor needs to be aggressive when trading punches or he might be on the wrong end of a decision.
PICK: Gootti Kustaa by decision.

Welterweight Division - Hanyu 'Little Dragon' Lee [2 - 0] vs. Sagat 'Aum' Shanti [8 - 2]
Sagat Shanti is making his Sydney Fights debut, having appeared for both KAMIKAZE and AnC in the past with a combined record of 3 - 1 in organizational competition. His first SyFi opponent is one of the better strikers in any division, Hanyu Lee. Lee is a great kicker and an apt puncher who likes to mix in strikes on the feet. Even though not a clincher, Shanti might be best off keeping him close trying to neutralize Lee's offence as the more accomplished grappler. However, Hanyu Lee might be too quick, too elusive with his footwork for Shanti to use smothering wrestling.
PICK: Hanyu Lee by TKO.

Lightweight Division - Chris Davis [2 - 3] vs. 'The Celestial Samurai' Hokuto Akira [1 - 0]
Before his last fight, Chris Davis was on a three bout losing streak that ended when he landed a bunch of devastating elbows that laid out Karnak Lao. In his lone appearance, Hokuto Akira took home an unanimous decision victory over Steph Curry in a muay thai clinch war, despite being the lesser grappler. This day is no different for Akira as he once again faces a superior wrestler who prefers to work the clinch. He needs to keep Davis at bay to avoid grappling exchanges as well as his elbow and knee strikes. If the action goes to the clinch, it's going to be all Davis, but if not, Akira has a fair chance of getting another decision or a TKO.
PICK: Chris Davis by decision.

Lightweight Division - Joey 'Coco' Diaz [1 - 1] vs. 'Royal Blood' Chakrii Weecharangsan [1 - 0]
Like the above, this fight pits against two thaiboxers in what is certainly going to be a stand up war. Weecharangsan has spent only 32 seconds in the cage after getting a quick knockout over Pormax Zamar in SyFi 24. Of course in his last appearance Joey Diaz made even faster work out of Logan Reid with 10 seconds in the clock of his TKO victory. The better boxer, Diaz is looking to keep the fight on the outside and let his hands go. Weecharangsan is still somewhat of an enigma, but he's going to enjoy a grappling advantage and is not too far behind Diaz's boxing.
PICK: Chakrii Weecharangsan by TKO.

Heavyweight Division - Draco 'Wild' Grotin [3 - 1] vs. Orc Mismash [3 - 3]
To open the show we have two hungry fighters that have gone one a piece in Sydney Fights and want to improve their overall record. Tactically, it's hard to say what either man will do as they both have the option of standing and striking, taking the fight to the ground or clinching up, letting it go with their hands. MIsmash has a good chin that should hold up any one shot KO shots of Grotin. On the other hand Grotin has shown to have heart, so it's going to be difficult for Mismash to get a standing barrage TKO. He might be best searching for a takedown, trying to lock in a submission hold.
PICK: Draco Grotin by decision.

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