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06 Jan 19 - GAMMA: Mike Hunt (39215) Hall of Fame Induction
It is a please to induct one of the all time great's of the Tycoon universe Mike Hunt (39215) to our HOF!


Top Ranking as manager: #9
Started fighting in GAMMA: 2014-03-16
Record inside GAMMA: 52-60-1
Title fights: 11
Super fights: 1
Total Points: 308

Mike is one of those old school managers who has been around for a long time (since mid 2012), he first GAMMA fight was in early 2014. Mike is one of the most active and consistent managers since 2014 and he currently has 4 fighters on the GAMMA roster.

Probably his best fighter ever to compete is Hennan Hoyce (247583), a multiple time champ with huge wins over top competition. At the age of 38y, he is probably coming to the end of his run and has a good chance to eventually make it to our Hall of Fame.

His total fight count of 113, ranks him 13th all time. His 308 points accumulated ranks him 21st all time in the top manager list and he will be climbing those rankings in the next stats update.
31 Dec 18 - GAMMA: Fighter of the year 2018
I would like to congratulate Bubba Gruption for being ranked the GAMMA fighter of the year! It was as close as it gets between him and Gareth, here is the final rankings:

Bubba Gumption (273905) 98
Gareth Keenan (272458) (272458) 97
Karol Mirowski (251500) 86
Farboleous Ricard (285507) 82
Dao Sonnen (273645) 74
Dustin Kruger (283032) 74
Saul Goodman (271572) 73
Ghazi Okah (290669) 70
Lao Shin (256055) 70
Thorbjorn Heimendahl (271353) 67

As a reminder, here is how the points were accumulated:

1 Per Fight of Night
1 Per Loss
2 Per draw
3 Per title fight/Super fight
4 Per win
24 Dec 18 - GAMMA: FOY Nominations
I am going to announce the annual GAMMA fighter of the year. Unlike the game's "Fighter of the year", which is a popularity vote where people vote their friends fighters, the GAMMA yearly award is based upon specific criteria. I use the same criteria when picking the Hall of Fame.

1 Per fight of Night
1 Per Loss
2 Per draw
3 Per title fight/Super fight

4 Per win

The the more regular you fight and the better you perform, the more points you accumulate. These are the previous winners of this award that goes back to 2009!

===Fighter of the Year 2009===

1st Mikhail Yudovich

2nd Nikon Holm

3rd Lennon Lewis

===Fighter of the Year 2010===

1st Raz Matazz

2nd Alexander Khalifman

3rd Mikhail Yudovich

===Fighter of the Year 2011===

1st Jeremy Tonal

2nd Trent Pope

3rd Karl Denke

===Fighter of the Year 2012===

1st Anton Chigurh

2nd Jeremy Tonal

3rd Raz Matazz

===Fighter of the Year 2013===

1st Renan St Juste

2nd Simon Williams

3rd Keith Green

===Fighter of the Year 2014===

1st Jesse Custer (183716)

2nd Russ Rutger (62373)

3rd Ein Stein (182566)

===Fighter of the Year 2015===

1st Renan St Juste (102580)

2nd Krystian Wojnasiewicz (159688)

3rd Ein Stein (182566) + Gunnar Steigelmann (196145)

===Fighter of the Year 2016===

1st Gunnar Steigelmann (196145)

2nd Rufus McTearson (186694)

3rd Viv Richards (168454)

===Fighter of the Year 2017===

1st Gerbert Bryant (241590)

2nd Menace Defoe (268296)

3rd Lao Shin "To Chin" (256055)

The main candidates for the award for this year are:

Dustin Kruger (283032)
Saul Goodman (271572)
Ghazi Okah (290669)
Lao Shin (256055)
Thorbjorn Heimendahl (271353)
Bubba Gumption (273905)
Gareth Keenan (272458) (272458)
Karol Mirowski (251500)
Farboleous Ricard (285507)
Dao Sonnen (273645)

I will make the announcement after the last event of the year
16 Dec 18 - GAMMA: Gunnar Steigelmann HOF Induction
Managed by Dom Jaehnke, former 265 and 265+ champ.
He is #3 in total total FON awards, #4 in total Super fights, #1 in total KO wins, #1 in total fights and 3rd best ranked among GAMMA fighters, i could stop right there, but i decided to elaborate a bit more.

He started fighting in GAMMA on 2014-08-30 and remained with the org for over 4 years! During that period he achieved a maximum rank of #7 worldwide and never dropped outside the top 1000. He continued fighting up till the age of 44y, which by itself is one of the longest (i do not have the exact stats, but there were only 3-4 HOF ranked fighters who fought into their 40s).

He surpassed Raz Matazz by just one fight to become the all time in total fights (this includes external and internal fights). With a total of 309 points, he is also the highest scoring 265/265+ ranked fighter of all time. His wins basically include everyone who matters such as Itse Perkele, Mitzi Glozman, Bubba Gumption, Sebastiaan Rutten, Callum Pagnozzi, Hennan Hoyce, Zeus Leonidas, Luis Torres, Fat Gorrila, Kenta Yuudai, Joe Jordan, Patrick Bateman, Convicted Killer, Connor Mac Burns, Julien Touret, Tony Slevin, Lan Mandragoran, Jt Colossus. All these are fighters who reached top 100 or higher that he beat (most of them were in their prime at the time he beat them), i am not sure if any previous GAMMA fighter had more top 100 ranked wins (Jeremy Tonal is ranked 4th all time, he most certainly had more top 10 ranked wins, but his career was way shorter, he retired at 31 years of age).

This induction also helped Dom Jaehnke moved higher up the all time manager list with 823 points (3rd all time), this is his 2nd fighter in the GAMMA HOF.

All in all, Gunnar was a guy who either got KOed or won by KO. He rarely ever had a finish by decision, it was either win or loss with KO, especially at the end of his career. In terms of longevity, it will be very difficult for anyone to ever surpass him, then again, i was saying the same thing when Raz Matazz achieved 67 total fights for GAMMA. Gunnar also had over 2 years outside of GAMMA, with the affiliate system, it makes it more possible for fighters to have longer GAMMA careers, so it is not impossible i guess to see someone contend with this record, but at the moment Gunnar sit's above the pile as the most durable and best 265/265+ fighter of all time.
18 Nov 18 - GAMMA: Laz Staz HOF Induction
I am proud to announce that Laz Staz is now inducted to our GAMMA Hall of Fame (as a manager).

Laz is one of the legendary GAMMA managers with almost 100 fights under his belt 55-29-5 record overall. He has a total of 20 super fights/title fights.

His total of 311 points ranks him as 19th all time in the listings. Based on his current run of results, he should be moving up to 16th all time in the next update.

In general, a great guy to work with, never had a complaint, never had any problems, which is a common trait among all top GAMMA managers. I wish Laz a successful continuation of his career.
01 Nov 18 - GAMMA: Marky Mark HOF Induction
I am proud to announce that Marky Mark (22640) has been inducted to the GAMMA Hall of Fame (HOF). Marky is an all time Tycoon legend, arguably in the debate as one of the top 10 managers of all time so it is a pleasure having him in our HOF.

At the moment of speaking, he is the 14th best GAMMA manager with 372 ranking points. He also has a total of 29 super/title fights, which ranks him 9th in our all time list. He is also the highest ranking manager with under 100 total fights (82 in total), only David Brent is higher up this list.
25 Oct 18 - GAMMA: Greatest of all time list
One of the few things keeping me interested in the game is ranking the best of the best within my org. I have been keeping a record of all the top managers and fighters over the years based upon a ranking system.

4 points for a win
3 points for a title fight
2 points for a draw
1 points for a loss

To be ranked among managers you need to win a GAMMA title. The last time i updated this list was 6 months ago, so i decided to do a new update.

The following managers gained points during the past 6 months (No particular order)
Note: This only includes managers who won at least 1 title

Whymer Van Mastodon (40116)
Dom Jaehnke (20196)
Gerbert Bryant (84742)
Alika Webb (62511)
Grumpy Bastard (102643)
David Brent (104382)
Thor HGH (24686)
Bobby Heyman (99756)
Marky Mark (22640)
Klatz Matz (46802)
Mike Hunt (39215)
Blake Phoenix (105403)
Laz Staz (82447)
Lance Templeton (889)
Randall McSweeny (14361)
Ed Minasian (59992)
Runt . (108617)
Jackson Wink (110608)
Trippin Balls (104409)
Bwang Jong Sr (91781)
Alex K. (84400)
K 1 (12044)
Carlos Castenada (84794) 
Balls Manager (109145) 

Newcomers to GAMMA Legend's listings
Note: These are people who won a title in GAMMA in the past 6 months that did not hold one previously

Carlos Castenada (84794) 
Balls Manager (109145) 

Newcomers to the 100+ Points list
Note: There is 60 such managers all time
The following managers recently surpassed 100 total ranking points:

Trippin Balls (104409) Ranked #38 all time
Bwang Jong Sr (91781) Ranked #37 all time
Carlos Castenada (84794) Ranked #46 all time
Runt . (108617)  Ranked #54 all time
Alex K. (84400) Ranked #59 all time
Ed Minasian (59992) Ranked #60 all time

Biggest Gains:
Marky Mark (22640) went up 13 spots, he is ranked #14 all time now.
Laz Staz (82447) had an exceptional 6 months, he is up 11 spots from where he was before.
Bobby Heyman (99756) had the 3rd biggest increase in rank, he went up 10 spots to #13. He was also the most active with 43 fights!
Mike Hunt (39215) had significant increase in rank as well, with 9 spots up in total.

Next in line for Hall of Fame:

Marky Mark (22640)
Laz Staz (82447)
Mike Hunt (39215)

All time Legend:

Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) is just 9 points away from surpassing Gale as our best manager of all time, he will be #1 manager by the next update.
Dom Jaehnke (20196) moved into 3rd greatest of all time now, with 773 points
Gerbert Bryant (84742) moved into 4th greatest of all time now, with 773 points
David Brent (104382) unofficially retired from the game, he is ranked 8th all time.

This is the total list:

Gale Hawthorne (22636) 1200
Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) 1192
Dom Jaehnke (20196) 773
Gerbert Bryant (84742) 736
Mr Gutz (3074) 718
Boondock The Destroyer (503) 691
Pawel Ufcowski (52087) 595
David Brent (104382) 564
Alika Webb (62511) 553
Igor Psycho (6994) 522
Grumpy Bastard (102643) 497
Face Kicker (2965) 448
Bobby Heyman (99756) 396
Marky Mark (22640) 372
Brad O'Neil 371
John McGuirk (1306) 351
Grund McGrunderson (3341) 323
Paulie Walnuts (79001) 314
Laz Staz (82447) 311
Jebba . (61031) 310
Mike Hunt (39215) 308
Thor HGH (24686) 307
Richard Davenport (10647) 303
Andy McKenzie (101467) 289
Matt Cave (45538) 288
Gritty Smitty (1206) 286
Digga Dogman (91254) 275
Klatz Matz (46802) 272
Seppo Koskinen (2820) 266
Doug Heffernan (10852) 260
John Bravo (50889) 260
Jack Smith (7552) 251
Central Park Wigan (27741) 238
Choose Life (3393) 229
Blake Phoenix (105403) 229
Lance Templeton (889) 225
Per-Åke Fagerström (16051) 195
Trippin Balls (104409) 193
Bwang Jong Sr (91781) 188
Danil Ukolov (24760) 187
Mike Thomas (4733) 185
Randall McSweeny (14361) 183
Lusiphur Malache (21931) 172
Crippler Crippler4hm (1259) 170
Ned Soares (10845) 170
Carlos Castenada (84794)  169
Tycoon Legend (18883) 167
Brocc Ogan (26831) 165
Edward Banger (27943) 150
Abe Beasley (105249) 146
Jesse Wolf (33646) 145
Dee Hudge (22806) 140
Seppo Hovi (4232) 129
Runt . (108617) 127
Sammy Gentili (61839) 121
Zenaral Mänätzer (5415) 119
Gunzo Johnzo (3873) 116
Alex K. (84400) 113
Ed Minasian (59992) 111
Captain Spaulding (804) 105
09 Oct 18 - GAMMA: Menace Defoe HOF Induction
Managed by Whymer Van Mastodon, he is a former 205 champ with 12 title fights. His total of 20 title/super fights ranks him 7th and his total of 196 ranking points make him our 6th best fighter of all time. His biggest wins include Benjamin BK, Buzz Bixby, Ghazi Okah, Pena Pulkkinen, Grigol Pandahammer, Divock Origi.

The is the 5th fighter Whymer has in our HOF now, the only other manager to have 5 is Gale Hawthorne, our all time greatest manager for the time being (Whymer is #2 at the moment).

30 Sep 18 - GAMMA: Gunnar Steigelmann Most events ever!
Something ridiculous happened today, Gunnar Steigelmann (196145) has now become the all time leader in most events inside a GAMMA cage with 64! Raz Matazz is still ahead in total fights fighting as a GAMMA fighter (this includes all the fights he had outside of GAMMA as a super fighter), but Gunnar is going strong as could still break that record.
29 Sep 18 - GAMMA: September part 1 by James Isaac Abraham

Featherweight Title
Karol Mirowski v Selfie Lord

When former UGD featherweight champ Lord arrived in GAMMA, he was out of the championship scene, failing to regain his throne in UGD after 3 attempts and his GAMMA debut was a loss to Tony Ramos. Just when everyone was about to consider him as a mid-ranked fighter, he has emerged and is now a bulldozing his way atop the top 10 rankings. This was Lord’s first title match since Nov. 2017 and he’s earned it with 3 straight wins prior to the title match. He faced who was back then reigning champ and future hall of famer Karol Mirowski.

The match was splendid! The first round was absolutely a close one, where Mirowski got a slight edge in. The succeeding rounds were so close I didn’t really know who would win until the judges revealed their scores. Both fighters had almost the same gameplan and it have proved that they both can give us a good match. Striking was almost on par but there had to be a winner this time, and it was Lord who got the goddess of victory’s blessing.

Result: Selfie Lord wins featherweight title via Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Title
Jeff Gower v Katu Partio

Rumors have said that former GAMMA LW champ Gower is about to retire sooner or later. That is some real sad news but that doesn’t mean he’s taking a step down. In fact he’s been on fire winning 6 out of 7 matches prior to losing the belt to the reigning champ Partio. Partio on the other hand continues his push to the top 10 ladder and racking up wins against any contender. This time, they faced again for the second time around, Gower’s shot at redemption with the split decision loss, or Partio’s way of making a statement that he is the real winner.

Last time around, it was evident how great their defense was. It was hard for both fighters to get a clear shot, and it was really obvious to end in a decision. Two judges had the same opinion to choose Partio but the other judge voted a close call in favor of Gower. The same case happened in this match. Both were so evenly matched, but they were both a bit more accurate. Partio was more aggressive and varied his strikes more. Less time was also spent in the clinch this time.

For 5 rounds, both fighters went on and on, which made it very difficult to judge. In the end, it really was a tough call for everyone and the judges had different opinions. Despite Partio landing more strikes overall, match ended in a draw if we look at the scorecards.

Result: Katu Partio retains lightweight title, Draw


Welterweight Superfight
Pablo Maracon (GAMMA) v Pekka Pera (OFC)

We got ourselves a welterweight superfight in Pera v Maracon. Pera representing OFC has visited us to challenge our champion. Maracon was also a former UGD fighter and was bound to be in the title scene. His form continued on upon transferring to GAMMA and he’s finally sit in the top of the division, alongside his teammate Lao Shin. Pera on the other hand has also been on fire, being undefeated in OFC for quite some time. This was a match to boost into the top 10, and was a must win for both champions.

Both fighters are very well rounded in the striking game. Pera’s gameplan was to vary his striking and capitalize on his wrestling skills. He was looking into more TDs and clinches but Maracon was prepared for it as a fellow elite wrestler. Maracon on the other hand was more aggressive in striking and he had splendid ground defense, regaining control immediately after Pera succeeds with the takedowns. In this match, Maracon’s control of the flow was crucial in securing his win in this one. This puts Maracon in the top 10, winning via unanimous decision. Sources say that Maracon plans to move to 185 and let his teammate Shin take over the division. Some interesting things going on in the division.

Result: Pablo Maracon wins via Unanimous Decision

Super Heavyweight bout
FannyPack SissyPants vs Bubba Gumption

GAMMA: Contenders rising star SissyPants blasted his way into the rankings with his Contenders run. At the age of 32, he’s been making a statement and has arrived in GAMMA with an immediate right to challenge the former champ and future HoF Bubba.

Surprisingly, FannyPack had the intuition that he has a superior clinch game. Turns out, he was right. He is the superior clinch fighter. Right off the bat it was his gameplan and he pulled through with it. He destroyed Bubba in the clinch despite Bubba’s wrestling experience. SissyPants was dealing too much damage, causing Bubba to lose his form and getting finished.

Result: FannyPack SissyPants wins via 1st round TKO (Punches)


Super Heavyweight Title
Dustin Kruger vs Brandon Simmons

On top of the super heavyweight rankings lies the GAMMA champion Dustin Kruger. Prior to the match, Kruger has had 4 successful defenses and is en route to make a long run at the title after defeating GAMMA legend Bubba Gumption in GAMMA 710. The challenger Simmons on the other hand racked up wins upon acquisition by his new manager Balls Manager, going 3-1 prior to the match and earning the rights to the title match.

Kruger was expected to secure another KO in this match. However, Simmons was a worthy challenger and put on a well fought match, going back and forth for 5 rounds despite having a cut from the first round. The third round seemed like it was the end for Simmons but he held on to survive the round, eventually recovering.

It really was a tough call for the judges and all three had different opinions. In the end, match ended with a draw. An immediate rematch will took place tomorrow in GAMMA 734. Stay tuned.

Result: Dustin Kruger retains SHW title due to a Draw


Featherweight bout
Felix Legions vs Gareth Keenan

Gareth Keenan was recently acquired by manager Lance Templeton, thus keeping his competitive form and technique in check. He faces former Syn fighter Felix Legions who look to make a name in GAMMA since his arrival in August.

On a surface level perspective, Keenan has advantage in striking while Legions has the better ground game. It was evident in the match, as Keenan was more accurate and effective in striking. Legions successfully took down Keenan twice in the span of 3 rounds. In the ground, Keenan showed great ground defense and took the scorecards all 3 rounds. Dominant win by Gareth Keenan.

Result: Gareth Keenan wins via Unanimous Decision

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