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Return of Madness MMA

Org name: Madness MMA 350k
Fighters signed: 278
Number of events: 86
Base: Montreal
Owner: Butch Harris Does not get free wins
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Madness 26 Kahn vs Johnston 2019-12-15 Montreal
Madness Fright Night 18 2019-12-15 Montreal
Madness Insanity 17 2019-12-15 New York
Madness Clown Chaos 16 2019-12-15 New York
Madness Clown Chao 17 2019-12-22 New York
Weight Name Last Win
145 Savage Goon DAngelo Hawkins
155 Pinero Chai Southern Goon
185 Malik El Shabazz Steven Steele
205 Mohammed Kahn Ralph McGuire
265+ Massive Wanker Heavy Fukk

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Madness MMA was once a top 7 org in the Tycoon Universe. It was the Home of many great fighters such as Marc Spector, Gary Kelly, Ozzy McKane, Orpheus Boagarius, Gabriel Gray, and Dante Boudain to name a few.

Now MMMA heads in a new direction as they will soon be resurrected from the ashes. All divisions will be 350K Id Restricted

There will only be a handfull of None 350K fighters signed in the near future. These fighters will be known as Clowny Cup Champions and will be awarded Trophy's( Not Belts)

The future may Hold A Kickboxing and/or Grappling division.

Note:....this is a 350K Org with NON ID fighters signed. If i ever try to book a 350K fighter against a Non 350K quote me here!!! It is not the way i do business.

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