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Ikki Takeda: Hi Everyone I'm Ikki Takeda here with your SyFi Preview Show coming to you from Sydney where the event will be held.

We have a night of fights at Schooner's Bar consisting of not 1 but 2 title fights. I for one can't wait. I have a couple of guest lined up

for the show. Let's kick it off with the Main Event.

Ikki Takeda: Main Event is between Big Asznee and Joey Hatton for the 185 pound belt. Both of these guys are submission experts. Asznee was the longtime reigning champion before Losing to a KO to Apollo Reid complaining that it was just a lucky punch got an immediate rematch and won back his belt.

Now he is set to defend the belt once again. This time against Hatton a guy with a remarkable 10 wins by submission and has some striking to boot. Both of

these old dogs will be looking to see who's bark is worse than their bite Saturday. My prediction for this fight is the older old guy Joey Hatton by KO.

Ikki Takeda: The Co-main Event sees Daichi Kishimoto defending one of his two belts; his 145 belt against a guy who I can't say his name. Kishimoto sports some decent striking and is currently the only black belt bjj fighter fighting under the Sydney Fights banner. I will have to do a bit of a checking to make sure on that one but I believe it's accurate. After checking the accolades of the top ranked 25 fighters that seems to still hold up so I feel confident in that remark. The challenger who I can't say his name has some very good submission defense that will definitely be tested and he has probably the most decorated striking inside Sydney Fights aside from Santu Avisu Kona. My prediction is Kishimoto by submission and mainly because I can say his name.

Ikki Takeda: The third fight on the main card is a rock em sock em heavyweight fight between two great heavy hitters pun intended. Travis Dillon vs Mika Allu. I could definitely see either of these two guys getting a title shot against Rick Piano as there almost isn't anyone left aside from KOing guys he already has. By the way Rick lay off the steroids already. Both of these guys use their great wrestling to keep fights on the feet and have purple belts in bjj to defend and get it back to the feet in the event their wrestling doesn't hold up. And both of these fighters sport a ton of accolades in the standing game. How do you choose a winner here? Well can I have a drum roll please? :guitar: Ehh close enough. My prediction is Allu by KO.

Ikki Takeda: The fourth fight on the main card is between two of the oldest guys in the org. Rivo Riitta and Marduk Amar Utu. Amar Utu is a wrestler with a bit of bjj and prefers the old ground and pound approach to the fight the game. I have Rivo Riitta here with me. Hi Rivo.

Rivo Riitta: Hi Ikki thanks for having me on your first show.

Ikki Takeda: You're welcome. So who do you think will win your fight and why?

Rivo Riitta: Well I will of course. I have a big advantage in the bjj game so if he wants to use his wrestling I welcome him to bring the fight into my domain and I actually have some striking where he hasn't shown anyone his striking at all.

Ikki Takeda: Very well said Rivo. So I understand you had a little problem with your training camp getting ready for this fight. Care to share with us?

Rivo Ritta: Yeah I had to actually take a couple weeks off and couldn't train as I caught staph.

Ikki Takeda: Oh my that's not good. Is it all cleared up now?

Rivo Riitta: Yeah if it wasn't I wouldn't have been cleared to fight. No clue how Kevin Lee got cleared to fight when he had it.

Ikki Takeda: Thank you for coming onto the show Riitta.

Ikki Takeda: And the fight that will be kicking off the main card is between Silvio Dante and Half Life. Both fighters fancy themselves as strikers despite their records. Dante(4-3) and Life(3-3-1). They have seen virtually everything. Will the old dog prevail or the young gun show up and make it a dog fight and wear out the gas tank of the old fighter. My prediction Life by KO.

Ikki Takeda: Let's get under way with my undercard predictions. Sung will submit Morrison. Avery will KO Parks. Heath will submit Bull. Yelats will pick up his very first win. Sagat will KO Built. And speaking of Built I have him on the show.

Yormomza Built: Hi Ikki and you are nuts if you think Sagat is going to KO me. I might have had a rocky start but I will eventually be the one to take the belt from Rick Piano. Mark my words.

Ikki Takeda: No doubt you have a solid striking game and that has been the only avenue we have seen from him, but isn't a bit early and shouldn't you have a win in mma before making such claims?

Yormomza Built: I'm not in this sport because I don't believe in myself or that I don't want to be number one. It's like they say in Never Back Down "If you want to be the best you have to beat the best."

Ikki Takeda: That saying has been around a lot longer than that movie has been, but I see your point.

Yormomza Built: Besides I fight clean and can pass any test. He is an admitted steroid freak. He is one of the problems with this sport. I doubt he would be champion if it wasn't for them.

Ikki Takeda: So if you beat Sagat where do you see that puts you in the division?

Yormomza Built: I think when I beat Sagat and then I beat 4 more guys in a row and will be on a five fight winning streak at that point that I will at that point be in line for a shot at the belt.

Ikki Takeda: Well that is all the time we have here and I wish you luck on your fight Saturday.

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