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265 Hip Hop Ross Barkley
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Weekend Preview

So folks, we're out for a full weekend of fights, with 2 titles on the line, before we look into it, let me put you up to date on happenings, with Torcida slowly fading and The Island coming to an end , the week was full of new signings, let's welcome all those new managers.
Plus we now have a new Event Partner, Combat Wombat will not only do Laundry and sell Shirts and Shorts, but also help us sponsor fighters and gain Sales during Events, look for Sydneys newest fight gear.
Plus for Fridays card Finite Betting is offering odds, so let's gamble your way.

Now take a look at the title fights:
155 title Jorginho Marcelo v Bernardo De Barros
The 155 title is the hot potatoe of SFC, it seems tough to be holding on to it for too long, Jorghino Marcelo will try to change that, as he appears in his first title defense against Bernardo de Barros.
Marcelo won the belt in a submission specialist duell vs. Xavier Merlin, Merlin himself only held the belt for 1 fight. So now the brown belt Marcelo will face Black Belt de Barros in his first defense. De Barros (8-2) has 4 wins in a row, all by submission. Marcelo is on a 6 fight win streak all by Submission, in common opponents they have John MaGee, who they both submitted in round 1, so guys, if this fight is not ending in a submission, I'll retire as a writer :-)

185 title Joey Hatton v Wayne Benning
Whenever there is a rematch the question is, is the winner of fight 1 the clearly better fighter, or does the looser find a strategy, that allows him to elapse his deficits. Here Joey Hatton beat Benning by a first Round submission, so can Benning keep it standing this time? Hatton makes title defense No.1 and is 4-1 at SyFi and 13-3 overall, his only SyFi loss came to previous Champ Asznee. Benning, who won the belt from Asznee failed to defend it in his first title defense. Benning is a clean cut stand up fighter, that won all his fights by (T)KO. He will try to explode with his power punches, and end it, before Hatton can drag him to the ground, will he suceed and recapture the belt?

So, now on to the rest of the Cards, Friday serves us plenty of Heavyweight Action, with the #1,#3,#4,#5 and #7 in action, that should guarantee some KO.
Up in the Main Event Ross Barkley will face Santu Kona, the two agreed to fight each other, after both failed to dethrone Rick Piano, as Kona is preparing for a rematch, but needs a win here, Barkley wants to show he is the No. 1 behind Piano, but after 2 defeats it is doubtful there will be a 3rd encounter. Well Barkley, a SFC veteran is 8-4 overall, and 5-2 at SyFi with the 2 losses against Piano, he will look to show his dominating clinch agressiveness against Kona, who's 8-1 (2-1 at Syfi), with his only loss against Piano. Kona is a much more carefull fighter, that beat Dillon and Fujimoto by 1st Round (T)Ko, who we'll see in the fights before. Look for Kona as the favourite, but this fight should provide a No.1 Challenger.
The Co-Main Event features Bill Shorton and Travis Dillon, 265 heros and challengers, Shorton (8-2), is known for his fierce punch power, as you may have guessed, his 2 losses came against Piano. Shorton never had a fight go into Round 2, let's see, if Dillon can challenge him. Dillon (7-2) lost to Kona and Barkley, who we'll see in the Main Event, while still younger than other top SyFi Heavyweights he's never shying away, a win here could bring him back on track, but look at Shorton as the huge favourite.
In the Main Card we see Gyukosho "Fujizilla" Fujimoto(6-3), the japanese talent is another one never denying a fight, he fought Piano, Kona and Barkley aand despite a 3 fight loosing streak didn't give up, he beat Tourney Dissapointment and Isaac Arthur to get back in the rankings, and now wants to build his win streak against Journeyman Mark Borrego (5-4), who has losses to Dillon and Shorton.
Jeff Messer faces DeAngelo Montgomery at 265+, this is a fight, that may show the future with Montgomery vs. The past with Messer. Messer is 5-4, having battled all top SyFi stars including Champ Arn Anderson, whom he lost against, Montgomery at 2-0-1 is a 20yo talent, who won his first SyFi fight, and faces the test of his career against Messer.
Other action sees the SyFi debut at 265 of Lazareus Limbtwister against Ben Elliot. A fierce 265+ battle between Mkubwa and Vovchavchyn, along Emilio Disi making his 2nd SFC appearance.

Along the 155 title fight, the Saturday Card features a Co.-Main Event of 2 former 155 Champs, Xavier Merlin makes his first appearance since loosing the belt to Marcelo. Merlin (8-3) was on a 4 fight win streak, before being denied a succesful title defense by Marcelo, where he suffered a submission, something he usually hands out. His opponent Golovkin won the belt back in April against bernardo Barros, who today will try to win the championship in the Main Event. With so much corner stories, Golovkin lost his immediatly in his first defense just like Merlin. Akimbo Spice, who by now has retired beat him that night. Golovkin is on a 2 fight win streak, and it's obvious, the winner may get another shot at the belt.
In the Main Card, Ross Warring (7-2) tries to make it 3 out of 3 in SyFi Fights, while his opponent Besy Jyre (8-1) makes his SyFi debut, after fighting at AFC for a long time, both fighters are serious challengers at 170, and want to land a title fight.
Also at 155 Killian Armstrong faces Julius Wolf, both fighters are managed by the same person, and it's strange Verne Gagne agreed on that fight, but it's obvious Armstrong on a 3 fight win streaks is the more impressive recently.
Other action sees the SyFi debut of 4-0 and former Torcida 135 and 145 champ Forious Munchkin, the highly touted fighter, comes in the SFC cage against Dieselnoi Pramuk, a fierce fighter known for good battles, also watch out for 3-0 Henry Bickle at 145.

Alongside the 185 title fight the Sunday Card is highlighted by 205 action, all 3 other top fights take place at 205, where Champ Melvin Comeau will defend against Marky Mark next week.
The CO Main Event sees Heimo Vesa and Corey Smith, 2 guys on different career paths, Vesa (7-1) started out fighting at EFA, and recently joined SyFi, where he won his debut against Hector Hagoma, Smith jr. Is a SFC vet, 1 yr older, he is 6-1, and on a 5 fight win streak, he beat SFC stars as Kuwabara and former Champ Camara, and brings a clean Boxing style, Vesa a boxer himself is stepping up in competition, but expect a firework here.
Pablo Spezziale (9-4) will face up and comer Bann Harrow (7-1) in the Main Card fight before. Harrow is a clean cut through SFC, he lost at NJMMA early in his career, and enters on a 5 fight win streak, all by (T)KO, recently needing 2 rounds, and not just 1. Spezziale was a member of the NY Legends Tournament and joined SyFi afterwards, his 3 round battle with McNasty in his title shot is legendary, and while McNasty lost the title, Spezziale is making another go round and beat Dmitrievich by KO in his most recent fight. It's clear both fighters are on path for a title shot with a win.
Dai Zexi faces Mohsin Zaidi in the fight before, Dai Zexi was so close to a title shot, but Marky Mark stopped his 4 fight win streak and got the title shot. Zexi a brown belt submission specialist failed to stop him, and now wants to get going again, Zaidi (5-4) is a EFA veteran and makes his SyFi debut.
Other big shots on the card are former 185 champ Big Asznee, trying to stop a 2 fight skid, and a 205 battle between Dmitrievich and Ionnau, who want to rebound from losses.

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