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Post event - HFC Fight Night 1

Organization: Hardcore Fighting Championship
Event Name: HFC Fight Night 1
Event Commentary: View Commentary / View PBP
Event Discussion: Click here
Date: 2017-07-07
City: St Petersburg
Arena: The Docks (5,000)
Number of fights: 10
Rules: MMA
Ticket Price: High
Ring / Cage: Ring
Pay per View?: No
Event Rating: 191.06
Attendance: 5000
Disclosed fighter pay: $310000
Award amount: $1500
 KO of the night: -
Sub of the night: James Franklin
Fight of the night: Derek Harris vs Wade Garrett
Merchandise Partner: KAISER Nutrition - Q160
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The fights
Weight Rnds Winner Loser Method Round Time    
145 lbs 3 Scott Keene Julian Gniewek Decision (Majority) 3 05:00
170 lbs 3 Emre Hussain Brian Jensen Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00
145 lbs 3 Derek Harris Wade Garrett Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00
205 lbs 3 Stannis Baratheon Anthony Bourdain Decision (Split) 3 05:00
145 lbs 3 James Franklin Baeddan MacAuliffe Submission (Armbar) 1 01:44
155 lbs 3 Nick Johnson Sni Probong Decision (Split) 3 05:00
170 lbs 3 Billy O' Brien Kelvin Bang Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00
155 lbs 3 Conor Tiernan Jontte Man Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00
265+ lbs 3 Abioye Nazari Larry Mayflower Submission (Kimura) 2 01:25
170 lbs 3 Mikhail Bakunin Tom Jones Decision (Unanimous) 3 05:00
Event Discussion

Kalle Derlude Jul 04, 2017 09:55 GMT

Preview for HFC Fight Night 1

Hardcore Fighting Championship is presenting it's all new format when HFC Fight Night 1 will be going down at the Docks in St.Peterburg on the seventh of July. Purists and nostalgics alike will be very pleased, for Fight Nights will take place in a good old ring. The tried and true confinement of sanctioned battery worldwide will finally allow us to see ring girls, who are forced to bend at the waist, while getting off the apron. It will provide a chance that fighters fall out of the ring, adding drama. And hopefully it will be a lesson to these evil, evil grinders, when they miscalculate, dive headfirst out of the ring and knock them selves silly on the absolutely not one bit padded concrete floor. Ahhhhh ……. rings! But enough of that. For this ring will be baptized in blood. The blood of whom? Let's check it out!

The Main event will see Julian "The Living Weapon" Gniewek (8-2; 2-0 IN HFC) go toe to toe with Scott "The Knife" Keene (18-7; 4-2 in HFC). This featherweight bout has all the makings of a brutal war. The legitimately scary looking Gniewek is a formidable stretcher of people, specializing in submissions and has secured seven of his eight victories in that fashion. He has won both of his fights in HFC by first round stoppage and therefore quickly earned his place in this special main event of Fight Night 1. His opponent however will not be intimidated by his undoubtedly KiSS inspired looks. If anything, Scott Keene will be eager to knock the white makeup of Gniewek through the back of his head! “The Knife“ is one of the most dangerous knockout artists in the HFC featherweight division with 16 of his 18 wins coming by way of knockout. It's “The Living Weapon“ vs. “The Knife“ …. what an excellent headline this would have been for the event. A missed opportunity ….. GOD DAMMIT!

The co-main event will see intense journeyman warfare. Let's all admit it: We love journeymen! They entertain us with destroying their canned opponents and with being destroyed in ironically equal fashion, as soon as they accidentally walk with someone credible into the ring. They are the true entertainers of the sport and the single most important human resource for crooked promoters. Let's stand up now for our beloved journeymen ….. the backbone of any prize fighting on the planet! ………………. Oh yeah, the fight.

Emre Hussain (11-5; 6-5 in HFC) vs. Brian "Kaptajn Large" Jensen (13-11; 11-11 in HFC) will provide us with solid journeyman swinging at welterweight in this co-main event of the evening. Hussain is a quick and durable striker, who routinely gets the better out of striking exchanges against most of his opponents. In fact, he has yet to be knocked out. Something that is unlikely to happen against Jensen, though. Jensen has been with the HFC forever, spending all but his very first two career fights with the organization. In this time he has proven himself to be a capable submission fighter with an over 92% submission ratio to show for it. However, a somewhat suspect jaw and fits of general sloppiness have kept him at bay from reaching the top of the organization. His frequent appearances however (this will be his 23rd HFC fight) have made him one of the most recognizable face for fans of the HFC.

Also on the card

At featherweight there will be a rematch between Wade Garrett (3-2; 2-1 in HFC) and Derek "The Bomber" Harris (14-10; 3-2 in HFC). Wade garret so far has either won or lost by knockout. And apparently he thinks that getting knocked out was great fun against the Bomber. Or he has something to prove. The Bomber is far more experienced in spite of being three years younger than Garret. I would be surprised if this goes down any different than the first fight.

HFC lightweight fighter Sni Probong (7-6; 2-2 in HFC) will welcome Nick "The Saint" Johnson (11-6; HFC debut) to the HFC ring. Johnson is making his debut and was a two time title contender in smaller orgs. Now he wants to test his mettle in HFC. Both guys are strikers, with Probong being a Muay Thai stylist whereas Johnson is more of a kick boxer. This is an extremely competitive match, where none of the two has any obvious edge about his opponent.

At welterweight we will see another HFC debut. MMA veteran "The Boston Badass" Billy O' Brien (19-5; HFC debut) is going for possibly one last run for the gold in HFC. His opponent will be Kelvin "Shuai Ge" Bang (9-6; 1-3 in HFC). Bang is eleven years younger. A fact, that he better makes count, for his HFC stint could be in jeopardy, given his weak record with the promotion. This might be easier said than done, though. For O' Brien has never been put away. Neither by submission nor by knockout. He hasn't fought at a level higher than QFC in a while, though. So in addition to being way older, there could also be serious ring-rust problems. However, should the old man be game, then Bang is likely to be in trouble.

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