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Hardcore Fighting Championship

Org name: Hardcore Fighting Championship
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 118
Number of events: 124
Base: St Petersburg
Owner: Aleksey Markov
Ranking (Global): 9
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 81% from 16 ratings.
Website: Buzz
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: KAISER Nutrition - Q160
About us: The organization was founded 04.09.2015.Restriction 270k+. 3-4 weeks between fights. Good conditions of contracts. The maximum equal fights. Email me if you need a contract.
Latest News: HFC Closing
  Hello all friends!)

I'm forced to report with sadness that I close HFC.

I'll explain why: I put a lot of effort and time into HFC, I got a lot of fun and not much pride, that without experience with a minimal budget I was able to bring the organization to the top 10, of course there were managers without whose help I could not do it.

My decision to close due to the fact that I can not in recent times provide quality work for the organization, many of you are top fighters and deserve a quality organization.

I also have a lot of work in the real world, I try to develop my business and it takes all my time.

I hope each of you will treat this with more understanding.

I know and I am very glad that many fighters from the roster will be the top fighters in the world, and some even the best in the world!

Thank you everyone for being part of this movement, it was cool!

All fighters will receive a contract from my friend Jamie McKenna, the owner of the wonderful Underground organization, there you will be in safe hands!

Good luck to each of you!
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 8 30 250627 109 Active signing(Open ID)
145 16 30 239039 110 Active signing(Open ID)
155 17 32 237187 141 Active signing(Open ID)
170 18 29 250006 109 Signing only top 2000 p4p(Open ID)
185 16 29 242238 105 Signing only top 1500 p4p(Open ID)
205 15 31 212427 107 Signing only top 2000 p4p(Open ID)
265 20 29 240453 113 Active signing(Open ID)
265+ 9 27 281886 113 Active signing(Open ID)
Upcoming Events
HFC 118:Northrop vs Poffo 2017-09-30 Helsinki
HFC Fight Night 6 2017-10-01 St Petersburg
HFC Fight Night 7 2017-10-04 St Petersburg
Today's Events / Recent Events
HFC 117:Curran vs Spike 2017-09-23 St Petersburg
HFC 116:Sang Seok vs Machado 2017-09-16 St Petersburg
HFC 115:Silva vs Handy 2017-09-09 Rio de Janeiro
HFC 114: Curran vs Tsuruta 2017-09-02 St Petersburg
HFC Fight Night 4 2017-08-23 St Petersburg

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Randy Curran 24
2 Vinny Hopkins 25
3 Felix Legions 119
4 Russell Northrop 156
5 Cristian Tavares 219
6 Biggie Righty Handy 250
7 Manny Machado 254
8 Yes Man Sanchez 368
9 Lee Sang Seok 407
10 Ely Scrubs 453
11 Randy Poffo 523
12 Pittsburgh Steelers 544
13 Sunray Spike 548
14 Archie Trew 556
15 Crenflow Dolla 621
16 Petro Poroshenko 639
17 Ricardo Monteban 649
18 Humbert Humbert 659
19 Emre Hussain 680
20 Iosue Nicu 746
Weight Name Last Win
135 Ricardo Monteban Gustavo Santos
145 Felix Legions Satoru Takada
155 Vinny Hopkins Lee Sang Seok
170 Russell Northrop Bill The Kid
185 Biggie Righty Handy Aloysius Wiremu
205 Devon Bailey Crenflow Dolla
265 Randy Curran Sunray Spike

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Aleksey Markov
HFC Training Center: Brandon Brashears
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