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Org name: Underground
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 94
Number of events: 106
Base: London
Owner: Jamie McKenna
Ranking (Global): 11
Ranking (City): 3
Satisfaction rating: 98% from 24 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: None
About us: Underground is an open ID org (previously 260k) based in London, we aim to keep things as fair and interesting as possible for all managers plus we will always reply to messages quickly.
Latest News: UGD 40 (Preview)
  UGD 40: Escobarre v Munson

After a record-breaking event in Knights Court a week ago, Underground quickly jumps back to the Camden Centre for another round of fights this Saturday night. Two title-fights cap off a strong main card that features a mix of highly touted newcomers, former champions and future contenders.

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**MW Title Fight**
Pablo "Candyman" Escobarre (18-3, 10-0 UGD) v Robert Munson (7-2-1, 3-0-1 UGD)
What more can be said of the 2-year (Tycoon time) run Pablo Escobarre has had since arriving at UGD? Besides a DQ Decision victory against the much-maligned Roland De Roncevaux before his retirement, Escobarre has finished all nine of his opponents while defending his Middleweight title six times. The fabled Swedish champion puts his World Class boxing and dangerous guard to the test one more time against another surging contender in Robert Munson. After starting out his professional career with 2 losses, Munson switched management and is undefeated in his last 8 appearances. The kickboxer had a chance to show every inch of his will in his last two scraps – a pair of tightly contested standup wars against the talented King Harrison – and will look to continue that momentum and press the champion with a variety of kicks while trying to avoid any extended ground exchanges. Can Escobarre continue his reign of dominance over UGD’s Middleweight throne, or will a new king emerge?

**LW Title Fight**
Fook “Mi” Man (9-3, 4-0 UGD) v Troy “Super” Hooper (15-7, 6-2 UGD)
Our co-main event will see another champion looking to begin his own reign, as Fook Man defends his Lightweight title for the first time in a rematch against Troy Hooper. Our most androgynous champion controlled the standup exchanges in their first encounter, a 3-round number one contender bout at UGD 31. The Japanese striker will look to do the much of the same, but should have even more confidence in his kicks after dropping Hooper with a headkick in their first meeting. Hooper, on the other hand, needs to regain the magic he had in his first title run for the promotion. A flawless 4-fight run saw the Aussie star defend the lightweight title twice in dominating fashion. Since then, a few losses have dampened an otherwise successful promotional career. The well-rounded martial artist needs to find a way to mix in his takedowns and keep the champion on his heels; otherwise, this may look very similar to their first encounter.

Fifth "EmoTurtle" Fist (14-4, 3-1 UGD) v “Charming” Charles Richmond (20-11, 12-10 UGD)
A shell of his former self, local hero Charles Richmond brings his charm and willingness to fight anyone anywhere to the UGD cage once again, as he takes on the unassuming but dangerous, Fifth Fist. Once a renowned champion and Choke Hall of Famer, Richmond is definitely on the back-end of his career. Is he fighting for pride or a paycheque? We might never know, but 7 losses in his last 11 fights is a disturbing trend that has triggered some doubt into whether his career should continue. Regardless, his American opponent isn’t looking to be the steppingstone to some late-career resurgence. “EmoTurtle” compliments his top-shelf boxing with some incredibly heavy hands and is a threat to anyone in the Heavyweight division. Reportedly still only a Blue Belt in jiu-jitsu, Fifth Fist is a throwback to the roots of fighting and is emerging as a new fan favourite for the organization.

Knut "Starhammer" Paulsen (13-7, UGD Debut) v Marco Ferreira (18-6, UGD Debut)
Another featured Heavyweight bout sees two world-class veterans making their promotional debuts, as Knut Paulsen takes on Marco Ferreira in a rematch years in the making. The Brazilian striker, Ferreira, bested his Norwegian counterpart for the Havoc Heavyweight Title over 4 years (Tycoon Time) ago at Causing Havoc 44. His dominant reign at Havoc sparked a run of success that continued into the Legacy and CFC organizations before bringing him to our own surging promotion. Paulsen followed a similar career path of through Legacy and CFC and feels that destiny has given him to a chance to finally avenge a 66-second loss. Both fighters have improved immensely but retain the same styles they owned in their first encounter. Will fate crash again, or can Paulsen turn the tides and ride a wave of his own success?

Jerry "Hurricane" Haze (14-4, 0-2 UGD) v Wu Fei Chung (8-3, 7-2 UGD)
Two former stars looks to halt their first career losing streaks in another important rematch, as Jerry Haze takes on Wu Fei Chung. The former Featherweight champion from Hong Kong mixed in some timely takedowns in a tightly contested decision victory in their first encounter. The victory sprung Chung into another title shot, but two straight losses have humbled an otherwise confident and talented fighter. Jerry Haze, the gifted kickboxer out of Cambridge, came into UGD with a ton of hype and promise but has yet to fulfill those lofty expectations. A pair of close decision losses to talented training partners has set up a third in a must-win situation for the former Highland Games champion. This fight was purposely placed to kick off our main card, as fans and pundits alike expect another impeccable display of mixed martial arts between the two.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Disbanded
145 13 27 270398 134 Unrestricted
155 14 26 270140 166 Unrestricted
170 13 28 266353 147 Unrestricted
185 15 26 269380 111 Unrestricted
205 15 27 266740 162 Unrestricted
265 12 27 270344 138 Unrestricted
265+ 12 28 273288 102 Unrestricted
Upcoming Events
UGD 41:Shevchenko Vs Brazier 2017-01-21 London
UGD 42:Man Vs Moshington 2017-01-28 London
UGD 43:Moore Vs Fist 2017-02-04 London
UGD 44: 2017-02-11 London
UGD 45: 2017-02-18 London
UGD 46: 2017-02-25 London
UGD 47: 2017-03-04 London
UGD 48: 2017-03-11 London
Today's Events / Recent Events
UGD 40:Escobarre Vs Munson 2017-01-14 London
UGD 39:Gallagher Vs Westlund 2017-01-07 London
UGD 38:Shevchenko Vs Rougeau 2016-12-31 London
UGD 37:Escobarre Vs Mason 2016-12-24 London
UGD 36:Olofson Vs Gallagher 2016-12-17 London

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Philip Gallagher 133
2 Taras Shevchenko 142
3 Pablo Escobarre 145
4 Archie Moore 151
5 Fook Man 184
6 Selfie Lord 220
7 George Moshington 242
8 Roy Palmer 246
9 Karter Kinshaw 404
10 The Aristoteles 423
11 Sixth Fist 430
12 Shi Fu Tu 470
13 Bronko Buster 488
14 Bruce Wayne 506
15 Loke Westlund 628
16 Luciano Bizarria 630
17 Manuel La Bor 661
18 Tony O Rangers 675
19 Ed Ruth 714
20 Leif Olofson 718
Weight Name Last Win
135 Prathamesh Randhawa Oshan Jackson
145 Selfie Lord Raoul Clavette
155 Philip Gallagher Loke Westlund
170 Fook Man Troy Hooper
185 Pablo Escobarre Robert Munson
205 The Aristoteles Ed Ruth
265 Roy Palmer Tony O Rangers
265+ Taras Shevchenko Jacques Rougeau

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Jamie McKenna
Wordsmith: Northern Ninjas
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