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265 Hip Hop Ross Barkley
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It was another great weekend at SyFi, Sydney saw the 2nd best SFC card ever, when on Saturday the fights got treated with a great 205 title fight, that almost brought a champion Change, but in the end the Champ prevailed in the Champions rounds, but let's go day by day.
While the small weight classes dominated the undercard, it was a 205 fight, that was put on center stage, with the title fight one day away, Blake Phoenix and Pablo Spezziale where trying to decide, who would be the next 205 challenger. For the two, in one of the deepest weight classes, it was a revenge fight, Spezziale Kod Phoenix in a NY Tournament. This time a KO was not seen, but the fight was neither bright for Blake Phoenix. Phoenix got cut with one of the first punches Spezziale threw.15 minutes later a 30:27 on all scorecards made it official Pablo Spezziale won, and will be the next No. 1 Contender at 205.
The Co Main Event was a 265+ fight, and Maxim Popov needed only 39 seconds to KO Hulk Hogan. Popov now will move close to a title fight with that win. In other 265+ Action Ole Anderson broke a 3 fight loss streak, submitting Fedor Vovchavcyn.
In 135 and 145 action, Christian Cyborg and Bigg Sugg got wins at 145, while Paulie Greene showed class at 135, and former contender Marcelo Barbosa snapped a 3 fight skid. However his future is basicaly undecided, with his SyFi contract running out.

Fight of the night: Paulie Greene vs Justin Magnum
KO of the night: Maxim Popov
Sub of the night: Ole Anderson

Title fights are always special, and that special feeling mainly comes around, when the Championship Rounds begin, No. 4 and 5. That night in Sydney, Melvin Comeau looked to grab the 205 belt from Mister McNasty, and most experts saw him clear ahead after 3 rounds, however his face looked plastered after 3 rounds mainly in the clinch with the Champ. Round 4 didn't make it better, Comeau still eahead on points had blood and an open cut looking bad, The Ref had to call the doctor 1 minute into Round 5, and he signalled the stoppage. Mister McNasty, a clinch specialist, made it again, title defense No. 3.
In the Co- Main Event Comeaus Stablemate Evan Page had better luck, fighting former Champ Golovkin in his 2nd fight after moving up from 145, he showed a lot of class. Golovkin hang in there with him, but Page got the unanimous decision, having thrown more than 100 Head Punches, and signalling fight of the night. Evan Page now has the No. 1 Contender Sign on his back.
Another 155 magical fight was Akimbo Spice, also a former Champ, with lots of controversy fighting former stablemate Deklek Sitsongrit. And Spice showed weaknesses we had not seen before, Deklek scored a big 1st round KO, showing his class at 155.
Other action saw Chakrii Weechagaram and Fiyero Lermontov pick up wins to surely put them in Mondays Rankings at 155. At 185 Alexis Anderson and Nils Ragnaar scored valuable wins. And at 265+ Bwana Mkubwa Kod former contender Jeff Messer big time.

Fight of the night: Evan Page vs Gennady Golovkin
KO of the night: Chakrii Weecharangsan
Sub of the night: Kimi Loiri

The card on Sunday was highlighted by the 155 title fight, and it was a special one, with both fighters having not made the cut at 100% Energy, lots of romours of missed flights, wrong training and not used teleporting were in the circle, but in the end both made it to the Cage.
And there the Champion Justin Sane showed his class, he made an easy takedown and never looked back. Murphy Brown denied some submission attempts, but after 3:37 a Kimura ended the fight, and Sane defended the belt.
In the Co-Main Event Carnera and Camara gave it all, it was a stand-up war, that the fans appreciated, Carnera was cut early, but fought tough, standing the test of time, and in the end got a unanimous decision win. Rumours say, that Carnera is in line to soon get another shot against McNasty, if he can keep performing like this.
The undercard showed a lot of the future of SyFi.
At 185 Wayne Benning dominated Sub Zero, and showed his class, a third win in a row with a 2nd round TKO, and Benning clearly wants another shot at the belt, as all indications are he will stand that test.
At 205 Pork Destroyer, Corey Smith jr. And Bann Harrow all claimed victories, and all of them should be ranked soon and standing in line to make it to the top.
At 170 the same can be said about Roy Whittaker, unbeaten at SFC, he beat Nilo Pustok in a great fight, where he showed endurance on the ground, and once back on his feet he got a KO win.

Fight of the night: Mauro Carnera vs Damatang Camara
KO of the night: Corey Smith Jr
Sub of the night: Luiz Santos

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