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JAG Top 10 Ranking

Org name: JAG Battle League
Fighters signed: 221
Number of events: 63
Base: London
Owner: Nate Baker
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
JBL Friday Night Fights 2 2019-02-22 London
JBL 16 The Purge 2019-02-23 Montreal
Ludus III 2019-03-01 London
JBL 17 2019-03-02 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
135 Lincoln Storm Ian Laperierre
145 Brayden Point Sildosoves Bagueirau
155 Julio Cesar Sitsongrit Magnus Thoressen
170 Mario Benedetti Dixon Camara
185 Phol Boxaaja Arnoldas Sireika
205 Billy The Bastard Joel Romero
265 Jose Romero Mfer Phol

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Hello, I am the official JAG Statistician and my sole responsibility at the moment is the TOP 10 for each weight class. I sent out an email to all managers last week with the inaugural rankings but never posted them on the forums for a reason. We are still tweaking the calculation method but have found the best possible way of making it the fairest way possible in Tycoon.

In order to be ranked in any weight class you must have at least 1 JAG fight must not have more than 15 days of inactivity for your fighters manager. Once that basic method is met, we add you to our database and try to keep it updated weekly after each event. The database takes in account your JAG Win/Loss percentage over your last 5 JAG fights, Your overall Win/Loss percentage, Stoppage Performance from your last 5 fights (overall record), as well as your Performance bonuses and the Tycoon calculated Hype+Pop aspect.

Below are this weeks rankings as we have just had several Gladius fighters compete in their first JAG show. I will post the rankings weekly via Forum, News and PM. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email Will Brawler via PM on tycoon.

135lb Champion: Ian Laperierre

1 Lincoln Storm

2 Raphael Firenzi

3 My Time

4 Leonardo Yoshi

5 Lyodo Machida

6 Bartlomiej Jan

7 Lamaron Deth

8 Reece HC

9 Khaled Sameer

10 Future Winger

155lb Champion: Julio Cesar Sitsongrit

1 Moese Daldo

2 Tiago Alexandre

3 Diego Oriola

4 Magnus Thoressen

5 Alex Arroyo

6 Knock Out

7 Eduardo Ortiz

8 Andre Valentino

9 Lucky Day

10 Jonny Baker

145lb Champion: Brayden Point

1 Sildosoves Bagueirau

2 Soren Bak

3 Thip Top

4 Kaede Jun

5 Unai Vencedor

6 Rich Zaiou

7 David Davis

8 Marcin Vanatta

9 Frank Stallone

10 Manu Peralta

170lb Champion: Tiago Alexandre

1 Randy Balls

2 Julio Cesar Sitsongrit

3 Sao Alela

4 Mario Benedetti

5 Ivan Brzica

6 Chael Sonnen

7 Khabib Nurmagoduv

8 Finnick Skywalker

9 Magnar Sigthordisson

10 Jordan Scanlan

185lb Champion: Arnoldas Sireika

1 Nejuis Bardamont

2 Marcel Dikoume

3 Brutus Maximus

4 Alex Shelby

5 Dough Boy

6 Richard Kuklinski

7 CJ Johnson

8 Phil Pollock

9 Moshe Rabenu

10 Richie Miles

205lb Champion: Joel Romero

1 Second Winger

2 Eric Von Erikson

3 Gunna Win

4 BIlly the Bastard

5 Iron Fist

6 Maximus Meridius

7 Gentlemen Overlord

8 William Norman

9 Taavi Mottus

10 Aran Ryan

265lb Champion:

1 Jim Jones

2 Joao Neves

3 Seol Ki Hyon

4 Robbie Holmes

5 Duke McStoner

6 Punch Drunk

7 Igor Shevchenko

8 Bill Watson

9 Jose Romero

10 Hunter Smith

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