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17 Apr 18 - GAMMA: Thor HGH (24686) Manager HOF Induction
General Stats

Top Ranking as manager: #4
Started fighting in GAMMA: 2013-08-11
Record inside: GAMMA 36-34-1
Title fights: 16
Super fights: 2
HOF Fighters: 1
Total Points: 292

Thor is a long time legendary GAMMA manager who started fighting in our org about 5 years ago. His first fight did not start so well though:

"Osama Robins did not make it to the correct location before the fight and as a result, his bout with Renan St Juste had to be cancelled."

His first fight was actually part of a super fight exchange at the time when Renan was pushing for #1 in the game. Little did i know that 5 years later Thor would be inducted to our HOF.

His total of 292 points rank him 19th all time among managers and is 8th among "still active" managers.

Thor has been with us during the good and not so good times and it is a honor to induct him to our HOF.
16 Apr 18 - GAMMA: April Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham
GAMMA 700: Goodman VS Obama 3

Middleweight Title: Saul Goodman (28-5-0) VS Russian Obama (31-9-1)

The number 1 middleweight fighter of the world and reigning GAMMA Middleweight champ Goodman pushed his win streak to 7 after defeating the challenger Russian Obama in 5 rounds via unanimous decision.

This was the third time that these warriors have faced each other. The first encounter was a close call, Obama getting the W via split decision. The second encounter was a unanimous decision victory won by Goodman. The 3rd clash could seal the deal and it probably did. This win propelled Goodman to 3rd in the P4P rankings, while pushing back Obama to 84th. Maybe a couple of wins for Obama could give him another shot at the title.

The match was surprisingly one-sided and was controlled by the champion all throughout. He displayed a high degree of technique in striking in distance and in the clinch. Goodman landed more strikes with better accuracy, securing every round and outclassing Obama in all aspects of the match.

Despite that, Obama was a great contender, surviving all 5 rounds with a cut he got way back in the first round. I look forward to seeing him climb back up the middleweight rankings and see a Goodman VS Obama 4.

Winner: Saul Goodman retains Middleweight Title via Unanimous Decision

GAMMA 701: Shin VS Laine 2

Welterweight Title: Lao Shin (31-11-1) VS Musta Laine (23-10-0)

Shin the welterweight champ faced Laine for the second time in his career. Their last outing was way back in GAMMA 665 where Laine was the champion. Laine won that match in a viscious 2nd round TKO. Along the way, both fighters have continued to seek reign in GAMMA and aim for the belt. They met again and as expected, a battle of champions is always a good treat.

The story of the match was no different to their first meeting. Laine was aggressive in striking and trying to get it to the ground. Once he got the takedowns, he capitalized on ground n pound while defending the sub attempts by Shin. Given that they are excellent ground fighters, getting a finish was not an easy task. Fun fact, Laine has only been submitted twice in his career.

Overall, Laine did better on the ground. He had better moves and he got more of every aspect in this match. For 5 rounds, it was all Laine and the champ came to a point where he needed a finish in order to win. Great overall control by Laine was the key factor here and Shin got defeated by Laine yet again for the 2nd time.

Will there be a third outing? We’ll see sooner or later.

Winner: Musta Laine wins Welterweight Title via Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Title: Randy Springs (30-11-0) VS Tony Ramos (23-11-0)

Ever since being acquired by Mr. David Brent , the reigning champ Springs has been on a roll and he is at his best form so far. With 12 wins of his last 14 outings, he’s become an unstoppable force in the 170 division. Ramos on the other hand had a streak of his own entering this match winning 5 out of 6 matches.

This match earned fight of the night after both fighters gave a very well contested title match. Giving their all, it was only up to the judges’ scorecards to decide who the winner was and with no surprise, it was a 1 round difference in the votes.

Each fighter focused on their arsenals, trying to edge the other with their advantages. Springs is the better striker, and he did well defending almost 2/3 of Ramos’ takedown attempts. Ramos on the other hand knows that he can capitalize when the match is brought to the ground, and he got 6 successful takedowns but weren’t enough to finish the champ.

Overall, Springs just played the match with better technique and he ended up with the W. He showed why he was champ and how experienced he was. This win is his first defense in his current title reign and moved him to number 7 in P4P rankings.

Winner: Randy Springs retains Lightweight Title via Unanimous Decision
10 Apr 18 - GAMMA: All time rankings change
I have updated the "all time greatest" managers list for GAMMA (a thing that i do a couple times per year and can take a good hour an a bit to do).

To get onto this list you have to win a GAMMA title at least once and have no less than 250 total points. Most of the managers on this list are either already in our HOF or will likely make it to our HOF soon.

Points are allocated as follows:

1 Per Loss
2 Per draw
3 Per title fight/Super fight
4 Per win
50 for HOF Fighters

Our last update was in August and this is how the list looked back then:

Gale Hawthorne (22636) 1200
Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) 984
Mr Gutz (3074) 718
Boondock The Destroyer (503) 691
Dom Jaehnke (20196) 653
Pawel Ufcowski (52087) 595
Gerbert Bryant (84742) 547
Igor Psycho (6994) 522
Alika Webb (62511) 473
Face Kicker (2965) 448
Grump Bastard (102643) 435
Brad O'Neil 371
John McGuirk (1306) 351
Grund McGrunderson (3341) 323
Paulie Walnuts (79001) 314
Richard Davenport (10647) 303
David Brent (104382) 297
Andy McKenzie (101467) 289
Matt Cave (45538) 288
Jebba . (61031) 286
Gritty Smitty (1206) 286
Digga Dogman (91254) 275
Seppo Koskinen (2820) 266
Doug Heffernan (10852) 260
John Bravo (50889) 255
Jack Smith (7552) 251

We had the biggest increase in top managers ever this time round, 5 new managers made it to the 250 points list. The newcomers to this list are:

Thor HGH (24686)
Bobby Heyman (99756)
Marky Mark (22640)
Klatz Matz (46802)
Mike Hunt (39215)

None of these are new managers for GAMMA, in fact most are long term managers, but they just managed to get onto this list for the first time due to their accumulated points gain over the years.

The fastest rising managers on this list (based on total accumulated points) were:

David Brent (104382)
Thor HGH (24686)
Bobby Heyman (99756)
Gerbert Bryant (84742)
Mike Hunt (39215)

Thor and Bobby benefited from having a HOF induction, that moved them way up the lists. Thor is first in line to be inducted himself to the HOF, his induction will likely be in this month. David is on a tear over the past 1 year, easily the best manager in GAMMA and the game. He has 3 champs in GAMMA at the moment, very few can compete with his level. He also rose 6 places in the standings, something never done before.

Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) is now the all time leader in total Title/Super fights with 90, surpassing total points leader Gale Hawthorne (22636) who stays at 89. Whymer will probably need a good 2 years (or more) at his current pace to be ranked #1 all time.

This is the full updated list:

Gale Hawthorne (22636) 1200
Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) 1013 Big Increase
Mr Gutz (3074) 718
Boondock The Destroyer (503) 691
Dom Jaehnke (20196) 669 Big Increase
Pawel Ufcowski (52087) 595
Gerbert Bryant (84742) 591 Very Big Increase
Igor Psycho (6994) 522
Alika Webb (62511) 502 Big Increase
Face Kicker (2965) 448
David Brent (104382) 440 Largest Increase, Up 6 Spots!!!
Grump Bastard (102643) 438 Minor Increase
Brad O'Neil 371
John McGuirk (1306) 351
Grund McGrunderson (3341) 323
Paulie Walnuts (79001) 314
Richard Davenport (10647) 303
Jebba . (61031) 294 Minor increase, Up 2 Spots!
Thor HGH (24686) 292 Newcomer!!! Next in line for HOF induction.
Andy McKenzie (101467) 289
Matt Cave (45538) 288
Gritty Smitty (1206) 286
Bobby Heyman (99756) 278 Second largest increase! Newcomer!
Digga Dogman (91254) 275
Seppo Koskinen (2820) 266
Doug Heffernan (10852) 260
Marky Mark (22640) 260 Newcomer!!!
Klatz Matz (46802) 256 Newcomer!!!
John Bravo (50889) 255
Mike Hunt (39215) 253 Newcomer!!!
Jack Smith (7552) 251
05 Apr 18 - GAMMA: March Part 2 By James Isaac Abraham

Light Heavyweight Title

Defoe vs Okah

2 time GAMMA light heavyweight champ Menace Defoe is arguably one of the best light heavyweights the tycoon world has ever seen. With his great skillset and technique, he's held on to the GAMMA light heavyweight crown for quite some time now. In his 6th defense since regaining the title from Origi on an epic showdown in GAMMA 644, he faced yet another tough challenger in former Bushido LHW and HW champ Ghazi Okah.

Both fighters fought their hearts out, showcasing tremendous striking skills for the whole duration of the match. In the end, the champ's technique prevailed. He won more rounds, blocked more strikes, and how he utilized

his skills was outstanding. It was a very great battle but in the end it was up to the judge's score cards.

The 3 judges scored 49-46 49-47 and 49-47 all in favor of the champ Defoe as he came away with the unanimous decision victory.

Winner: Defoe by unanimous decision


Super Heavyweight Title

Bubba Gumption vs Hennan Hoyce

Reigning Super Heavyweight champion Bubba Gumption enters the title match with his 4th straight title defense. He faced Heavyweight title holder Hennan Hoyce once again in a rematch from their last meeting in GAMMA 689 where the champ Bubba destroyed Hoyce in just 49 seconds.

Both fighters are currently the best super heavyweights in the game but the champ Bubba once again proved how deadly his KO power is, extending his KO win streak to 6. In just under 4 minutes in the first round, Bubba outdueled Hoyce in striking and KO power. He knocked Hoyce down a total of 3 times, finishing Hoyce with a big uppercut leaving him staring blankly into space. Such impressive power right there.

That win moved him to number 2 P4P, giving him the 2-0 advantage in the Bubba-Hoyce rivalry. In Hoyce's last 9 matches, he's only lost twice, both coming from Bubba.

Short trivia, it was the 7th time that manager Tripping Balls faced Mike Hunt, and historically he dominates Hunt with a 6-1 lead.

Anyway, expect a 3rd episode of this rivalry soon.

Winner: Bubba by 1st round KO (3:59)


Lightweight Title

Lao Shin vs Tito Hyde

Shortly after the winning the recent outing of the long running rivalry between Shin and Volkov, Shin defends his title against challenger Tito Hyde, who after won 4 straight wins got his 1st title fight in GAMMA.

Shin has an advantage in all disciplines against Hyde but the challenger never backed down. Tito Hyde was winning some rounds but in the 3rd round it was Shin who got the finish. The strikes he landed were just too much for Hyde, tearing him apart bit by bit until he finally gave in. This was only the 3rd time in Hyde's career that he got KO'd. Amazing showcase of skill and power right there by the champion Lao Shin.

Winner: Lao Shin by 3rd round TKO (3:15)

Featherweight Title

Gareth Keenan vs Karol Mirowski

Two of the top ranked featherweights of the world again fought their hearts out in 5 rounds for the belt. This match serves as a rematch when they last fought in GAMMA 695 where Mirowski won a close call 48-47 unanimous decision in each of the judges' scorecards making him title holder of the bantamweight and featherweight belt that time.

Like their last match, it was a strikefest. For 5 whole rounds, both fighters have thrown over 200 strikes each. It was again up to the scorecards but this time Keenan got vengeance. Keenan landed more strikes with better accuracy. In the cards, he won all rounds giving him a clear win over Mirowski and regaining his throne at the featherweight division.

That gives them 1 win a piece and we might see them have a 3rd clash soon.

Winner: Keenan by unanimous decision
02 Apr 18 - GAMMA: Julien Touret HOF Induction
Record inside GAMMA 18-15-0, he is a former SHW champ with a total of 7 title fights and 7 FON awards. His all time highest rank while in GAMMA was 24th worldwide. With a total of 117 accumulated points, he is ranked 37th best GAMMA fighter of all time.

His biggest wins over former GAMMA champions include Lan Mandragoran, Tony Slevin, Tamias Poochyena, Fat Gorrila.

This is the first fighter inducted by Bobby Heyman, pushing him a step closer to his own HOF induction.
21 Mar 18 - GAMMA: New Writer
I would like to announce that our long term employee, 2 time writer of the year Alike Webb has stepped down from his role as the official GAMMA writer. Alika is arguably the best writer this game has ever seen and he held the position within GAMMA for over 15 months (also a GAMMA record for a writer). His quality of work over this period is second to none, so he will be greatly missed.

Taking his position will be James Isaac Abraham, a long time veteran with top notch articles in some of the smaller orgs. He started his work in 2015 and restarted recently after a hiatus from the game, so we are eagerly awaiting his first articles for the company.
15 Mar 18 - GAMMA: March 2018 recap part 1 By Alika Webb
GAMMA#695 Keenan v Mirowski – 3 March

145 title - Gareth Keenan (c) Vs Karol Mirowski

Gareth Keenan "Investigates" has been investigating the global fight market and enjoying the view from above. While Gareth Keenan was taking the scenic route in a quest for global domination, Karol "Bearded Midget Man" Mirowski stayed home and took care of business in front of the Gamma crowd. While doing so Karol Mirowski – flaws and all – was truly accepted and became a true champion in the hearts of all those who had the pleasure of watching his latest efforts and struggles he faced. In the meantime, Gareth Keenan was lost in his travels. Out of sight, out of heart and it was a mere lukewarm reaction from the crowd to his entrance that proved it. Gareth Keenan knew from the start that he had a lot more to prove than he could ever have imagined.
They quickly started to get into their kickboxing mode, their engines revved and they started trading strikes at a hellish pace and kept it up until the final bell. Their first encounter this was and what an amazing sight to see as they fought so passionately. Their styles matched better than anyone could have expected as they are so similar a fighter that sometimes minds could wander, only to come back and see a mirror in between them. Never giving up, never giving in. This was a true fight from start to finish as they battled for featherweight supremacy.

Winner: Karol Mirowski by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#696 Goodman v Asai 2 – 10 March

155 title - Mathew Ridgeway (c) Vs Randy Springs

Randy "Fuckn" Springs had been tearing through the lightweight division since losing to Mathew Ridgeway. The champion on the other hand had remained at the top since that fated night and now had the chance to prove himself the better man once again while the challenger had only vengeance in mind.
These two lightweight warriors stood toe to toe and threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other. The unbelievable resilience shown on both their parts was a tremendous thing to see. Neither man was able to dominate both from apart and from close distance but they both had their moments to shine. It was a tremendous effort from both fighters and the crowd was on their feet from start to finish as they were in awe from the spectacle these two gladiators provided for them.

Winner: Randy Springs by split decision.

185 title - Saul Goodman (c) Vs Yoshihiro Asai

Saul "Slip The Jab" Goodman has been back on track, dominating not only Gamma’s middleweight division but the entire MMATycoon universe. He rules the globe with a headstrong resolve to be the best around and nothing’s gonna ever keep him down, not even a minor slip against former number one pound for pound fighter Matt Quin. Saul Goodman was hoping to face the aging legend once more in a rematch that would have undoubtedly shattered records in tickets sales so hard that it would have crashed servers across the globe from pure earth-shattering anticipation. MMATycoon’s servers would melt down from the fire these two would bring to the table in their rematch but there was one man that stood in the way of that all. One man became the hero as he beat the living legend and saved the MMATycoon universe from certain doom and absolute destruction and that man is no other than Yoshihiro Asai!
Yoshihiro Asai came on strong like a house on fire, throwing punches in bunches and constantly keeping the champion on his toes. The difference however was clear from the start. While Asai was the more diverse striker, Goodman was the more accurate striker and those strikes scored a lot of points for the champion on the judges’ scorecards. Even an Asai moonsault couldn’t have helped the challenger jump over that point difference and so the champion retained once again.

Winner: Saul Goodman by unanimous decision.
12 Mar 18 - GAMMA: Jebba HOF Induction
Jebba is one of the most consistent GAMMA managers in our history with almost 100 fights to his name, 42 of which were wins. He has a total of 6 title fights during his time with us. His highest in game all time rank is 37. He has a total of 286 accumulated ranking points, that ranks him 20th all time among all managers. His greatest success
inside GAMMA was without a doubt submission specialist Jimmy Snuka. Jimmy ranked joint 2nd all time in the total submissions category. Willy Wonk, also managed by Jebba is ranked #1 among all GAMMA fighters with 10 total submissions, so you could argue that Jebba is the top "grappling" manager to ever compete among GAMMA managers.
02 Mar 18 - GAMMA: February 2018 recap part 2 By Alika Webb
CEC 569 – 14 February

Euphegen Doubdtfire (Claymore Elite Combat) Vs Gareth Keenan (GAMMA)

Claymore Elite Combat was the host for a revolutionary fight as the number two pound for pound fighter in the world Euphegen Doubdtfire faced the number three Gareth Keenan. Both champions and true legends in every sense of the word. This battle was determined to bring forth the next number one pound for pound fighter in the world. Who would be the next big thing? Who would be next in line to rule over MMATycoon?

These two warriors met in the middle of the cage and there was no room for shenanigans as they went to work with a sense of elite pride and passion for the sport. No clowning around as the strikes they launched flashed by with impressive precision and with a speed that made them barely visible to the naked human eye. Us mortal men in attendance were on the edge of our seats as these two brought forth an army of strikes that grasped us in our cores and made our bodies tremble with joy and excitement as the battle raged forth until the final bell was rung.

Winner: Euphegen Doubdtfire by split decision.

GAMMA#692 Ridgeway v Diehard – 17 February

FINAL 135 title - Kira Miyata (c) Vs Karol Mirowski

After a shocking upset victory, 39 year old veteran and newly crowned Gamma bantamweight champion locked horns one more time with Karol Mirowski to complete the trilogy as they finished their rivalry in their third and final chapter.

Kira Miyata came on strong and did his best to keep the former champion in check but not soon after it became clear that it was the former champion and current challenger that was calling the shots. Shots were fired for sure as Karol Mirowski had quite a punch in his fists and his legs shot out like bullets fired from a shot gun. Kira Miyata had a lot of trouble bringing the challenger to the ground and before he knew it, that was all she wrote. The fat lady had sung and that song was a chant of victory as Karol Mirowski was crowned bantamweight champion one last time. As his newly crowned title fades away and classifies itself as obsolete, Karol Mirowski will have quite a chance to prove himself as he takes on a man that returns to Gamma for the first time in months and the first time this year, featherweight champion Gareth Keenan.

Winner: Karol Mirowski by unanimous decision.

155 title - Mathew Ridgeway (c) Vs Bruce Diehard

Bruce "B A M F" Diehard continues to ride the lightweight train as he takes on Mathew Ridgeway in a battle for lightweight supremacy. All aboard for a new and exciting chapter in the Gamma lightweight express! Choo choo!

While Bruce Diehard’s strategy consisted of nothing more than punches in bunches like he was on a bullet train to victory, champion Mathew Ridgeway took his time softening up the challenger and it paid out in the end as the tortoise beat the hare in a fight that was close, yet not that close.

Winner: Mathew Ridgeway by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#693 Volkov vs Shin 5 – 24 February

170 title - Ilya Mstislav Volkov (c) Vs Lao Shin

Some things never change, apparently so as Ilya Mstislav Volkov and Lao Shin duke it out for the fifth and for the moment final time. These two are so closely matched in the cage that it is quite astonishing to see that their skill sets are different in some ways and yet so similar when closely inspected. Both fighters are purebred workhorses and both of them have some serious horsepower in their punches but they don’t just go out there swinging for the fences. They step into that cage with a clear goal in mind and a meticulously planned out strategy that they are set to follow to the letter as they know that even the slightest deviation can prove fatal. They have also become true masters of the game, not only in their own craft but in all aspects of the sport that we call mixed martial arts. What would they bring to the table now as they have left it all out in the open and with no more special tricks lurking in the shadows?

Another brawl for all this was, they traded leather and kicked the crap out of each other with such style and grace that even one perfectly timed strike could end the fight at any point in time. So it shall be written, so it shall be done. Ilya Mstislav Volkov swung an ugly left hook that hit nothing but air and Lao Shin stung right back with so crisp a jab that it had the champion seeing stars. In a desperate attempt to survive the champion flailed and unfortunately for him also failed to land a hard body blow. Another counter - this time a deadly right hand from the heavens - sent the champion crashing to the canvas.

Winner: Lao Shin by TKO (strikes) after 4 minutes and 48 seconds in the second round.

GAMMA#694 Bubba v Simmons – 24 February

155 superfight - Tony Ramos (GAMMA) Vs Volya Nikolaev (CEC)

Tony Ramos came out strong with a passion to prove himself for his newly found home in Gamma but when the fight hit the ground, there was no stopping Volya Nikolaev. Tony Ramos started swinging hammer fists like there was no tomorrow but tomorrow came sooner than expected as Volya Nikolaev put him to sleep with a slick guillotine submission.

Winner: Volya Nikolaev by submission (guillotine) after 3 minutes and 41 seconds in the first round.

265+ title - Bubba Gumption (c) Vs Brandon Simmons

Social media can be a great tool for promotion but people can be brutal when anonymity is promised. Brandon Simmons learned quite quickly that people online can sometimes be even more brutal than the people he faces in the cage. That was until he stepped into the cage with Bubba Gumption. The champion simply dominated from start to finish. Every blow to the body of Brandon Simmons struck deep into his bones, every blow to the skull rattled him and when blood was drawn it was the beginning of the end.

Winner: Bubba Gumption by KO (punch) after 3 minutes and 53 seconds in the first round.
26 Feb 18 - GAMMA: Legacy Points
For all of you that pay attention to "the all time greatest" list of GAMMA fighters, i decided to introduce a new ranking system.

When GAMMA originally was created, we focused on rookie fighters, these days we generally only recruit fighters that have already peaked. This means that all fighters that fight in today's GAMMA have much less chance in competing in the all time greatest debate because they simply start fighting later on in their career.

As you probably already know, GAMMA has 2 rookie affiliates, the GAMMA: Contenders in Vegas and the GAMMA: NY with an ID restriction of 285k that increases every few months.

For any fighters that start off their career in these orgs and then end up having a Hall of fame eligible career inside GAMMA, the records stacked up in the affiliates will be added on to their GAMMA records.

This will help balance out the competition and will also give more importance to your records in our lower tier orgs.

Note: This has not changed too much in our current HOF listings, although this has helped move Lukasz Wolek up from 21st to 9th all time in our listings. In the future though fighters such as Bubba Gumption, Gareth Keenan, Lao Shin, Yoshihiro Asai, Menace Defoe etc will benefit from this change.

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