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Syfi 54- preview

Org name: Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
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Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
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Weight Name Last Win
135 Yodsawan Sitsongrit Wayne Williams
145 Petdee Sitsongrit Chief Cheyenne
155 Petdee Sitsongrit Fiyero Lermontov
170 Gideon Navarro Edgar Avetisyan
185 Iso Paa Arthur Menezes
205 Blake Phoenix Jamison Cassidy
265 Hip Hop Ross Barkley
265+ Ross Barkley Maxim Popov

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Syfi 54 preview

155 lbs. Xavier Merlin vs. Pit Canthropus Jr.
Onto our main event! Xavier Merlin, a former title contender, is set to face Pit Canthropus Jr, a man who is very well rounded and is fresh off a KO if the night performance. Canthropus Jr's striking will definitely cause Merlin problems. Merlin will need to look for that quick submission or try to outsmart his opponent. Otherwise, we may be looking at another KO of the night performance for Canthropus Jr.

185 lbs. Sergei Bumanov vs. Mickey Flannerry
In the co-main event, we have Bumanov, a former championship contender who is still fresh off a victory despite the loss for the belt, facing off against a man who's won three fights in a row and doesn't seem to be planning on stopping, Mickey Flannerry. Flannerry will want to stay away from the ground. That being said, his striking may not be enough. Whatever happens, you won't want to miss it!

170 lbs. Bruno Javier Jimenez vs. Thor Odinson
Jimenez likes to shake it up, earning both a submission of the night and KO of the night performance in his short career. Odinson is fresh off a fight of the night performance, making this a fight between two very game competitors. This is a good way to introduce the main events.

135 lbs. DeJuan Carneiro vs. Wayne Williams
DeJuan Carneiro is hot off a 3 win streak coming into this fight. With two submission of the night performances, you can expect Wayne Williams to use his striking advantage in his game plan, and stay away from the grappling. If Carneiro can get his grasp around Williams, we can call it a night for the boxer.

135 lbs. Gary Dema vs. Dax Baxter
Dax Baxter is hungry for another chance at the top ten spot. After losing to Conner Joieson, he bounced down from #7. Gary Dema sits at #9 after a TKO victory over Kenneth Pierce after blasting him with knees. Baxter will need to watch for the grappling in this one and strike his way to the victory.

145 lbs. Pedro Siracha vs. Steve Henley
Both of these men are coming off of two consecutive wins making this one about who can capitalize on their hype the best. Henley might be looking for the submission with two wins in that category already. Siracha will be looking for Henley's head, unless he knows something we don't.

145 lbs. Joca Carioca vs. Massimo Damiani
Carioca's game plan tonight should be to submit his opponent. Due to the intense striking advantage, Damiani might just end this one quickly, however.

145 lbs. Philip Ziskie vs. Hodi Garbandit
Hodi Garbandit is being fed to a much younger wolf in Philip Ziskie. Ziskie's standing and ground advantage doesn't leave much room in the fight for Garbandit, but things happen.

185 lbs. Ricardo Burduada No Cranio vs. Roel Zuijderdujin
Boxer versus Muay Thai artist in this bout. No Cranio, the boxer, will be looking to finish Zuijderdujin, while the Muay Thai artist is more than happy to showcase his skills and drag this one out to a decision.

170 lbs. Titus Branch vs. Idont Know
Both of these fighters can use a win, tonight. Titus Branch comes in the boxer versus Idont Know's ground advantage. Where this fight ends up decides who wins.

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