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Org update and Power rankings

Org name: Claymore Elite Combat
Fighters signed: 153
Number of events: 740
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Chuck W94
Website: Fight Previews / Reviews
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
CEC Grande vs Jernit 3 2020-02-01 Los Angeles
CEC Tokyo 2020-02-07 Tokyo
CEC 693 2020-02-08 Los Angeles
CEC 694 2020-02-15 Los Angeles
Tokyo Monday Night Raw 2020-02-17 Tokyo
Weight Name Last Win
145 Jesus Chico Grande Junior Vilson
155 Enitan Arendse Manny Puno
170 Chris Steve Masa Sanada
185 Akeen Coker Arjan Bhullar
205 Tomomi Tsuruta Charley Hanagan
265 Kimbo Slice Heavy Rain
265+ Junior Vilson Friedrich Alzheimer

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We're under new ownership and we're not going anywhere, We will work with anyone who wants to work with us.

Power Rankings:
135 Champ= Euphegen Doubtfire, RETIRED and we no longer use this division

145 CHAMP= Jesus Chico Grande
2.Kasey Scorpion
3. Shi Fu Tu
4. Tommy Shelby
5. Igydo Dall

155 Champ= Pekka Pera
2. Galen Dall
3. Dag Daghammar
4. Marco Ajax
5. Atte Santaipale

170 Champ= Pete Granger
2. Ben Turner
3. Desmond Glass
4. Blind Shaman
5. Alessandro Orsini

185 Champ= Edward Stoker
2. Oswald Cobblepot
3. Hyryx Dall
4. Likka Runnisto
5. Casper Timmons

205 Champ Solomon Kahn
2. Rama Arjuma
3. Serggey Beznisko
4. Alex Asztalos
5. Pauke Murhaa

265 Champ= Alistair Spong
2. Richard Kuklinsky
3. Brad Lansar
4. Brak Mangon
5. Vandall Savage

265+ champ+ + Timur Rubin NO longer using this division but may create a LEGENDS division if enough interest.

We'll work with anyone, BUY out anyone and our champs and fighters will not pick and choose who they get.

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