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08 Jul 18 - GAMMA: June Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham
GAMMA: June Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham


Featherweight bout
Karol Mirowski vs Farboleus Ricard

For the co-main event of the night, we witnessed a possible contender spot at the 145 belt. The current 135 lbs champion Mirowski is on his way back to the 145 lbs title after losing it to the current champ Gareth Keenan (who by the way became a free agent after his manager’s retirement).

The match was a tightly contested one as both fighters have shown versatility in striking. Ricard was a bit more accurate but Mirowski had more strikes landed. Despite having 5 successful takedowns, Ricard was not able to capitalize with striking nor sub attempts given that Mirowski has excellent ground defense. Most of the takedowns came in the later parts of the round and some of which resulted in a referee standup.

This would’ve gone another way but 2 of 3 judges chose Mirowski. Great match!

Result: Mirowski wins via Split Decision

Middleweight Superfight
Saul Goodman vs Russel Tyrone Jones

Two of the top 3 middleweights clash in another episode of Synchronicity vs GAMMA superfights. In a battle of two champions, one shall prevail and Jones got it this time.

The match was full of close rounds, with a very close scorecard most of the time. It was very difficult to decide given that both fighters had great striking and both fighters were also aggressive. With more than 200 strikes for each competitor, the whole crowd was on fire! Jones had significantly more body punches but Goodman capitalized on leg striking. Despite the close rounds, a winner shall be chosen and the judges have selected Syn’s representative Jones with a win.

Sadly, the departure of Mr. David Brent resulted to the release of Saul Goodman. Hopefully the next manager keeps him in GAMMA and remains competitive until the end of his career. With this, Jones moves to the top 3 in P4P rankings while Goodman slides a bit to rank 19. I’d like to see another clash of these two soon.

Result: Jones wins via Unanimous Decision


Lightweight Title
Jeff Gower vs Randy Springs

The new guy Jeff Gower has taken over! Right after his arrival in GAMMA he has dominated the division since! The main event featured a rematch between former long running champ Randy Springs and the recently crowned Jeff Gower.

It’s surprising that this match was no close call at all. Randy Springs usually gets to outmatch and outclass his opponents but in this one, Gower did. The closely contested round 1 went to the former champ Springs but the rest of the match was all Gower. Striking was no far matchup but Gower’s clinch game was monstrous. Gower dominated the match with his clinchwork, not allowing Springs to capitalize. From round 2 until the end, Gower owned the match and earned the well deserved decision win.

Gower now solidifies his claim to the throne, with his rival Randy Springs becoming a free agent, no one knows who will be the rival or will Gower be dethroned by Partio soon. Let’s see how the division goes.

Result: Gower retains Lightweight Title via Unanimous Decision
22 Jun 18 - GAMMA: John McGuirk HOF Induction
John McGuirk (1306) is one of the original great GAMMA managers who competed for us in 2011 till around 2014. He is one of 2 managers (the other being Brad O'Neil) that can no longer be looked up (due to the system not recording fighters/managers who went inactive during that time) but still managed to make it to our HOF.

He is one of just 10 managers to ever have 2 or more fighters enter our HOF (those being Vladik Fedotov and Bill Belton).

His all time record in GAMMA is 53-32-2 with a total of 87 fights, however despite the high winning %, he was only involved in 1 title fight, so he made it to this HOF mostly due to his longevity and consistency.

He has accumulated a total of 351 ranking points which rank him as 14th on our all time best list.
21 Jun 18 - GAMMA: June Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham

Featherweight Title
Gareth Keenan vs Tony Ramos

The challenger Tony Ramos gets his 2nd shot at the belt after falling to Randy Springs back in GAMMA#701 while Gareth Keenan keeps his good form with his 4th title defense. Ramos has better ground offense but Keenan was ready for it. He blocked most of the takedowns (Ramos had 3 out of 17 TDs), clinches (Ramos had 1 out of 12) and kept control in the ground.

The champ just showed his class right there with efficient striking and good defense. Great challenger in Ramos, but the champ outclassed him this time. Two judges scored 48-47 while the other scored a 50-46 sweep.

Result: Gareth Keenan retains Featherweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Light Heavyweight Title
Ghazi Okah vs Menace Defoe

A rematch from the new formed rivalry between the two. Okah gets another shot at the GAMMA veteran Defoe after winning 2 straight matches and earning his right to the belt. Defoe on the other hand returns from a superfight loss against the top ranked LHW Beznisko in CEC 589.

In their last outing, Defoe got the W in a closely contested showdown between the two. This time, it was Okah who was more aggressive and confident landing more strikes with higher efficiency. In the first 3 rounds, it was all Okah dominating and showing his class in offense and defense. However, Defoe evolved in rounds 4 and 5 trying to stage a comeback. A champ really never backs down. Defoe got the last 2 rounds but it wasn’t enough given that Okah had the early advantage. Great fight, new champion. I want a third match.

Result: Ghazi Okah wins Light Heavyweight Title via Unanimous Decision

Lightweight Title
Jeff Gower vs Ray Malenko

The former UGD champ wasted no time heading over to GAMMA and took over the belt immediately. Sitting on his new throne, he faces a former TWGC champ in Malenko.

The challenger Malenko is an excellent grappler and obviously this would be his key weapon in the match. However, Gower was ready and he used his advantages to his strength. He dominated the standup game and was aggressive in the clinch. Malenko was not able to do anything at all in the ground because of Gower’s escapes and defense. Excellent display of class and technique by Gower. I expect him to have a good title run in GAMMA.

With this, Gower is now back into the top 10 P4P rankings while Malenko falls off the top 100. Let’s see if Malenko gets another shot soon.

Result: Jeff Gower retains Lightweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Super Heavyweight TItle
Dustin Kruger vs Callum Pagnozzi

When Bubba Gumption fell to Kruger in GAMMA#710, we knew this guy was the real deal. Another former UGD champ taking over right here in GAMMA. His first defense was against a veteran in Pagnozzi who won 4 straight prior to the match.

Pagnozzi’s strategy this time was to take it to the ground landing 3 good takedowns but Kruger escapes all of them easily. Kruger knew he would win the standup game and it was evident as he landed almost all of his strikes. All those strikes coming from Kruger was too much for Pagnozzi’s granite chin. The 29 year old champ Kruger kept coming and Pagnozzi couldn’t hold on early in the 2nd round.

Result: Dustin Kruger retains Super Heavyweight Title via 2nd round TKO


Middleweight Bout
Razmig Grigorian vs Yoshihiro Asai

In this bout, newcomer Razmig Grigorian (2nd fight in GAMMA) faces a long time GAMMA fighter in Yoshihiro Asai. Grigorian keeps rampaging through the rankings with 15 straight wins with his only loss way back in his debut match. At an early age of 25, he has climbed up to top 18 P4P. Such a promising young fighter. Asai on the other hand is still finding his way up the top of the rankings with ups and downs in his previous bouts. He looks to find his way up with a win against a higher ranked Grigorian.

In my opinion it was a closely contested match and in my opinion it was a battle to the end. Striking was almost on par and both fighters had good defense. Both fighters were breathing heavily in the 3rd but their determination to win was evident despite that. Epic match and I believe they are to face each other sometime soon.

In the end, Grigorian got the W with 2 judges scoring 30:27 while the other scored a draw. With this, Grigorian might have earned his shot at the title. This won’t be easy as the champ sitting on the throne is the future hall of famer Saul Goodman. Let’s see.

Result: Grigorian wins via Unanimous Decision

Welterweight Title
Musta Laine vs Tim Pierno

Two 34 year old veterans Laine and Pierno face each other again for the 3rd time. Their long running rivalry has finally come to a title match where it matters most. With 1-1 in their previous matches, a win here will settle this rivalry once and for all. In their first outing, Pierno had a quick submission win in the 1st round. The next match was a dominant win by Laine via Unanimous Decision.

This time, Laine was more aggressive with a whole lot more strikes landed. Laine was all over Pierno this time even taking Pierno down 3 times. Pierno kept trying to get good position in the ground and his 7 attempts were all blocked by Laine while landing a significant number of ground strikes. Laine showed how it is to be a champion, depriving the challenger Pierno of his first GAMMA title. It was a dominant win for the champ, all judges scoring 50:45. Pierno needs a win streak if he wants a fourth episode of their rivalry. Let’s see how he does.

Result: Musta Laine retains Welterweight Title via Unanimous Decision
08 Jun 18 - GAMMA: Stanly Williams HOF Induction
Stanly Williams (174422) Stats

Highest rank = 20
Total Wins in GAMMA = 31
Title Fights = 9
Fight of the Night awards = 7
Total points = 173
Biggest wins = Robin Yount, Tim Pierno, Lao Shin, Ray Lewis, Rufus McTearson x3, Ilya Mstislav Volkov x2

Stanly is a former 170lbs champion, he was managed by 3 managers in his career, his most successful by far was under Grumpy Bastard.

His total of 173 points ranks him as the 8th best fighter in our history, he also had one of the longest careers fighting until the age of 44, he had a total of 53 fights inside GAMMA which is 7th all time and 2nd among 170lbs fighters.

But it was not only volume, he also had some major wins. In fact he basically beat the who's who in the division with massive wins over former champs or contenders including Robin Yount, Tim Pierno, Lao Shin, Ray Lewis, Rufus McTearson x3, Ilya Mstislav Volkov x2 among others. Maybe the only win that eluded him was against the great Renan St Juste (he had just one fight that he lost).
07 Jun 18 - GAMMA: Happy 9th Birthday!
I am proud to announce that 9 years ago to this day we held our very first event! Thanks to everyone who participated in this journey!
05 Jun 18 - GAMMA: May Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham

Middleweight Bout
Razmig Grigorian vs Rupert Blasts

Grigorian has been on fire as of late. The former Daredevils MMA Middleweight Champion has never lost a fight since his first and only loss in his MMA debut. He’s now moved up to a bigger competition by joining GAMMA. In turn, he faced GAMMA veteran in Rupert Blasts who keeps running around the top 100-200 P4P, waiting for his shot at the title.

Grigorian’s KO power is devastating with 13 out of his 14 wins were finished by KO. Rupert’s chin was no joke but Grigorian managed to KO him in just 2 rounds. Grigorian’s efficient and deadly strikes got him the KO. Blasts got rocked in the first round and that may have affected the rest of the match.

With this, Grigorian breaks through the top 25 P4P. Great fighter and we must keep an eye on him.

Result: Grigorian by 2nd round TKO

Welterweight Superfight
Musta Laine (GAMMA) vs Euphegen Doubdtfire (CEC)

Another treat for us MMA fans as we get to witness a top level superfight in another GAMMA vs CEC superfight. GAMMA welterweight champ Musta Laine faced the reigning CEC featherweight and bantamweight champ Euphegen Doudbtfire. This is the first time that these future legends have faced each other.

We don’t always get a chance to see two well rounded fighters go against each other. In the match, Doubdtfire was more aggressive and accurate in striking all throughout, getting more strikes thrown and landed. Doubdtfire controlled the match with a balance of striking and ground tactics, giving him the judges’ nod. Another key factor right there was the clinch game which Euphegen won this time. Laine was the more aggressive ground fighter, with near sub attempts that just did not pull through. In the end, there is always a winner and Euphegen got the unanimous victory.

Doubdtfire stands tall at #2 P4P falling behind Kimbo while Laine will look to defend his title once again sooner or later.

Result: Doubdtfire by Unanimous Decision


Superheavyweight Title
Bubba Gumption vs Dustin Kruger

After a loss to the top P4P fighter Kimbo Slice, Gumption defended his title against the challenger Kruger. Kruger has been to different top level organizations and he has now landed in GAMMA looks to grab the belt against Gumption. With the surge in rankings, and defeating the former champ Gerbert Bryant, Kruger has earned his right to the title in just his 2nd match in GAMMA.

It was a very slow paced match as both fighters looked to get the best opportunity. The match was closely contested until Kruger got the finish. Round 1 was so close and most likely was won by Gumption despite being knocked down by Kruger. Gumption quickly retaliates and won the round instead. The second round was more of Kruger. The 3rd ended early in favor of Kruger after a wonderful knockdown and finish. Kruger’s head strikes played a huge role in this one as it broke through Gumption’s chin.

Kruger handed Gumption his 2nd straight loss, putting him down to #48 P4P. Kruger gets a significant boost to #16 P4P. I’d expect a rematch sooner or later.

Result: Kruger wins Super Heavyweight Title via 3rd round Submission (Strikes)


Middleweight Title
Saul Goodman vs Hector Verama

The most awaited rematch between these two great fighters have come so quickly. The match that ended via Draw needed to be done as soon as possible for closure.

As expected, it was another one hell of a good match. A close one too. Striking skills were evident for both fighters, and we could see that their chins are also hard as hell going through the full length of the match. Even I wouldn’t be sure who won that given that they were almost equal in the match. However, Goodman may have took some more points on his clinch attempts defended and his slightly more aggressive striking. Excellent cage control there by the champ. I bet it was really hard for the judges to decide but in the end, the champ got the nod.

Result: Goodman retains Middleweight Title via Split Decision

CEC 589

Light Heavyweight Superfight
Menace Defoe (GAMMA) vs Sergey Beznisko (CEC)

Another episode of the GAMMA vs CEC rivalry and in CEC 589 we featured GAMMA LHW champ Defoe going against CEC LHW champ Beznisko. Beznisko comes with a great win against Evil Nixon in the star studded event Supernova VIII and shortly after he faces a future legend in Menace Defoe. Both were ranked the top 2 LHW fighters in the world and an exciting match is surely in the books.

The match was going how Beznisko exactly wanted it to be. His great grappling and ground game gave him the edge and all he needed to do was time his clinch and TD attempts. All in all, Beznisko successfully took down Defoe 5 times, clinched Defoe 9 times, and had more strikes landed. Smart play by the CEC champ, defeating the legend Defoe.

Beznisko’s 2 recent wins has boosted him way up, and is now back to #4 P4P. Defoe slides down to #17 P4P, garnering only his 5th loss at age 32. Both champs now head back to their home organizations to defend their respective titles. I’d want a rematch sooner or later between these two.

Result: Beznisko via Unanimous Decision
28 May 18 - GAMMA: Most all time top 100
This month we broke our all time record for top 100 ranked fighters with 23, we also broke our record for most total top 200 fighters with 37 (one is in our affiliate orgs).
26 May 18 - GAMMA: Bobby Heyman HOF Induction
Bobby Heyman (99756) HOF Induction

GAMMA Career

Top Rank #15
Started fighting: 2015-01-10 (Still actively fighting)
Record: 45-28-1
Title fights: 7
HOF Fighters: 1
Total Points: 278

Bobby Heyman is one of the most consistent performers in GAMMA history. His 61% win ratio is extremely high, especially within our organization. Bobby has been somewhat unlucky to not have more champions in our history, but mostly that came down to some unlucky results at the very top of the GAMMA ladder.

His most famous fighter is Julien Touret, a top ranking 265+lbs fighter with a long and storied career, who recently became a full member of our Hall of Fame.

Bobby has accumulated a total of 278 points and that ranks him as our #23 best manager in our history and it is expected that by the next update he will shoot up the rankings, it is expected he could be ranked as high as #17 by the summer of 2018.

Bobby has also played a vital role in development of the GAMMA brand, he has participated in work in our affiliate system and is current owner and CEO of GAMMA: Contenders. He has taken that organization from 80 fighters to almost double that number ever since taking over, so his participation in GAMMA goes beyond just the fighting game.
24 May 18 - GAMMA: May Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham
May Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham


Lightweight Title

Randy Springs vs Ray Malenko

Two world class lightweights met each other for the first time in their careers. Before entering the match, both fighters were on a dominant win streak, Springs with 5 and Malenko with 6. This was a well earned title shot for the challenger Malenko, who when reunited his former manager Bobby Heyman rose the ranks in GAMMA Contenders and a 3 fight win streak in GAMMA before facing the defending champ Randy Springs.

The match was dominated by the champion. All throughout the 5 rounds, Springs was his usual self. Efficient striking, excellent defense and overall technique. Malenko did his best to bring it to the ground where he had a better chance but Springs knew that and prevented it from happening. Near the end of the 5th round, Malenko desperately tried to end it with a submission but still no good. Springs gets away with the scorecards.

Springs has been unstoppable since being acquired by manager David Brent. His only losses were only to Matthew Ridgeway who he then defeated in GAMMA#696 to reclaim the throne. His current run stands at 13-2 since January 2017 and currently ranked 1 in lightweights and 6 P4P.

Winner: Randy Springs retains Lightweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Featherweight Title

Gareth Keenan vs Karol Mirowski

In the third outing of this new found rivalry between Keenan and Mirowski, each fighter sought out to get the win over the other as they have each scored a match in their last 2 encounters. Both entering the match as top 5 featherweights, a good match was expected indeed.

This time, the story was different. Keenan was more aggressive while Mirowski was more of the defensive. Mirowski patiently waited for a big opening but Keenan took advantage of that gameplan. Keenan landed around 150 strikes while Mirowski had only around 20. He was very accurate with his striking making sure that he keeps control of the standup game. The strategy paid off as he circled Mirowski with various strikes to get the judge’s nod all 5 rounds.

This win keeps Keenan atop the featherweight rankings and back into the top 10 P4P while Mirowski slides out of the top 100. Losing 4 of his past 7 matches, Mirowski will need to get back in rhythm if he wants to get a shot again.

Winner: Gareth Keenan retains Featherweight Title via Unanimous Decision


Super Heavyweight bout

Hennan Hoyce vs Callum Pagnozzi

Entering the match as an underdog, Pagnozzi defeated the odds. Hoyce, ranked 30 P4P was en route to another KO win with his 100% KO win record. Pagnozzi displayed great accuracy and defense partnered with his granite chin brought him into a favorable position, knocking the chin out of the older and former champ Hennan Hoyce. The big knockdown in the early minutes shook Hoyce’s composure and with 5 seconds left in the round, he just did not make the bell.

Pagnozzi gets a significant boost in rankings and few steps closer to the belt. He’ll probably be in the title scene sooner or later. Hoyce is now 2-3 in his last 5 matches and needs to pick it up to get another shot soon.

Winner: Callum Pagnozzi via 1st round TKO


Lightweight Title

Randy Springs vs Jeff Gower

In just 2 weeks after successfully defending his title against Malenko, Springs steps up to once again defend his title for the third time. This time, he faces a former champ in Jeff Gower. Jeff Gower is no stranger in the championship scene given his success in Ascension and his long career in UGD. After losing the belt to Fook Man, he took his talents to GAMMA and gets a title shot in his GAMMA debut.

With no surprise, it was a hell of a good match. At first glance you would’ve expected Springs to dominate in the match with his advantage in all disciplines but Gower surprised him. The match proceeded to be mainly a clinch showdown between both fighters. With more than 100 strikes thrown in the clinch, no fighter was backing down. In the end, it was a very close call to make and Gower went away with the W.

Winner: Jeff Gower wins Lightweight Title via Split Decision

Middleweight Title

Saul Goodman vs Hector Verama

The streaking Goodman with 8 straight wins faced the challenger Hector Verama with 4 straight wins, earning his spot at the title scene again. Verama’s fallen to Defoe twice in the 205 division and now moved down to 185 to eventually face the champ Goodman.

Almost evenly matched in standup skills, it was indeed a great match and worthy of a main event. Both fighters traded blows with almost equivalent numbers and you wouldn’t who would win until the end of the bell. Nearing the end of the bell, Verama was on the verge of winning after scoring a big takedown. With his superior BJJ he could’ve submitted Goodman but the champ kept his guard and defended the subs successfully. After 5 great rounds, 3 judges had varying opinions with 47-48 48-48 and 48-47 giving the match a draw. Great match for both fighters. We can expect a rematch soon.

Result: Draw. Goodman retains Middleweight Title.
06 May 18 - GAMMA Breaking records
I am proud to announce that GAMMA is at it's peak as an organization, we have never been this dominant in our history. I have been recording our general progress ever since August 13 (we launched in May 2009).

This is the first time we have had 5 top 10 ranked fighters, those being:

Bubba "Shrimpin" Gumption (273905)
Gareth Keenan "Investigates" (272458)
Saul "Slip The Jab" Goodman (271572)
Randy "Fuckn" Springs (258713)
Menace Defoe (268296)

We have a total of 23 top 100 ranked fighters as well (also a personal best), with over 100 fighters ranked in the top 1000. In fact, if you calculate all the top 1000 ranked fighters we have in our affiliate orgs as well, the figure is over 140 fighters.

Thanks to everyone for their contribution.

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