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09 Oct 18 - GAMMA: Menace Defoe HOF Induction
Managed by Whymer Van Mastodon, he is a former 205 champ with 12 title fights. His total of 20 title/super fights ranks him 7th and his total of 196 ranking points make him our 6th best fighter of all time. His biggest wins include Benjamin BK, Buzz Bixby, Ghazi Okah, Pena Pulkkinen, Grigol Pandahammer, Divock Origi.

The is the 5th fighter Whymer has in our HOF now, the only other manager to have 5 is Gale Hawthorne, our all time greatest manager for the time being (Whymer is #2 at the moment).

30 Sep 18 - GAMMA: Gunnar Steigelmann Most events ever!
Something ridiculous happened today, Gunnar Steigelmann (196145) has now become the all time leader in most events inside a GAMMA cage with 64! Raz Matazz is still ahead in total fights fighting as a GAMMA fighter (this includes all the fights he had outside of GAMMA as a super fighter), but Gunnar is going strong as could still break that record.
29 Sep 18 - GAMMA: September part 1 by James Isaac Abraham

Featherweight Title
Karol Mirowski v Selfie Lord

When former UGD featherweight champ Lord arrived in GAMMA, he was out of the championship scene, failing to regain his throne in UGD after 3 attempts and his GAMMA debut was a loss to Tony Ramos. Just when everyone was about to consider him as a mid-ranked fighter, he has emerged and is now a bulldozing his way atop the top 10 rankings. This was Lordís first title match since Nov. 2017 and heís earned it with 3 straight wins prior to the title match. He faced who was back then reigning champ and future hall of famer Karol Mirowski.

The match was splendid! The first round was absolutely a close one, where Mirowski got a slight edge in. The succeeding rounds were so close I didnít really know who would win until the judges revealed their scores. Both fighters had almost the same gameplan and it have proved that they both can give us a good match. Striking was almost on par but there had to be a winner this time, and it was Lord who got the goddess of victoryís blessing.

Result: Selfie Lord wins featherweight title via Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Title
Jeff Gower v Katu Partio

Rumors have said that former GAMMA LW champ Gower is about to retire sooner or later. That is some real sad news but that doesnít mean heís taking a step down. In fact heís been on fire winning 6 out of 7 matches prior to losing the belt to the reigning champ Partio. Partio on the other hand continues his push to the top 10 ladder and racking up wins against any contender. This time, they faced again for the second time around, Gowerís shot at redemption with the split decision loss, or Partioís way of making a statement that he is the real winner.

Last time around, it was evident how great their defense was. It was hard for both fighters to get a clear shot, and it was really obvious to end in a decision. Two judges had the same opinion to choose Partio but the other judge voted a close call in favor of Gower. The same case happened in this match. Both were so evenly matched, but they were both a bit more accurate. Partio was more aggressive and varied his strikes more. Less time was also spent in the clinch this time.

For 5 rounds, both fighters went on and on, which made it very difficult to judge. In the end, it really was a tough call for everyone and the judges had different opinions. Despite Partio landing more strikes overall, match ended in a draw if we look at the scorecards.

Result: Katu Partio retains lightweight title, Draw


Welterweight Superfight
Pablo Maracon (GAMMA) v Pekka Pera (OFC)

We got ourselves a welterweight superfight in Pera v Maracon. Pera representing OFC has visited us to challenge our champion. Maracon was also a former UGD fighter and was bound to be in the title scene. His form continued on upon transferring to GAMMA and heís finally sit in the top of the division, alongside his teammate Lao Shin. Pera on the other hand has also been on fire, being undefeated in OFC for quite some time. This was a match to boost into the top 10, and was a must win for both champions.

Both fighters are very well rounded in the striking game. Peraís gameplan was to vary his striking and capitalize on his wrestling skills. He was looking into more TDs and clinches but Maracon was prepared for it as a fellow elite wrestler. Maracon on the other hand was more aggressive in striking and he had splendid ground defense, regaining control immediately after Pera succeeds with the takedowns. In this match, Maraconís control of the flow was crucial in securing his win in this one. This puts Maracon in the top 10, winning via unanimous decision. Sources say that Maracon plans to move to 185 and let his teammate Shin take over the division. Some interesting things going on in the division.

Result: Pablo Maracon wins via Unanimous Decision

Super Heavyweight bout
FannyPack SissyPants vs Bubba Gumption

GAMMA: Contenders rising star SissyPants blasted his way into the rankings with his Contenders run. At the age of 32, heís been making a statement and has arrived in GAMMA with an immediate right to challenge the former champ and future HoF Bubba.

Surprisingly, FannyPack had the intuition that he has a superior clinch game. Turns out, he was right. He is the superior clinch fighter. Right off the bat it was his gameplan and he pulled through with it. He destroyed Bubba in the clinch despite Bubbaís wrestling experience. SissyPants was dealing too much damage, causing Bubba to lose his form and getting finished.

Result: FannyPack SissyPants wins via 1st round TKO (Punches)


Super Heavyweight Title
Dustin Kruger vs Brandon Simmons

On top of the super heavyweight rankings lies the GAMMA champion Dustin Kruger. Prior to the match, Kruger has had 4 successful defenses and is en route to make a long run at the title after defeating GAMMA legend Bubba Gumption in GAMMA 710. The challenger Simmons on the other hand racked up wins upon acquisition by his new manager Balls Manager, going 3-1 prior to the match and earning the rights to the title match.

Kruger was expected to secure another KO in this match. However, Simmons was a worthy challenger and put on a well fought match, going back and forth for 5 rounds despite having a cut from the first round. The third round seemed like it was the end for Simmons but he held on to survive the round, eventually recovering.

It really was a tough call for the judges and all three had different opinions. In the end, match ended with a draw. An immediate rematch will took place tomorrow in GAMMA 734. Stay tuned.

Result: Dustin Kruger retains SHW title due to a Draw


Featherweight bout
Felix Legions vs Gareth Keenan

Gareth Keenan was recently acquired by manager Lance Templeton, thus keeping his competitive form and technique in check. He faces former Syn fighter Felix Legions who look to make a name in GAMMA since his arrival in August.

On a surface level perspective, Keenan has advantage in striking while Legions has the better ground game. It was evident in the match, as Keenan was more accurate and effective in striking. Legions successfully took down Keenan twice in the span of 3 rounds. In the ground, Keenan showed great ground defense and took the scorecards all 3 rounds. Dominant win by Gareth Keenan.

Result: Gareth Keenan wins via Unanimous Decision
10 Sep 18 - GAMMA: August Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham

Super Heavyweight Title
Dustin Kruger vs Thorbjorn Heimendahl

Kruger was on his way to defend his belt for the 4th time in his current run. After making a name defeating the legend Bubba Gumption, heís been unstoppable since with consecutive KO wins. Heimendahl on the other hand has fought well in his 4 fights prior to the match, winning 3 of them and earning the rights to the title.

As opposed to the initial predictions, we couldíve said that this was Krugerís match from the get-go. It was different though as Heimendahl proved to be a worthy contender. Trading blows and going on the same pace with the champ. Heimendahl won the first round comfortably but Kruger retaliated in the second round. However, the continuous strain caused by the damage of Krugerís hits were to much to sustain that the challenger fell in the 3rd round with consecutive brutal knockouts.

Great match, but it was the champ that proved to be a monster. This makes it four successful title defenses for Kruger.

Result: Dustin Kruger retains Super Heavyweight Title (4th defense) via 3rd round KO(Punch)


Featherweight Title Match
Karol Mirowski vs Felipe Feltre

As a well-known top 5 featherweight, Karol Mirowski has solidified his claim to the GAMMA 145 lbs division. Heís defeated big names in the league and has suppressed different rivals such as Gareth Keenan and Kira Miyata. This time, he faced an opponent who he faced long ago, the challenger Felipe Feltre. They last met in GAMMA#702, where Mirowski just recently lost his title to his rival Keenan. Mirowski succeeded with a 2nd round TKO victory.

This time, they faced as opponents and the title was on the line. As expected, it was no easy match for both fighters. Feltreís strategy was more well rounded. Heís been circling around the champ and heís getting a lot of points off of him, securing the first 2 rounds comfortably. Excellent use of variations with leg kicks and punches. However, the champ Mirowski went on with the same goal and strategy as their first meeting, trying to look for a TKO finish.

In the 3rd round came a brutal knockdown that just caused Feltre to lose control. I would say it was the plan all along and Feltre was not able to hold on. Tremendous TKO finish by the champion Mirowski.

Result: Karol Mirowski retains Featherweight Title via TKO (Strikes)


Light Heavyweight Title
Ghazi Okah vs Donsone DeNeville

After the era of the legendary Menace Defoe, it was time for Ghazi Okah to make a name for himself. Defeating the legend twice makes him another all time great in the making. Heís faced with a new challenger in Donsone DeNeville whoís been racking up wins, winning 5 of his 6 matches prior to the match.

The champ was the clear aggressor in this one, making a statement that he is the champ and had the goal of applying pressure to the challenger and controlling the match. Okah was throwing a lot of punches and landing a great percentage of them while DeNeville was struggling to connect punches. I wouldnít say it was one sided but with the form Okah has been showing, he is en route to another victory sooner or later.

The first round was a close call but those 19 head strikes mixed with different low kicks may have dealt a lot of damage already by the 2nd round. It was eventually over in the middle of the 2nd round where he landed a brutal straight to knock the challenger out cold. Outstanding power by the champ, as he is only the 2nd fighter to KO DeNeville in his whole career.

Result: Ghazi Okah retains Light Heavyweight Title (3rd defense) via KO (Punch)

Middleweight Title
Dao Sonnen vs Razmig Grigorian

The man who defeated Saul Goodman, Dao Sonnen is on his way to make a name in GAMMA. Heís been here for a long time but it was only until then that he pushed himself to the top of the fight scene. As a champion of different organizations, and going through the struggle of climbing the org through the GAMMA: Contenders, Sonnen is a success story.

This time, he faced a young rising star with a tremendous 17 fight win streak. When it seemed like Grigorian was like a fighter who canít be defeated, Sonnen was not fazed by the challenge. Heís used his experience and did what he does best, a well rounded strategy with a good use of his ground skills. If it was only striking, Grigorian would have won the match with his KO power, but Sonnen was smart to focus on his strengths also.

With 7 successful takedown attempts, Grigorian lost control of the match, going down the mat at least once in each round. The champ Sonnen was not able to secure the finish but it was basically a great display of skill and technique. He outplayed the challenger this time. Grigorian is still young and he can still get another shot sometime around, given that he is indeed a great fighter. Letís see how this one will go about.

Result: Dao Sonnen retains Middleweight Title (1st Defense) via Unanimous Decision
08 Sep 18 - GAMMA: Gerbert Bryant HOF entry
265, 265+ and Contenders champion. Ranked 7th all time in total Super/Title fights. 2nd highest ranked HW/SHW of all time, 13th highest all time fighter and 2016 fighter of the year for GAMMA. During his time on the top of the SHW food chain, be basically cleared out the roster beating everyone in his path, usually a few times in a row.

This is also the 2nd fighter his manager (Also names Gerbert Bryant) has an inducted fighter to our HOF. This has made his manager our 6th highest ranked manager of all time, surpassing the great Pawel Ufcowski for 6th.
22 Aug 18 - GAMMA: August Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham

Middleweight TItle

Saul Goodman vs Dao Sonnen

They have been fighting under GAMMA for quite some time and have established themselves as top ranked middleweights of the world. Itís surprising that itís the first time these guys go head-to-head. Nonetheless, Sonnen has climbed his way to the top contender spot with an amazing form and heís finally faced Goodman for the belt.

What would you expect from a bout between two of the top 15 welterweights? Of course, a good fight. The skill level in this one was so high but both fighters didnít give in. Goodman was his usual self with his efficient striking and composure. Sonnen on the other hand was keeping up with the champ but he mixed it up with his ground game. With his takedowns, heís managed to get some points and controlled the fight in the ground. Also, he almost got a finish more than a few times.

It was a really close call, not really sure who wouldíve won that as it surely was a tough match for both fighters. Sonnen got rounds 1,3,5 for 2 judges, while the other scores a draw. Hard earned win for the newly crowned champ.

Result: Dao Sonnen wins Middleweight Title via Majority Decision

Middleweight Bout

Razmig Grigorian vs Basten Sodergren

Another exciting Middleweight bout was in action last August 4 as two potential contenders for the belt faced each other. Sodergren is a also a top middleweight of the world and heís fought under GAMMA for quite some time. However, the division is filled with tough competition and heís only been to the title scene once, in which he fell to Saul Goodman in the 3rd round. On the other hand, the younger rising star Grigorian is trying to conquer the world at the age of 26. A must win for both fighters given that the contender spot for the belt was on the line.

As expected both fighters kept it standing and it was a battle of striking and clinch fighting. Grigorian was more aggressive in the fight and he was landing good shots against the 33 year old Sodergren. Sodergren on the other hand was looking to take the fight in the clinch but it seems that Grigorian was getting better position to strike relentlessly.

With this, Grigorian punches his way to a TKO win in the 3rd round. Tremendous power from Grigorian. This win earns him the right challenge the new champ Sonnen this 8-25 in GAMMA 728. Sodergren on the other hand will need to rack up some wins if he wants to get back to the title scene.

Result: Razmig Grigorian wins via 3rd round TKO (Strikes).


Lightweight Title

Katu Partio vs Randy Springs

Katu Partio has been on a roll since arriving in GAMMA. Heís been undefeated since joining and heís bagged the belt after a thrilling decision win against former champ Jeff Gower. He defended his title for the first time and his first contender was a familiar face in the GAMMA 155 division. Itís none other than the future hall of famer and 3 time GAMMA lightweight champion Randy Springs, who looks to reclaim his title after losing the belt to Gower and failing to reclaim it in Gowerís 2nd title defense.

Partioís strategy in this fight was to make use of his BJJ black belt advantage against the former champ Springs. Springs on the other hand kept his form with his efficient striking and better wrestling. As expected, Springs was more accurate and took the first round in the scorecards. Despite that, the champ Partio finally got hold of a successful takedown after 3 failed attempts. The champ didnít waste this opportunity and outmaneuvered Springs with BJJ. Eventually, it was a guillotine waiting to be locked in. Excellent display of BJJ by the champ.

Partio then moves in the top 10 P4P and ranked #2 in world lightweight rankings. Springs has lost his past 3 title matches and will look to rack up some wins to challenge the winner of the upcoming lightweight title match between Partio and Gower. For the mean time, Springs will be facing Sala Barbo for a GAMMA 722 rematch.

Result: Partio retains Lightweight Title via 2nd round Submission (Guillotine)

Super Heavyweight Bout

Hennan Hoyce vs Brandon Simmons 2

We got to see another clash between two of the top 10 SHW giants. The last time around, it was Hoyce who got the better of Simmons, knocking him out in a fashionable comeback KO after being rocked by Simmons. In this second match between the two, weíre expecting another 1st round KO for sure, and both fighters didnít fail to give a good show. It was a battle of KOs, a strike to the death type of battle.

Just like their first meeting, it was another power-filled clash and bodies were getting knocked down everywhere. The first 2-3 minutes was more of a tactical segment. Trying to gauge each other. As we have seen, Simmons was more cautious this time around and dealing heavy damage with counters while mixing in some accurate strikes with leg kicks and punches.

In the 3rd minute it was a bloodbath. Simmons knocks Hoyce down with a massive hook. That sure dealt a lot of damage and the confident Hoyce seems to lose control of his body. Surprisingly a big head kick came outta nowhere with a quick comeback knockdown from Hoyce. Amazing display of heart and power by Hoyce despite being rocked a few seconds ago. However, not long after it was Simmons again with a big lethal right hand who succeeds with a counter and drops Hoyce to the canvas. The damage was too much and another knockdown followed. However, Hoyce wasnít done just yet as he was gonna be able to survive the round with a few seconds remaining. As he was wiping off some vaseline Simmons manages to get a cheap shot, and a big one! This caught Hoyce off guard and manages to secure the KO win, knocking Hoyce out cold. A series of unfortunate events for Hoyce.

With this, Hoyce moves down the rankings, losing 5 of his last 8 matches while Simmons earns the rights to challenge the reigning champ Kruger in GAMMA 731.

Result: Brandon Simmons wins via 1st round KO (Punch)
05 Aug 18 - GAMMA: July Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham
GAMMA: July Part 2

by James Isaac Abraham


Welterweight Title

Pablo Maracon vs Robin Yount

Former UGD star, now your GAMMA welterweight champ Pablo Maracon took challenge for his first title defense against a homegrown talent in Robin Yount. Robin Yount spent most of his career in GAMMA, with 80% of his career fought in a GAMMA affiliated org, including a time he became a lightweight champ way back in 2016. Yount hit rock bottom a year ago with a series of losses but now heís back after clinching the GAMMA Contenders middleweight belt. He faced the streaking champ Maracon and the champ didnít go easy on him.

It was a closely fought match and both fighters pushed even if they acquired a cut mid fight. Iíd give Maracon credit for his brilliant striking against the challenger. The champ was more accurate with his hits. Yount on the other hand wanted to bring it to the clinch. Yount was more accurate in clinch striking but the champ was far more aggressive, probably earning him more points in that aspect.

The match ended with 3 judges scoring the match to the champ. Great battle and I hope Yount finds his way back to the title scene again for another shot.

Result: Pablo Maracon retains Welterweight Title via Unanimous Decision

Middleweight Bout

Razmig Grigorian vs Matt Quin

Another episode of recent GAMMA superstar acquisition going against a homegrown veteran. The former GAMMA Middleweight champ Matt Quin goes head to head against the former Dare Middleweight champ, a top 5 middleweight of the world.

Grigorian was by far the better striker here and it was evident that Quin was smart enough to try and take the match to the ground given his excellent grappling skills. However, Grigorianís defense on the ground is tremendous, doing a great job defending against the black belt Quin. As Quin tries to take Grigorian down again, Grigorian just keeps on hammering Quin from distance, punching through his chin bit by bit. Quin got rocked early in the 2nd. He tried his best to hold on but the damage was too much. Grigorian doesnít waste his time and putís Quin to sleep with an epic uppercut followed by a series of strikes. The referee had no choice but to stop it.

Result: Razmig Grigorian wins via 2nd round TKO (Strikes)


Light Heavyweight Title

Menace Defoe vs Ghazi Okah 3

Familiar faces atop our 205 rankings, Okah and Defoe go head to head for the 3rd time. When these 2 fight, you always get a good show. Both competitive, highly skilled, experienced and have excellent chin. When Okah came to GAMMA, it was Defoe who was in the way for the title. Defoe showed him that it was his turf but GAMMA 713, Okah came back with a statement that he is the better fighter. Okah was so aggressive dominating the match early but the champ didnít back down. Defoe staged a comeback but it wasnít enough as Okah earned the scores for the 3 rounds.

In this 3rd encounter, Okah is the champ and Defoe is now the challenger. As expected, it was another closely fought match. Outstanding performance by both fighters. Almost evenly matched in striking and in the clinch. It was a mere battle that anyone could win. However, in the end, it was the judgesí job to call a winner and this time, the belt remains to the champion Okah. A fight of true champions. Will go down as one of the best rivalries in GAMMA. I hope to see a 4th battle though. Letís see if Defoe finds his way back up or if Okah keeps the throne long enough.

Result: Ghazi Okah retains Light Heavyweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Featherweight Title

Gareth Keenan vs Karol Mirowski 4

When you talk about a rivalry, you can never forget about the featherweights of GAMMA, Mirowski and Keenan. This is the fourth time they fought this year. Itís not like they are the only good guys in the division. Itís just that they beat their way into the top of the division and end up battling each otherís hearts out. These guys were born to be champs and seeing a match fought by these two is plain luck for us MMA fans.

Keenan was the reigning champ when his top ranked manager David Brent went on a hiatus and released him. Now, heís with a new manager and will make his debut under Lance Templetonís command (also a top ranked manager).

When you see rivals like them going at it, and you are the judge, youíd definitely go crazy trying to score the match. It was so tightly contested all throughout. Both fighters are absolute beasts in striking and they never hold back, specially when they fight each other. Another 200 strikes thrown per fighter match between the two. It was so close until Keenan almost KOíd Mirowski. Mirowski got rocked late in the 5th and he was wobbly. Keenan was this close to a KO win but Mirowski kept evading until he regained control of his body!

I honestly didnít guess the winner until the judges revealed it. Even the judges had a hard time, with 2 judges favoring the challenger Mirowski.

Result: Mirowski wins Featherweight Title via Split Decision

Super Heavyweight Title

Dustin Kruger vs Bubba Gumption 2

Not long after losing the belt to the new guy Kruger, Bubba is back to challenge his former throne. He destroyed Saric and Heimendahl in a 1st round finish, proving that he wants the belt back right away. Kruger on the other hand has his own feat, defending the belt against contenders Glozman and Pagnozzi.

Now they met again for the second time. This time, Kruger was the champ. Their last match was a closely contested match until a splendid KO came in via Kruger. Just like the first outing, Bubba wins the first round. Great striking from both fighters but Bubba gets the lead.

However, just like the first match, it was Kruger who kept his cool and keeps punching blow by blow. Bubba wants to clinch but it seems Kruger wants to keep it in distance. It was another close match only until Kruger got a clean shot to knock the former champion down. He wants Bubba back up and he does! But here comes another blow by the champ and Bubba goes down again.

As expected of a former champ and future legend Bubba, he wonít get KOíd easily. He once again stood up and quickly regained his senses. Excellent heart and chin right there. It wouldíve been an early KO for anyone. But it was the champ Kruger in the end who prevailed. After damaging Bubba with a body kick, he puts him to sleep with a nasty hook in the closing seconds of the round. Great win by the champ Kruger. I expect Bubba to be back in no time.

Result: Dustin Kruger retains Super Heavyweight Title via 2nd round KO

31 Jul 18 - GAMMA: Booking role
James Isaac Abraham has been working for us several months as a writer and general manager of the organization. We have decided to promote him to a booking role, i wish him success in his new position.
20 Jul 18 - GAMMA: July Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham
GAMMA: July Part 1

by James Isaac Abraham


Super Heavyweight Title

Dustin Kruger vs Mitzi Glozman

The new king of the division Dustin Kruger defends his title for the 2nd time. He faces the contender Glozman who has been on a roll in his past 3 fights securing a 3-0 record. The champ Kruger has proven to be a very experienced fighter, managing to secure the W despite struggling early in the fight.

Glozman secured the first 2 rounds in the scorecards, displaying his initiation in clinches. Heís managed to secure all 4 clinch attempts and surprisingly, it was Kruger who did much damage in the clinch landing more strikes. That might have been the key as he punched through Glozmanís chin bit by bit. In the 3rd round, Glozman finally fell to the champ in a brutal display of power. With a vicious uppercut followed by a series of strikes, it was over for any guy. Great save by the referee

Result: Dustin Kruger retains Super Heavyweight Title via 3rd round TKO


Super Heavyweight bout

Bubba Gumption vs Zdravko Saric

The number 1 contender spot for the title featured former SHW champ and future GAMMA Hall of Famer Bubba Gumption and the new guy Zdravko Saric whoís defeated another legend in Hennan Hoyce. Bubba lost the belt to the reigning champ Kruger and he looks to face him again with a win in this one.

Right off the bat, it was pure aggression for both fighters. Very aggressive in striking and it was obvious that the match was to end in the first round at that pace. Saric was not to be ignored with his excellent chin and massive KO power. Saric managed to knock Bubba down and he was this close to getting the finish. Surprisingly, the beast in Bubba has awaken, shaking off that damage and managed to knock Saric down right after. This time, Saric was starting to fade, with Bubba going away with the TKO victory with a wonderful fake leg kick followed by a superman punch.

Result: Bubba Gumption wins via 1st round TKO

Welterweight Title

Musta Laine vs Pablo Maracon

A usual face in the championship scene, Musta Laine faces former UGD fighter Pablo Maracon. Maracon was en route to the belt with his winning streak but the organization has called it quits. After his career in UGD he took his talents to GAMMA and earned the rights to the contender spot with a victory against Robin Yount.

It was unexpectedly very one sided in favor of the challenger Maracon. Excellent display of striking while maintaining good defense. Laine managed to pull through with 4 successful takedowns but Maracon had good ground defense. Great match indeed but Maracon got away with the victory.

Now, Maracon faces a familiar opponent in Robin Yount but this time, the belt is at stake.

Results: Pablo Maracon wins the Welterweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Lightweight Title

Jeff Gower vs Katu Partio

Excellent duel by two great fighters in champion Jeff Gower and Katu Partio. Striking was almost balanced for both fighters. Both equipped with good technique and strategy but Partio was more on the clinch grappling approach. Knowing that Gower is the better clinch striker, Partio varied his moves with alternating engage and disengage which kept the champ guessing.

Gower was more accurate in striking but Partio was more effective and he played the scorecards well. It was a very difficult fight to judge, and was evident in the varied opinions of the judges. 2 judges favored the approach Partio did, the other going for Gower. Excellent strategy and he goes home with the W. That puts Partio in 7 straight wins now while Gower will try to look for a rematch sooner or later.

Result: Katu Partio wins Lightweight Title via Split Decision

Middleweight Title

Saul Goodman vs Basten Sodergren

Newly acquired fighter Saul Goodman is now in the hands of a new top tier manager in Ed Minasian. His first fight with Minasian is a title defense against a challenger whoís been bulldozing his way to the title with 9 straight victories, Sodergren.

Both are almost evenly matched on the feet but Goodman was very aggressive coming into the fight. Known as a decision specialist with 24 decision victories, he seems to have gone for a KO in this one. Slow start for Goodman but he took control right after the first round. Sodergren was so close to survive the barrage but Goodman was relentless to finish the match in the third. Goodman gets away with a KO win, his first KO in his past 18 matches.

Result: Saul Goodman retains Middleweight Title via 3rd round TKO

CEC 600

Featherweight bout

Pako Laine vs De Bruyne

In a star studded event in CEC 600, De Bruyne represented GAMMA in a duel of veterans. Former top 27 fighter Pako Laine faced former top 26 De Bruyne.

It was expected to be a very competitive match given the skills of both fighters. They didnít fail to give us a good show. Both fighters threw around 200 strikes each but De Bruyne was more efficient. Great showdown, great technique. However, it was De Bruyne that displayed more in this one. He gets the nod of 2 judges, the other giving them a draw.

With that win, De Bruyne moves back in the top 100 as he looks to go back to GAMMA or look for another org to compete in the latter years of his career.

Result: De Bruyne wins via Majority Decision
08 Jul 18 - GAMMA: June Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham
GAMMA: June Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham


Featherweight bout
Karol Mirowski vs Farboleus Ricard

For the co-main event of the night, we witnessed a possible contender spot at the 145 belt. The current 135 lbs champion Mirowski is on his way back to the 145 lbs title after losing it to the current champ Gareth Keenan (who by the way became a free agent after his managerís retirement).

The match was a tightly contested one as both fighters have shown versatility in striking. Ricard was a bit more accurate but Mirowski had more strikes landed. Despite having 5 successful takedowns, Ricard was not able to capitalize with striking nor sub attempts given that Mirowski has excellent ground defense. Most of the takedowns came in the later parts of the round and some of which resulted in a referee standup.

This wouldíve gone another way but 2 of 3 judges chose Mirowski. Great match!

Result: Mirowski wins via Split Decision

Middleweight Superfight
Saul Goodman vs Russel Tyrone Jones

Two of the top 3 middleweights clash in another episode of Synchronicity vs GAMMA superfights. In a battle of two champions, one shall prevail and Jones got it this time.

The match was full of close rounds, with a very close scorecard most of the time. It was very difficult to decide given that both fighters had great striking and both fighters were also aggressive. With more than 200 strikes for each competitor, the whole crowd was on fire! Jones had significantly more body punches but Goodman capitalized on leg striking. Despite the close rounds, a winner shall be chosen and the judges have selected Synís representative Jones with a win.

Sadly, the departure of Mr. David Brent resulted to the release of Saul Goodman. Hopefully the next manager keeps him in GAMMA and remains competitive until the end of his career. With this, Jones moves to the top 3 in P4P rankings while Goodman slides a bit to rank 19. Iíd like to see another clash of these two soon.

Result: Jones wins via Unanimous Decision


Lightweight Title
Jeff Gower vs Randy Springs

The new guy Jeff Gower has taken over! Right after his arrival in GAMMA he has dominated the division since! The main event featured a rematch between former long running champ Randy Springs and the recently crowned Jeff Gower.

Itís surprising that this match was no close call at all. Randy Springs usually gets to outmatch and outclass his opponents but in this one, Gower did. The closely contested round 1 went to the former champ Springs but the rest of the match was all Gower. Striking was no far matchup but Gowerís clinch game was monstrous. Gower dominated the match with his clinchwork, not allowing Springs to capitalize. From round 2 until the end, Gower owned the match and earned the well deserved decision win.

Gower now solidifies his claim to the throne, with his rival Randy Springs becoming a free agent, no one knows who will be the rival or will Gower be dethroned by Partio soon. Letís see how the division goes.

Result: Gower retains Lightweight Title via Unanimous Decision

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