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Pulse Rankings 9/17

Org name: Pulse Fighting Championship
Fighters signed: 142
Number of events: 304
Base: Tokyo
Owner: Randall McSweeny
Website: Pulse FC Org Blog
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
PFC 183 Nielsen vs Dong 2020-06-07 Tokyo
PFC 184 McGuire vs Semenko II 2020-06-07 London
PFC 185 Bathory vs Hijikata 2020-06-14 London
PFC 186 2020-06-21 Tokyo
PFC 187 2020-06-21 London
Weight Name Last Win
135 Seamus MacNamara Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit
145 Dick Caunt Bobo Nielsen
155 Arzlan Bathory Francis Fitzpatrick
170 Herb Krison Hugh Moors
185 Chris Steve Arron Asham
205 Bryer McGuire Tank Ispa
265 Kimbo Slice Kusal Perera

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Pulse Rankings 9/17
Bantamweight - 135 lbs

The Pulse 135 lb division has become arguably the top BW division in the MMA Tycoon landscape today. Yoshida grabbed hold of the division with back to back wins over former P4P #1 Eyeam Yurmommy, and recently had 2 split decision wars with longtime PFC stalwart Mads Nordskov. He will defend next against the ageless wonder Kazuka Fuujin, who is on a 4 fight win streak of his own.

Champ: Takashi Yoshida 24-5 (6-1)

1. Mads Nordskov 30-10-1 (15-6-1)
2. Kazuka Fuujin 25-13 (7-4)
3. Nobunaga Tanaka 20-8 (2-2)
4. Koh Ibu 29-12 (6-3)
5. Midick Aiken 19-7-1 (1-1)
Fight to Watch: #1 Mads Nordskov vs Newcomer Watch Out Ronaldo. Ronaldo is coming off of a very successful run in AEW and has never been finished. He will be thrown into the fire at PFC 131 facing off against 2 time Pulse BW champ Nordskov.

Featherweight - 145 lbs

The Pulse FW division belongs to the most dominant fighter in Pulse history, and current P4P #1 Friedrich Alzheimer. He even owns a win over the PFC HW champ in the CEC tournament.

Champ: Friedrich Alzheimer 29-4 (18-2)

1. Landon Priester 15-4-3 (9-2-3)
2. Muuka Laine 18-9 (16-8)
3. Pascal Letaivu 21-16
4. Von Magnaron 24-15-2 (23-15-2)
5. Zhang Zhai 31-21 (4-3)

Fight to Watch: One Former FW champ Mike McLaughlin will put his 2 fight win streak on the line against another former Pulse belt holder in Ramon Escobar Chavez who has a 2 fight win streak of his own, with both looking to insert themselves into the title picture.

Lightweight - 155 lbs

The Pulse Lightweight division can now lay claim to being the deepest 155lb division in the game, with 5 of the current top 10 LW’s currently residing in the org. Pulse mainstay Will Rock has kept his place at the top of the division, and will take on newcomer and #2 LW Roberto Duranto, formerly Emperyan’s LW champion. It doesn’t get easier from there, as top 10 LW’s Yamaguchi (#6), Urani (#7), and Bathroy (#8) all wait for their shots to get a crack at the title.

Champ: Will Rock 23-7-3 (19-5-1)

1. Roberto Duranto 16-4-2
2. Kai Yamaguchi 32-9-1 (17-4)
3. Ephram Urani 21-10-1 (2-2)
4. Arzlan Bathory 13-2-1 (6-1-1)
5. Danny Brixton 26-11-1 (26-10-1)

Fight to Watch: Outside of #3 Rock vs #2 Duranto, Larson Picker, owner of a 5 fight win streak, and Tommy Gavin who has a 2 fight win streak of his own, will each try to lay their claim for a spot in the Pulse top 5.

Welterweight - 170 lbs

Very familiar blood at the top of the WW division as Ira Wright continues to be the class of the Pulse 170lb division, with alliance mate Jack Stone continuing his dominance of everyone not named Ira Wright. Hugh Moors, now fighting out of the Alex K fight camp, will be the next one to take a shot at dethroning the champ.

Champ: Ira Wright 25-4-2 (7-0-2)

1. Jack Stone 32-12-2 (15-6-1)
2. Hugh Moors 16-2-1 (3-1-1)
3. Ludo Van Veen 26-11 (14-6)
4. Dominic Trujillo 18-8 (10-6)
5. Thomas Raske 20-9 (2-2)

Fight to Watch: #3 Van Veen and #4 Trujillo will each put long win streaks on the line at PFC 131 to try and determine the next title contender.

Middleweight - 185 lbs

After a change of fight camps, Jaheim Reid has found his stride, winning 5 of 6 and finding himself atop the Pulse MW division.

Champ: Jaheim Reid 21-7 (7-4)

1. Snot Slurper 25-6 (5-2)
2. Yes Man Sanchez 35-18-1 (11-5)
3. Wet Wild 17-7 (3-1)
4. Aksel Stenger 8-5 (3-2)
5. Aito Lager 26-17-3 (3-1)

Fight to Watch: #5 Lager will face off against James Darren, who found himself just outside of the top 5. Both have modest winning streaks they will look to extend and improve their standing in the division.

Light Heavyweight - 205 lbs

Alphonzo Mirage has asserted himself as one of the top LHW’s in the world, with a title run that includes just one loss, getting caught in the first round against Soszynski. In a division with no shortage of contenders, Mirage continues to be the class of the division, and will next defend against Semenko, in a rematch of the fight where Mirage began his title reign.

Champ: Alphonzo Mirage 22-7 (9-1)

1. Dave Semenko 15-4 (13-4)
2. Joost Van Buren 21-8 (8-3)
3. Frank Stein 23-13-1 (13-5-1)
4. Rage Parade 17-11 (12-9)
5. Michael Bennett 18-8 (16-5)

Fight to Watch: #4 Parade vs Krystian Soszynski, 2 fighters with considerable potential and KO ability will face off trying to break losing streaks and get back into contention.

Heavyweight - 265 lbs

Peleki Tuala got off to a fast start, and has never looked back, with his only loss to a Pulse fighter is a decision loss to #1 P4P FW champ Alzheimer in an openweight grand Prix. He is taking his dominance on the road to face off another of Alex K’s fighters Iain Tower to improve his P4P standing.

Champ: Peleki Tuala 18-5 (6-1)

1. Solomon Nao 11-5 (4-3)
2. Daniel Dmitrov 21-8 (11-5)
3. Crotch Grabber 17-4 (2-2)
4. Bjorn Ragnarsson 24-9-1 (2-0)
5. Gniewomir Lach 10-5 (7-3)

Fight to Watch: A top 5 matchup between #1 Solomon Nao and #4 Ragnarsson will likely play a huge part in setting up a future HW title defense for Tuala.

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