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19 May 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 589
Co-Main Event
155lbs : Volya Nikolaev vs Koh Ibu

Volya Nikolaev recently bounced back from losing the 155lbs title with an incredibly impressive submission victory over newcomer Lee Sang Seok. It was an amazing 17th submission win for Nikolaev in his career and he would love nothing more than to make it number 18 when he faces off with another fresh face to the CEC ranks. It would certainly put him back into the title scenario and earn him a much desired rubber match with Shogun Iron Tyson. But he knows he needs to think about the man in front of him first and cannot be thinking about what lies further down the road until he takes care of his immediate business in the cage.

Koh Ibu makes his CEC debut against the former CEC champion knowing that a win on his first outing would be a massive statement and would earn him a fast track to the title fight that every fighter craves. It wonít be easy, after all it is a former champion he has to get past but his skills are there for all to see and his confidence is high after an impressive win at the recent Supernova event. Itís hard to see any weaknesses in his game as he has evolved into what looks like the perfect fighter. Does he have the talent to go to the very top of the game? This fight could give us an indicataion of that.

Main Event
205lbs : Sergey Beznisko vs Menace Defoe

Sergey Beznisko looks to continue his reign of terror in the 205 division on his return to CEC after his very successful stop at Supernova VIII where he earned himself a unanimous decision victory in his fight with SYN champion, Evil Nixon. Before that he had won back his title from Ras Li Judah, the man who had taken it from him previously. That was followed with a successful defence against Hyryx Dall. Now he is back in the CEC cage but on superfight duty again as he welcomes the GAMMA light heavyweight champion to his home turf and he has absolutely no intention of letting an outsider come to his patch and beat him.

Defoe believes he has what it takes to come to our cage and upset our fans by taking out our champion at 205lbs. That is most definitely easier said than done though and he will have his work cut out to take the victory here. He is on a 5 fight win streak since his defeat to Alex John Conor Burns, a man who Beznisko has bested not once but twice by knockout in his impressive CEC run. Defoe is capable of taking the win here, more than capable in fact. A single loss in his last 13 fights has included wins over some very impressive names and adding Beznisko to that list would be huge, a career defining moment could lie ahead for the GAMMA light heavyweight champion as he pursues the dream of becoming the best 205er on the planet.
09 May 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 587
Co-Main Event
135lbs : Jesus Chico Grande vs Leonardo Da Silva

Now this is a fight that has ďFight of the NightĒ written all over it. Jesus Chico Grande earned a majority decision win in his CEC debut when he faced off against former title challenger, Diagoro Yabaisama. That win provided him with a surge up the rankings and has him only a single win away from his own shot at the 135lbs strap. 13 wins in 16 professional bouts gives you an idea of what he is capable of. 11 of those wins have been stoppages via his striking skills, so we certainly know heís not afraid to throw down. Heís looking to keep this fight standing for sure as he definitely holds the advantage in that area and on the ground he knows he isnít on the same level as his opponent. He will be desperate to get the win here and possibly go on to join some of his training partners in adding his name to the list of CEC champions.

Leonardo Da Silva is standing on the verge of greatness at the tender age of 25. Considered as one of the best fighters around at the moment, thatís not surprising when you see him in action. A solitary loss in his career was avenged in the rematch immediately and he hasnít looked like dropping another since. His CEC debut ended well with a unanimous decision victory over the incredibly talented Eliitti Paavo and now he is determined to get back in there and make it 2 wins from 2 fights. He may not be as well versed in the striking department as Grande but he is the more well rounded of the fighters with his sound stand up and phenomenal ground game. He has shown his potential in all areas in his career with wins by knockout and submission but itís definitely on the mat that he holds a distinct advantage here. This is going to be one hell of a fight!

Main Event
265lbs : Pena Pulkkinen vs Jean Paul Garcon

Pena Pulkkinen joins our heavyweight division after a stint on the sidelines since the departure of Underground from the tycooniverse. Before they closed their doors he put together a 3 fight win streak so he is riding high on confidence on his arrival and will look to bring that to the CEC cage on his debut. He wonít have a nice and easy introduction to life here though as he has to face a fighter who has held the championship belt on more than one occasion. It shouldnít phase someone as talented as he is though and with 29 fights under his belt already, he should be accustomed to the pressures the fight game brings. His elite level striking should definitely go down well with the fans and if he puts on the type of displays he has in the past he should become a favourite in no time at all.

That former champion I mentioned is none other than heavyweight superstar, Jean Paul Garcon. When you talk about elite level striking then you have to think of this guy, he could have wrote the book on such a topic. He recently got back to winning ways after he had suffered back to back defeats. That win came against another debutant in Devin Skrumbellos and it was a technical knockout in the second round. A repeat performance here would be a very welcome outcome for Garcon and he would be more than happy to show another new face that he is the man to beat if you want to make it to the top. In fact, another win for him puts him back in line for yet another chance to bring that title back to Paris and Iím sure he would love nothing more than to make that happen. A thrilling main event lies ahead.
04 May 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 586
Co-Main Event
205lbs : Alex John Conor Burns vs Ras Li Judah

The rematch is on! After a hard fought draw last time out, we get the opportunity to see who is the best 205er out of these 2 warriors. Burns was adamant he won the first encounter and wasnít willing to allow any other fight to be made until he proved to the world that he should have been awarded the decision. So now he has his chance to do just that. Itís safe to say that the opening round of that fight belonged to Burns and according to him, the second round was also a fairly open and shut case for him as well. This was the round that split the judges though with all 3 seeing it slightly differently, one for Burns, one for Judah and one saw it as even. The disappointment for Burns was that he had his opponent in all sorts of trouble when he cut and rocked him in the middle round but just couldnít finish the job. This time he may be a bit more ruthless which could prove decisive by either earning him the finish or leave him open for Judah to counter.

Judah is in the same boat. He knows he lost the opening round and he knows he took the final round, itís just the one in between that leaves the result up for debate. So for him, winning the rematch in convincing fashion will leave all discussions of who won first time around null and void. A draw is never a satisfying result for a fighter, it leaves a feeling of unfinished business. Well now we get to see it being finished when we get the fighters back to do it all again. Judah showed great heart and determination in the first fight, he was in trouble but he came through the other side and indeed finished the fight stronger than he started it. Maybe this time if he gets hurt a little earlier he will have more time to really put his stamp on the fight and come away with the win.

Main Event
265lbs Title : Ueda Umanouke vs Matt Hunt

Ueda Umanouke has continued to go from strength to strength since his arrival here making it 4 wins in a row since debuting at CEC 571. After previously disposing of 2 former champions he proceeded to take out Silas Monk in the opening round of their contest and with that became the new heavyweight champion. Now his job is to defend that belt in a very talent rich division and his first challenger is certainly no pushover. We are now at a point though where Ueda outstriking fighters who on paper have the better stand up isnít really a surprise anymore. So despite yet again looking like the best chance to win would be on the ground, we fully expect Umanouke to once again go for the kill on the feet in his first title defence attempt.

Matt Hunt will have studied the champion to try and figure out how he can take the belt from him in his first shot at the title after a total of 21 fights here. This is his second stint at CEC and he has looked incredibly dangerous since making his return, stopping each of his opponents and performing very impressively in those fights. He got pretty close to title contention a few times in the past but this time he has the opportunity to become the king of the division right in front of him, all he has to do now is reach out and take it. A massive 29 knockout wins are the proof that he is capable of doing just that. A highly anticipated main event is sure to have everyone on the edge of their seats but only time will tell who is the fighter that will be walking out as the champion.
02 May 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 585
Co-Main Event
155lbs Title : Shogun Iron Tyson vs Tyler Durden

Recently crowned lightweight champion Shogun Iron Tyson makes his first defence of his title in this, his second reign. First time around he failed to defend the belt and lost it to Jolly Leg Byrd via split decision. He has looked a much more confident fighter recently and racked up win number three in a row when he took the title from Volya Nikolaev in a unanimous decision win. A tough test lies ahead of him here though and he will have to be at his very best if he wants exorcise his demons and successfully defend his belt this time. His record shows that his knockout win and his decision win tally are very similar but it may be his ability to grind out results that will be the difference against a fighter that has never suffered a knockout.

Tyler Durden finally gets the title shot his fans have been screaming out for. A loss on his CEC debut was followed up with a trio of wins but a setback was on the cards when he faced the future champion, Volya Nikolaev, a unanimous decision defeat being the outcome. However, he has bounced back in tremendous fashion stringing together another impressive run, this time a 4 fight win streak. He has become a bit of a decision master in his run here and his ability to outscore his opponents make him a tricky fighter to come up against. This will surely be his strategy again in this fight as he comes up against a man who has been stopped only once in 58 fights. This one certainly looks like it will go the distance so letís hope we have some competent judges in the arena.

Main Event
185lbs : Dasha Karimov vs Steve Belliveau

Dasha Karimov got back to winning ways with a second round technical knockout of Cole Orion. It was a welcome return to form after back to back defeats at the hands of current middleweight champion, Zeus Obliteratii. Now he is looking to add another victory to his CEC record when two former 185lbs champions face of in this intriguing headliner. Dasha also wants to earn a little revenge for his training buddy, Jay Gatsby, who lost to Belliveau recently via decision. As well as revenge, a win here would throw his name back into the hat of possible title contenders and the idea of a third fight with Zeus would certainly grab his interest.

Steve Belliveau has found himself on a nice little run of late, making it a third win on the trot with the aforementioned victory over Jay Gatsby. A fairly ordinary looking 6-5 record since joining CEC is quite deceptive as his fights have all been against top of the food chain fighters and like Karimov he looks to be just another win away from that title fight he so desperately craves again. His last defeat was actually to the current champion so getting that shot again is something he wants to get for more than one reason. Steve knows he has the power in his hands to stop his opponent, that power along with the fact that Karimov has a few knockout losses on his record will fill him with confidence. A thoroughly entertaining main event is definitely what lies ahead.
25 Apr 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 584
Co-Main Event
265lbs : DJ Maximus vs Pierre St. Georges

DJ Maximus is undoubtedly a talented fighter, so far in his CEC career he has just lacked consistency but he will be looking to change all that starting with his fight against Pierre St. Georges. His defeats in our org have both been in title fights to elite level fighters in Jean Paul Garcon and Silas Monk so itís not like he is losing to nobodies. He also holds a knockout win over his opponents training partner, Richard Kuklinsky so that will boost his confidence ahead of this bout. He knows he is capable of knocking out anyone with his unbelievable punching power and he also knows that St. Georges chin can be got to. He just needs to go in and do the business and get his career back on track with a win.

Pierre St. Georges is out for blood and out for a little bit of that sweet sweet revenge for his buddy. He also needs to get back in the win column after back to back losses in his last two fights. Before those defeats he had won the title after putting together a nice little run and looked as though he could be the guy that would hold onto the belt for a good period of time. The fight game is tough though and youíre only as good as your last fight. So for Pierre a win is essential to keep him near the top of the division and in the hunt for a shot at that title again in the future. He has shown that his striking ability is up there with the best of them and it only takes one punch from these big fighters. Maximus has been stopped by strikes 14 times in his career, Pierre really wants to have increased that number to 15 by the time this fighter is over.

Main Event
185lbs Title : Zeus Obliteratii vs Edward Stoker

Zeus Obliteratii gets his chance to avenge his loss at CEC 538 when he steps into the cage to face Edward Stoker. This time he has much more to lose as he puts his 185lbs title on the line against the man who outpointed him in all three rounds in their previous meeting. The current champion will feel that he has progressed as a fighter since that day though and that he now utilises his skills much more effectively as a result. Knowing that he has something to prove to the world and to himself will only spur him on and drive him towards getting a different result and retaining his title. On paper he looks the more complete fighter but as we know in this sport, nothing can happen.

Stoker on the other hand knows he has what it takes to win against this opponent, he has done it before and it was a fairly convincing decision when they met before. But every fighter knows that each and every time you step into the cage you have to prove yourself all over again and thats what Stoker aims to do. He also knows how to win a title as he has held the CEC belt on two previous occasions and now looks to make it a third successful time he has taken the belt from someone in our org. In fact, he has succeeded in winning 7 title fights in his time with us which is incredible considering the talent that currently resides in his division. If he does walk away with the belt after this fight then he will be throwing his name firmly into contention as possibly the best 185lbs fighter in CEC history.
22 Apr 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 583
Co-Main Event
265lbs : Andrey Kusnetcov vs Matt Hunt

In the Co-Main Event we have a heavyweight fighter making his debut on the card called Andrey Kuznetcov and he arrives loaded with potential. He comes with a 16-2 record with 13 of those wins coming by way of his sensational striking ability which certainly makes him a man to take notice of. We hear that he has a solid ground game as well but he prefers to stand up and throw his hands until the fight is over and done with. This will obviously make him a popular fighter with fans who love nothing more than to see fists flying, blood spilling and knockouts happening. Hopefully he hasnít bitten off a bit more than he can chew with his first opponent though, he will have to use every last bit of his fantastic skills to come up with a debut win.

Matt Hunt has got his second stint at CEC off to a flyer with 2 stoppage wins in 2 fights since his return. His first time around may have ended with a fairly average 10-8 record but the comeback wins he now holds over Maki Pulu and Nova Zigaman has got tongues wagging and people are excited to see where he can go this time around. A third win in a row would definitely lead to the upper echelons of the heavyweight division and his name would all of a sudden be mentioned in title fight discussions. He now looks to add the newcomer Kuznetcov to his list of beaten foes to make that leap to the next level. He has the power to end the fight early but will have to be wary as his opponent also holds that card as well. This could be all about who strikes first rather than any technical ability that is possessed.

Main Event
265lbs : Devin Skrumbellos vs Jean Paul Garcon

Devin Skrumbellos is a new face in the heavyweight division that the CEC audience should be getting very excited about. He arrives with a record of 26-11 and all 26 of his wins have come as a result of knockout/technical knockout, a massive 21 of his stoppage wins have been in the opening round. His world class striking is definitely something to stand back and admire unless of course you are in the cage with him because if you do that then itís an early night for you. His debut may be against a tough fighter but Skrumbellos is not even slightly concerned by this and knows if he performs to his best then it doesnít matter who is across the cage from him. A debut win drops him right smack in the middle of the championship picture. Great risk but with great reward in front of him.

Garcon is that tough opponent I mentioned. He may be coming off back to back defeats but he is a former champion here and he definitely has the heart of one for sure. He has beaten many of the best fighters around and his defeats in CEC have only been to the truly elite in the weightclass. In fact in his last 2 losses, one was the loss of his title and the other was to the current champion so there is no shame in them. He will be looking to bounce back big here though and although he knows his foe is a knockout specialist, he also knows he can and has been knocked out himself before. This looks to be the key to the fight as both have the power to end it at any time. The most important thing for Garcon is to stop the slide asap, another loss would not be a welcome outcome for him.
18 Apr 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 582
Co-Main Event
265lbs : Richard Kuklinsky vs Samson Wade

Richard Kuklinsky arrives at CEC with a 12-3 record, 11 of those wins coming via knockout so we know he has power in his hands. A talented stand up fighter, his skills look like they are of the standard that will take him to the top of the division in due course. An ever evolving fighter he may be but his bread and butter is clearly seen on the feet and adding another victim to his knockout list is always on his mind. He now has the opportunity to announce his arrival on the biggest stage when he finally steps into the CEC cage for his debut and fans are eager to see what he will bring to the table in an already exciting and incredibly talented heavyweight division.

Samson Wade is the fighter that will get to welcome Kuklinsky to the cage, Wade himself will only be making his third appearance in our prestigious organisation, his previous two fights sadly have not went his way having been stopped by strikes in both encounters. Taking the positives though you can see that both defeats were to guys that have held gold here, his loss to Jean Paul Garcon was actually for the title since he arrived as the number 1 heavyweight from Aggressive Damage and Timur Rubin was a previous champion also. Now more than anything he wants to stop the slide and get back into the winners circle so he can start the climb back towards the top. He knows he faces a dangerous striker but holding 22 knockout wins of his own proves that he can hang with anyone on the feet and he certainly wont be afraid to trade blows when this bout gets underway. This one could be a blink and youll miss it kind of fight, an early stoppage for either fighter wouldnt be a huge surprise.

Main Event
265lbs Title : Silas Monk vs Ueda Umanouke

Silas Monk has only lost twice in his CEC career. Both of those were to the same fighter, Pierre St. Georges. He avenged those defeats when he stopped his foe right at the start of the second round in their third fight due to strikes and with that he also took home the heavyweight title. A successful first defence would follow with a first round stoppage of DJ Maximus, again via strikes. Now he moves on to his second defence against a dangerous opponent but will feel he has the stand up skills to earn another knockout win. With 23 of his 24 career wins ending that way it would be hard to imagine he wouldnt be looking for the big finish again. He definitely holds the advantage there so will be happy if the fight stays on the feet.

Ueda Umanouke has surprised many in his short time with us and doesnt plan on stopping his role of underdog that pulls off the upset any time soon. Stopping Jean Paul Garcon by strikes in the very first round of their encounter made it a third win in a row with us and also put a second former CEC heavyweight champion on his list of names he holds victories over. This time its not a former champion he faces but the current king of the division. Will that make a difference? Or has a new era dawned on us? The era of The Yatomi Brawl. We know he is capable in the stand up but will we get to see this awesome ground game that we hear so much about since he is in there with a very dangerous knockout specialist? All these questions will be answered once these warriors step into our cage for this highly anticipated showdown.
11 Apr 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 581
Co-Main Event
205lbs : Alex John Conor Burns vs Ras Li Judah

Burns is back and people are sitting up and taking notice. Having lost the title to the current champion, Sergey Beznisko, as well as the rematch and then a disappointing third loss in four fights when he was outpointed by Alex Asztolas he was at a low point in his career. He didnt let it keep him down though as he returned with back to back wins and found himself climbing back up to the division summit yet again. centerNow he faces Ras Li Judah, the man who just dropped the title to that man Beznisko in his last fight. Burns now has the opportunity to get back to championship fights while denting the hopes and dreams of his fellow contender. His ability on the feet is scary but so too is that of his opponent, his ground game may be not as good but its incredibly hard to get the man down there so he probably isnt that concerned by it. As I said right at the start, Burns is back. Now he just has to keep that momentum going to back to where he wants to be, the very top.

Judah arrived at CEC preparing for the possibility of facing Burns immediately. As the Aggressive Damage champion he was promised the title shot on his debut to unify the belts and although Beznisko was the champion when he signed, the rematch between Beznisko and Burns had already been scheduled so he didnt know who he would be facing as yet. So at CEC 564 a very interested Judah was ready and waiting to enter the cage to face off with whoever won the fight. It was Beznisko who claimed the victory again so it was he and Judah for the title and the fight with Burns never happened, until now that is. Its not like years have passed and we have been waiting for it forever but when you have two guys this good narrowly missing each other, their paths almost crossing but just not quite meeting in the middle, you start to wonder if it will transpire. But here we are, a matter of hours from a fantastic Co-Main Event. Judah having tasted his first CEC loss is looking to get back in the win column and set up another fight for the title against the winner of the headliner on this very card.

Main Event
205lbs Title : Sergey Beznisko vs Hyryx Dall

Sergey Beznisko was once again crowned the CEC 205lbs champion when he got his revenge over Ras Li Judah with a stoppage in round number 4 in his last fight. He had lost his crown to Judah in their previous encounter but was determined he would not go 0-2 against him and pulled out all the stops to ensure his victory. That win took his record here to 8-2 as well as putting the belt back around his waist. A third fight could very well be on the cards in the future but at this moment in time his focus is firmly on his next challenge against Hyryx Dall. On paper these two fighters look as evenly matched as you could get, their skills could possibly end up neutralising one another when it comes to fight night. Although they have a similar record, Beznisko has been there and done it as far as the title goes and he will look to use that experience to his advantage in what is sure to be a great fight.

Hyryx Dall has been in this position before. Last time he challenged for the title was when he took on then champion, Ras Li Judah. Judah had just taken the belt from tonights opponent for Dall and in his first defence made quick work of Hyryx, ending it early in the opening round. Lessons have been learned since then and a first round submission win in his next fight was a nice bounce back and a reminder to fans what he can do. While both fighters hold a black belt in bjj, Dall has been the one to show those skills in his career as he has ended half of his wins via submission. Even in CEC, his 8-3 record has comprised of 4 submission wins so he has proven he can do it at the highest level of mma. He will also be very aware that Beznisko has been tapped before so this will only build his confidence that he can do the same. Not all fighters get a chance at the title, Dall is getting a second shot at it. This time he wants to prove he can beat the best there is.
04 Apr 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 579
Co-Main Event
185lbs : Edward Stoker vs Jay Gatsby

Edward Stoker rebounded from losing his title at CEC 566 with a decision win over Chins Gone in his last outing. This will be his third run at the title and there is nothing to suggest he canít make that a successful run but obviously a win here is essential for him to get there. Whatís interesting about his fight is that he is taking on a team mate of Dasha Karimov, the man who took his title from him. So a win here would be a bit of revenge although Iím sure that Stoker and Karimov will meet each other again somewhere down the road and that is where the real plot for revenge will be played out. In the meantime though, Stoker has to get in the cage and earn his way back to the very top of the division and that starts here.

Gatsby didnít have the debut that he had hoped for when he came out on the wrong end of a decision against Steve Belliveau. Not exactly the worst result as Belliveau has been the middleweight champion here but now he has to come back strong from that to earn himself his first win in the CEC cage. Now itís another former champion on his way though so it certainly isnít getting any easier for him in his quest for greatness. No doubt he will have been working close with his friend Karimov and taking tips from him on how to defeat Stoker. I hear his ground skills are incredible but the thing is that the guy wants to knock people out so whether we actually get to see these skills or not remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, Gatsby will not want to leave the cage tonight with a second defeat on the bounce so he will be pulling out all the stops to prevent that from happening.

Main Event
265lbs : Jean Paul Garcon vs Ueda Umanouke

Fan favourite Jean Paul Garcon makes his return to the cage after his heartbreaking title loss back at CEC 570 and he will be looking to get back to championship contention with a win in this eagerly anticipated bout. Garcon had created a belief that that he was an unstoppable force in the heavyweight division and nobody was more shocked than he when he was knocked out in the second round by Pierre St. Georges. A short time away gave him time to heal from his wounds, find that hunger and get back to training like a mad man to achieve his end goal which is to reclaim the 265lbs crown. Considered one of the most popular fighters of this era, his absence however short, has been noticed by the fans. Most believe the St. Georgeís fight was just another bump in the road and that Garcon will soon be at the top of the tree where they believe he truly belongs.

Umanouke definitely has a fight on his hands and he knows it. A former champion as an opponent is always going to be a tough proposition but letís not forget that Timur Rubin was also the former champion in this division as well as the current super heavyweight champion and Ueda walked away with a unanimous decision victory from that fight. His CEC record is 2-0 and taking the scalp of Garcon in just his third appearance here would be a huge statement in a very tough weightclass. Should he achieve something he knows he is more than capable of then that would definitely propel him much closer towards a meeting with current heavyweight king, Silas Monk. Umanouke definitely has some great stand up skills, enough to compete with most in the division but Garcon could be a step too far there. However, if this fight goes to the deck then you really have to believe that Ueda has the clear advantage and that could be his safest route to a victory here.
25 Mar 18 - Main and Co-Main Event Previews
CEC 577
Co-Main Event
170lbs : Desmond Glass vs Hans Huber

Desmond Glass bounced back from his title fight disappointment against Hector Romero with a solid decision win over fellow title contender, Zane Mason. Now he looks to further his charge towards another shot at the belt and maybe even another impressive win streak like the one that saw him go 13 fights without loss before he ran into Romero. Itís safe to say that his recent win brought back a little confidence and he will feel he has the tools to walk away with win over Huber before settling down for the Main Event to see who he could be battling for the 170lbs strap.

Huber wonít be keen on letting that happen though. Being a former champion himself he knows he can perform on the big occasions and there is absolutely no reason why he canít do that in this fight. His recent 3 fight win streak puts him near the top of the division and thatís where he belongs. His record speaks did itself and there is no doubt about his abilities as those 3 wins I mentioned have been against excellent fighters. Doing it against Glass will be difficult but there is no reason to believe it cannot be a good night in the cage for Huber.

Main Event
170lbs Title : Linus Akerman vs Hector Romero

Akerman may have shocked a few people back at CEC 573 when he walked away with a split decision victory over Romero as well as the 170lbs title but he wasnít the least bit surprised by the outcome and has every intention of ensuring that history repeats itself in the headlining act on this card. Despite 1 judge giving Romero 4 out of 5 rounds the other 2 gave Akerman the nod in 3 rounds meaning we had a new champion on our hands. Once again Linus will look to utilise his stand up skills as this is the area he feels he is too good for Romero in. If he sticks to the game plan then there is a good chance he retains his title.

Romero knows he can perform better than he did that night and maybe he just wasnít on his game when he lost his belt. Regardless, he lost the fight fair and square and now comes into the rematch with the sole purpose of proving that he is in fact the better fighter and that first time around was just a glitch. He has been putting in the hours in the pre fight training camp but he has to ensure he gets it right on fight night or he could end up with the same result as before. Whichever way you feel the bout will go, one thing you have to admit is that we have an absolutely fantastic main event in store for you.

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