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GAMMA: June Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham

Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Fighters signed: 84
Number of events: 785
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
GAMMA#759 Kruger v Sissypants 2019-02-23 Los Angeles
GAMMA#760 LA 2019-03-02 Los Angeles
GAMMA#761 LA 2019-03-09 Los Angeles
GAMMA#762 LA 2019-03-16 Los Angeles
GAMMA#763 LA 2019-03-23 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
145 Gareth Keenan Selfie Lord
155 Edward Kenway Pat Verbeek
170 Lee Sin Dao Sonnen
185 Pablo Maraçon Big Guns
205 Rudi Dassler Donsone DeNeville
265 Hennan Hoyce Charles DaCoca
265+ Dustin Kruger Jason Steele

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Featherweight Title
Gareth Keenan vs Tony Ramos

The challenger Tony Ramos gets his 2nd shot at the belt after falling to Randy Springs back in GAMMA#701 while Gareth Keenan keeps his good form with his 4th title defense. Ramos has better ground offense but Keenan was ready for it. He blocked most of the takedowns (Ramos had 3 out of 17 TDs), clinches (Ramos had 1 out of 12) and kept control in the ground.

The champ just showed his class right there with efficient striking and good defense. Great challenger in Ramos, but the champ outclassed him this time. Two judges scored 48-47 while the other scored a 50-46 sweep.

Result: Gareth Keenan retains Featherweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Light Heavyweight Title
Ghazi Okah vs Menace Defoe

A rematch from the new formed rivalry between the two. Okah gets another shot at the GAMMA veteran Defoe after winning 2 straight matches and earning his right to the belt. Defoe on the other hand returns from a superfight loss against the top ranked LHW Beznisko in CEC 589.

In their last outing, Defoe got the W in a closely contested showdown between the two. This time, it was Okah who was more aggressive and confident landing more strikes with higher efficiency. In the first 3 rounds, it was all Okah dominating and showing his class in offense and defense. However, Defoe evolved in rounds 4 and 5 trying to stage a comeback. A champ really never backs down. Defoe got the last 2 rounds but it wasn’t enough given that Okah had the early advantage. Great fight, new champion. I want a third match.

Result: Ghazi Okah wins Light Heavyweight Title via Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Title
Jeff Gower vs Ray Malenko

The former UGD champ wasted no time heading over to GAMMA and took over the belt immediately. Sitting on his new throne, he faces a former TWGC champ in Malenko.

The challenger Malenko is an excellent grappler and obviously this would be his key weapon in the match. However, Gower was ready and he used his advantages to his strength. He dominated the standup game and was aggressive in the clinch. Malenko was not able to do anything at all in the ground because of Gower’s escapes and defense. Excellent display of class and technique by Gower. I expect him to have a good title run in GAMMA.

With this, Gower is now back into the top 10 P4P rankings while Malenko falls off the top 100. Let’s see if Malenko gets another shot soon.

Result: Jeff Gower retains Lightweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Super Heavyweight TItle
Dustin Kruger vs Callum Pagnozzi

When Bubba Gumption fell to Kruger in GAMMA#710, we knew this guy was the real deal. Another former UGD champ taking over right here in GAMMA. His first defense was against a veteran in Pagnozzi who won 4 straight prior to the match.

Pagnozzi’s strategy this time was to take it to the ground landing 3 good takedowns but Kruger escapes all of them easily. Kruger knew he would win the standup game and it was evident as he landed almost all of his strikes. All those strikes coming from Kruger was too much for Pagnozzi’s granite chin. The 29 year old champ Kruger kept coming and Pagnozzi couldn’t hold on early in the 2nd round.

Result: Dustin Kruger retains Super Heavyweight Title via 2nd round TKO


Middleweight Bout
Razmig Grigorian vs Yoshihiro Asai

In this bout, newcomer Razmig Grigorian (2nd fight in GAMMA) faces a long time GAMMA fighter in Yoshihiro Asai. Grigorian keeps rampaging through the rankings with 15 straight wins with his only loss way back in his debut match. At an early age of 25, he has climbed up to top 18 P4P. Such a promising young fighter. Asai on the other hand is still finding his way up the top of the rankings with ups and downs in his previous bouts. He looks to find his way up with a win against a higher ranked Grigorian.

In my opinion it was a closely contested match and in my opinion it was a battle to the end. Striking was almost on par and both fighters had good defense. Both fighters were breathing heavily in the 3rd but their determination to win was evident despite that. Epic match and I believe they are to face each other sometime soon.

In the end, Grigorian got the W with 2 judges scoring 30:27 while the other scored a draw. With this, Grigorian might have earned his shot at the title. This won’t be easy as the champ sitting on the throne is the future hall of famer Saul Goodman. Let’s see.

Result: Grigorian wins via Unanimous Decision

Welterweight Title
Musta Laine vs Tim Pierno

Two 34 year old veterans Laine and Pierno face each other again for the 3rd time. Their long running rivalry has finally come to a title match where it matters most. With 1-1 in their previous matches, a win here will settle this rivalry once and for all. In their first outing, Pierno had a quick submission win in the 1st round. The next match was a dominant win by Laine via Unanimous Decision.

This time, Laine was more aggressive with a whole lot more strikes landed. Laine was all over Pierno this time even taking Pierno down 3 times. Pierno kept trying to get good position in the ground and his 7 attempts were all blocked by Laine while landing a significant number of ground strikes. Laine showed how it is to be a champion, depriving the challenger Pierno of his first GAMMA title. It was a dominant win for the champ, all judges scoring 50:45. Pierno needs a win streak if he wants a fourth episode of their rivalry. Let’s see how he does.

Result: Musta Laine retains Welterweight Title via Unanimous Decision

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