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GAMMA: April Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham

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GAMMA 700: Goodman VS Obama 3

Middleweight Title: Saul Goodman (28-5-0) VS Russian Obama (31-9-1)

The number 1 middleweight fighter of the world and reigning GAMMA Middleweight champ Goodman pushed his win streak to 7 after defeating the challenger Russian Obama in 5 rounds via unanimous decision.

This was the third time that these warriors have faced each other. The first encounter was a close call, Obama getting the W via split decision. The second encounter was a unanimous decision victory won by Goodman. The 3rd clash could seal the deal and it probably did. This win propelled Goodman to 3rd in the P4P rankings, while pushing back Obama to 84th. Maybe a couple of wins for Obama could give him another shot at the title.

The match was surprisingly one-sided and was controlled by the champion all throughout. He displayed a high degree of technique in striking in distance and in the clinch. Goodman landed more strikes with better accuracy, securing every round and outclassing Obama in all aspects of the match.

Despite that, Obama was a great contender, surviving all 5 rounds with a cut he got way back in the first round. I look forward to seeing him climb back up the middleweight rankings and see a Goodman VS Obama 4.

Winner: Saul Goodman retains Middleweight Title via Unanimous Decision

GAMMA 701: Shin VS Laine 2

Welterweight Title: Lao Shin (31-11-1) VS Musta Laine (23-10-0)

Shin the welterweight champ faced Laine for the second time in his career. Their last outing was way back in GAMMA 665 where Laine was the champion. Laine won that match in a viscious 2nd round TKO. Along the way, both fighters have continued to seek reign in GAMMA and aim for the belt. They met again and as expected, a battle of champions is always a good treat.

The story of the match was no different to their first meeting. Laine was aggressive in striking and trying to get it to the ground. Once he got the takedowns, he capitalized on ground n pound while defending the sub attempts by Shin. Given that they are excellent ground fighters, getting a finish was not an easy task. Fun fact, Laine has only been submitted twice in his career.

Overall, Laine did better on the ground. He had better moves and he got more of every aspect in this match. For 5 rounds, it was all Laine and the champ came to a point where he needed a finish in order to win. Great overall control by Laine was the key factor here and Shin got defeated by Laine yet again for the 2nd time.

Will there be a third outing? We’ll see sooner or later.

Winner: Musta Laine wins Welterweight Title via Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Title: Randy Springs (30-11-0) VS Tony Ramos (23-11-0)

Ever since being acquired by Mr. David Brent , the reigning champ Springs has been on a roll and he is at his best form so far. With 12 wins of his last 14 outings, he’s become an unstoppable force in the 170 division. Ramos on the other hand had a streak of his own entering this match winning 5 out of 6 matches.

This match earned fight of the night after both fighters gave a very well contested title match. Giving their all, it was only up to the judges’ scorecards to decide who the winner was and with no surprise, it was a 1 round difference in the votes.

Each fighter focused on their arsenals, trying to edge the other with their advantages. Springs is the better striker, and he did well defending almost 2/3 of Ramos’ takedown attempts. Ramos on the other hand knows that he can capitalize when the match is brought to the ground, and he got 6 successful takedowns but weren’t enough to finish the champ.

Overall, Springs just played the match with better technique and he ended up with the W. He showed why he was champ and how experienced he was. This win is his first defense in his current title reign and moved him to number 7 in P4P rankings.

Winner: Randy Springs retains Lightweight Title via Unanimous Decision

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