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  Raichu Kong
500 Weeks:   11 in 25 weeks
7 Day Sales:   48
Rank:   20
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  Xtreme Fighting Systems
Gym Club
Event Partner:   Canadian Extreme Fighting Championship
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  We are here to help new players get the best experience
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News: New product in development (Mar 29, 2018)
  Thanks to a very special donor we will now be able to provide a 159Q product that will be sold for $120
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Products on sale

Titan energy

Effects: Reduce energy loss
Cost: $ 120 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 556

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Purchase Quantity:  

Diet debt

Effects: Weight Loss
Cost: $ 50 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 293

Buy for:
Purchase Quantity:  

Hyper pudding

Effects: Reduce energy loss
Cost: $ 50 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 332

Buy for:
Purchase Quantity:  

Laundry 20%

Effects: Weight Gain
Cost: $ 300 for 14 days supply
In Stock: 1

Buy for:
Purchase Quantity:  

Sponsored fighters

P4P / Record Name P4P / Record
Jack Dawson Jr 25076 (0-2-0) Corwin Valentine 2562 (12-9-0)
Avon Barksdale 7134 (1-0-0) Yoren Gracie 7305 (1-1-0)
Marlo Stanfield 8234 (1-1-0) Android Seventeen 1442 (11-11-0)
Shane Murphy 3616 (3-1-0)
OwnerRaichu Kong

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