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Org name: RISE Fight League 325k+
Fighters signed: 165
Number of events: 77
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Daddy Winger
Website: RISE Website
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
RFL-56 2018-12-22 Los Angeles
RFLFN-7 2018-12-26 London
RFL-57 2018-12-29 Los Angeles
RFLFN-8 2019-01-02 Los Angeles
RFL-58 2019-01-05 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
135 Glass Joe Mike Sadollah
145 André 3000 Cato Skywalker
155 Nick Morris Ronald Wagenknecht
170 Jhin Markell Meatball Destroyer
185 Carmelo Anthony Torcadall Sailcirc
205 Daniel Orndorf Henry Aron
265 Benny Alison Frank Granger
265+ Cajun Puto Carlos Silverio

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RISE Rankings (as of 11/24/2018)

Bantamweight (135 lbs):

Champion: Glass Joe

Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit
Mike Sadollah
Jaro Lalla
Leo Kovarov ↓ 1
Eta Knox ↓ 1
Robert Vanderweil ↓ 1
Vladimir MagomedsharipovNurmagomedov ↓ 1
Christian Baier ↓ 1

Not Rated Yet: Thad Thayer, Chosen One

Inactive Fighters (15 days or more):

Key Fights This Month:

Christian Baier vs. Thad Thayer
Eta Knox vs. Robert Vanderweil

Featherweight (145 lbs):

Champion: Andre 3000

Ronald Mateo Suarez
DeMario Valdez
Mono Loco ↑ 3
Kron Diego ↓ 2
Robert Bruce ↓ 1
Lee Bruce ↓ 3
Min Holloway
Caniel Dormier
Fransisco Gonzales ↑ 1

Not Rated Yet: Chris Peoples, Banlovic Bantom, Henrique Gusmao, Carson Wentz, Jedidiah Young

Inactive Fighters (15 days or more): Oscar Gutierrez

Key Fights This Month:

Henrique Gusmao vs. Jedidiah Young
Fransisco Gonzales vs. Carson Wentz

Lightweight (155 lbs):

Champion: Nick Morris

Darren Tellkins ↑ 1
Ronald Wagenknecht ↓ 1
Shannon White
Scott Smith
Wale Ammond ↑ 1
Ernest Graves ↑ 3
Armin Schultz ↓ 2
Black Alligator ↓ 1
Niudu Kakka ↓ 1
Adlan Aukhadov

Not Rated Yet: Urho Puuma, Keon Fazeli, Tud Stoddler (New Management)

Inactive Fighters (15 days or more): Paolo Santos, Keon Fazeli

Key Fights This Month:

Son Gohan vs. Johnny Winkle

Welterweight (170 lbs):

Champion: Jhin Markell

Henry Aron
Valerio Bartoli ↓ 1
Meatball Destroyer ↓ 1
Timmy Thompson ↓ 1
Lani Kirby ↓ 1
Ryuota Sato ↓ 1
Long Hung Dong
Billy Batts
Mr. Gibbs
Lazar Markov

Not Rated Yet: Besy Jyre, Ariel at Night, Aku Serronen, Lee Sin, Dante Fiaschi (Free Agent)

Inactive Fighters (15 days or more):

Key Fights This Month:

Jhin Markell vs. Meatball Destroyer (Title Fight)
Timmy Thompson vs. Lani Kirby
Besy Jyre vs. Ariel at Night

Middleweight (185 lbs):

Champion: Torcidall Sailcirc

Middle Weight
Carmelo Anthony
Max Slaughter
Anthony Falcone
Matteo Boretti
Chief Bear
Denzel Crawford ↑ 1
Bug Turd ↑ 2
Max Onera
Tomo Jr.

Not Rated Yet: Liquid Voyage (New Management), Ion Pascu (Free Agent)

Inactive Fighters (15 days or more): Michael Under

Key Fights This Month:

Anthony Falcone vs. Ion Pascu
Bug Turd vs. Max Onera

Light-Heavyweight (205 lbs):

Champion: Daniel Orndorf

Lighty Light Heavyweight
Asko Vilenius ↑ 1
Riley Knox ↑ 3
Juha Niska
Bon Dones
Jeremy Jones ↑ 2
Liam James
Nicky Santoro
Mike Quick
Jack MaHogOff

Not Rated Yet: Brad James, Eerikki Salmi

Inactive Fighters (15 days or more):

Key Fights This Month:

Lighty Light Heavyweight vs. Brad James
Bon Dones vs. Chief Shadow
Juha Niska vs. Mike Quick
Jeremy Jones vs. Reinhard Heydrich
Jack MaHogOff vs. Chief Wolf
Zhao Yu vs. Gustav Rinaldi

Heavyweight (265 lbs):

Champion: Benny Allison

Heavy Heavyweight
Fedor Emilianegro ↑ 1
Rich Silva Jr. ↑ 1
Frank Granger ↑ 1
Mario Farina ↑ 1
Pension Buckets ↑ 1
Silvain Rochette ↑ 1
Jason Imbert ↑ 1
Gandolf Schmidt ↑ 1
Android Eleven

Not Rated Yet: Money Mek, Brad Whittman

Inactive Fighters (15 days or more):

Key Fights This Month:

Heavy Heavyweight vs. Pension Buckets
Muhammad Ruslanov vs. Tony Huge
Ricky Rawse vs. Crazy Lobo
Money Mek vs. Brad Whittman

Super – Heavyweight (265+):

Champion: Cajun Puto

Super SuperHeavyweight

Not Rated Yet: Tembo Laibon, Leonard Rocambole, Jessie Karhu

Inactive Fighters (15 days or more): None

Key Fights This Month: None

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