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Weekend Recap

It was a weekend, that saw Sydney Fights loose some spots in the Org Rankings, but as some cards lacked title fights, this was expected, however, the weekend was one to make some nice storylines and bring the Org forward overall.
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Blake Phoenix pushed his Sydney Fights record to 3-1, after falling to Pablo Spezziale and a long training break he prooves he is a man on a mission, Mujahid Jackson could never get into the fight, with Blake Phoenix making him miss almost all his attacks. At 4:40 the fight ended on a flurry of strikes, that led to a TKO win. Blake Phoenix will surely be asked to step it up in his next fight.
The Co-Main Event saw Man Itizer, win his 2nd fight in a row, the veteran needed less than 1 Round to comfortably put away Chief Stalker in a fight of veterans, Chief Stalker was badly cut, and never was in the fight, that ended on a TKO in less than 4 minutes.
Boogie Rollins upset Isiah Cooley, as he schooled the talented fighter in Ground and Pound, Cooley was a slight favourite based on his 2 recent wins, but Rollins applied his tactics wonderfully, and dominated the fight on the ground, Boogie Rollings is expected to be now ver short of moving into the 205 Power Rankings. Voshon Daniels won his final MMA fight, he got a revenge win against Cat Fhin, as a stand up battle ended in a TKO with a badly cut Cat Fhin. Sydney Org owner Boble Lineman made sure to congratulate Voshon Daniels on his great career at SFC, as the veteran has a 6-4 record, with all 10 fights being fought in Sydneys Prime Org.
In the undercard, Nils Ragnaar, got his 5th win in a row, and spotlight talent Thomas Bolleke got his 2nd SFC win.

Mika Allu won a strange fight against Sergey Korotkiy, as they went the distance, and Allu got awarded all 3 rounds. Allu now will look to secure a fight against one of the top Contenders, to perhaps prepare for a run at SyFi Champ Rick Piano. In tonights fight, Allu got his tactic through in Round 1 took Korrotkiy down, and fough his dominant Ground style, but couldn't submit him, in Round 2 and 3 Korotkiy denied all takedown attempts, keeping the fight standing, but to surprise all, Allu took on the battle hit with some tough shots and won comfortably on the scorecard.
In the Co Main Event, also at 265, Itzhak Weinstein looked not himself in the first couple of rounds, the huge favourite seemed to have been badly hungover, either from his lengthy trip or some other reasons, and was taken down in both rounds by Harpik, who looked on the way to a Decision win, when the tide turned. Weinstein connected with his kicks, and dropped Harpik to the floor twice, before a TKO win by a strike combination.
The Main Card saw Kurt Wagner win his final SFC fight, when he beat Evan Dryll, it is known, that Wagner is in the running for a coaches job, and the black belt likely fought his last battle in a cage, he was all over Evan Dryll, and showed his black belt skills with a great armbar submission.
Continuing his success, Thor Odinson denied Gracie again, as the two fought an almost look a like fight to their first encounter. Odinson frustrated Gracie by stuffing takedowns and won by decision. Odinson also showed his skills, when he couldn't deny a takedown, but bravely fought through the ground sequence.
Other action saw some great wins by talents like Nurmagabeeb, Hip Hop and Spencer Rubenstein, who looked like contenders, when bolstering their records with wins.

The big day was finally there, when the fighters hit the cage to fight for the heaviest title of them all, the SFC Superheavyweight title, Jim Bob McDonald came to the cage first, and looked in much better shape, than in his first match with Arn Anderson, who brought the belt to the cage minutes later. When they started it soon became clear, that it was McDonald to apply his tactics today, he brought the fight to the clinch and denied Anderson a few takedown attempts. Then his punches begin to hit hard, but it was an uppercut out of nowhere, that sent Anderson tumbling and the ref jumping in declaring the TKO and the new Champion. McDonald will now hold a title, that Anderson was so used to presenting, when fighting at SFC.
In the Co Main Event, unbeaten Chakrii Weesarangsan faced veteran Deklek Sitsongrit, and it was the older Thai, that showed his younger countryman, tthat he's the better stand up fighter, at least on that night. Deklek will move up in the 155 rankings, while Chakrii will have to go back to the drawing board.
On the Main Card Philip Zieske shows he is ready for a 145 title challenge, with the belt being held by Daishi Kishimoto it was clear, even a 6th win in a row will not be enough for an immediate challenge, but Zieske showed his class, when making sure, he submitted fellow ground fighter Marcos Santana in Round 2. Zieske showed his class, and an Armbar led to success.
Nazim Bardakci and Phillip Moore scored valuable wins at 155, both will be ranked, when the new rankings come out Monday, along with that Billy Jack stayed unbeaten, at 170.

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