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SyFi 58- Preview

Org name: Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Fighters signed: 0
Number of events: 182
Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
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135 Yodsawan Sitsongrit Wayne Williams
145 Petdee Sitsongrit Chief Cheyenne
155 Petdee Sitsongrit Fiyero Lermontov
170 Gideon Navarro Edgar Avetisyan
185 Iso Paa Arthur Menezes
205 Blake Phoenix Jamison Cassidy
265 Hip Hop Ross Barkley
265+ Ross Barkley Maxim Popov

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Another Saturday night and another night fans of mma will be flocking to Schonner's Bar in Sydney.

The Main Event is a title fight at 205 between Mister McNasty and Melvin Comeau. McNasty(9-3) the current champ and has been on tear since coming to Sydney Fights as he hasn't lost inside the cages of this promotion to date while knocking out everyone. Comeau(11-3) is a pretty similar fighter to the champion style wise. Both of these fighters will be looking to take the other's head off.

Prediction: Comeau KO

The Co-main Event is 155 pound fight between Gennady Golovkin and Evan Page. Golovkin(6-3) but is 5-1 inside SyFi. He is primarily a boxer. Page(5-2) is a kickboxer who primarily started making a name for himself knocking out bums at bumfights. This should be another fight of stand up action in a who's chin must go match.

Prediction: Page KO

The third fight on the main card is another 155er but has a very interesting aspect to it. It is between Akimbo Spice and Deklek Sitsongrit. Both of these fighters started their careers under the same manager before leaving him for someone else to oversee their careers. Now they are fighting eachother not that long after you have to wonder if there is some bad blood here. One thing for sure this fight has all the making of some fireworks.

Prediction: Spice KO

The fourth fight on the main card is between the guy who's name I can't stand to try and say Chakrii Weecharangsan and Chief Thunder Rolls. Weecharangsan(3-0) is a striker that has been begging someone to last more than one minute with him so he can maybe break a sweat. Rolls(4-1) has said he will take up that gauntlet but don't be fooled folks he isn't foolish enough to try and stand.

Prediction: Rolls Submission

The fight that will be kicking off the main card is between Man Itizer and Alexis Anderson. Itizer(8-5) and Anderson(4-3) records might not mirror one another but their styles certainly do. Both of these fighters are not only 26 years old but also use their wrestling to keep fights on the feet and swing for the fences with a bunch of ill will.

Prediction: Anderson KO

Undercard Predictions:

Lermontov KO

Messer KO

Mitchell KO


Loiri Submission

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