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GAMMA: Muay Thai (285K)

Org name: GAMMA: Muay Thai (285K)
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 119
Number of events: 43
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Andy McKenzie
Ranking (Global): 86 MMA (1 Kickboxing)
Ranking (City): 8 MMA (1 Kickboxing)
Satisfaction rating: 98% from 40 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Machine Fight Gear
About us: All fights 5 x 3 Min round Kickboxing fights in Ring. We are looking at moving to regular PPV events in the near future. Currently recruiting fighters 285k and above in all divisions. 265lbs division fully open to all fighters.
Latest News: GAMMA Muay Thai End of Year Awards 2016
  What an amazing first year we have had in the org, we are now officially the No1 Kickboxing Org in the game! Thank you so much everyone for being part of this and helping us get there. We are planning on running our first PPV event at the next Machine Fight Night and even though I am expecting it to be a hard slog I have no doubt we will start getting some success around March time. Once that happens, you can all be sure to expect some big pay days coming your way when you renew as will any new fighters that want to sign with us.

Onto the awards

Machine Fight Night 4 Post Fight Awards

Thanks again to our partners at Machine Fight Gear for their generous awards at our monthly event.

Fight of the Night Award earning $4000 - Chris Deal Vs Bunt Jernit - What a back and forth fight. Bunt thought he had managed to retain his title once again with his high volume scoring, but Deal brought some serious KO power which won him the 1st and 3rd round and he managed to take it on the judges scorecards to see a new featherweight champ crowned.

Knockout of the Night earning $4000 - Goes to Oson Bon for his dominant Super Heavyweight title defence over Alexander Berkman

Fastest KO earning $7000 - Mateusz Biernat who only took 1 min 29 secs to finish Vince Bandito

Fighters wearing Machine Fight Gear Clothing $2500 -  
Duke McStoner
Rico Verhoeven
Myron Gainz
Crown Halo

Org Graduation

Congratulations to Mr Hughes, who has just completed his 14 week apprenticeship learning every aspect of running an org. He is the 3rd manager to start the apprenticeship and the first to see it through to the end. He has done fantastically and has now taken on the position of VP and CEO of recruitment for the org. Please contact him direct with any contract requests for your new fighters.

Winter 2016 Hall of Fame Inductions

Duke McStoner
Duke is the current GAMMA MT middleweight champion managed by org owner Andy McKenzie. He came over to the org after an unbeaten run in Lumpinee when managed by Chris Karter and beat the inaugural champ John Que before losing his belt to Cory McDonnell which saw him getting dropped by his manager. McStoner avenged his loss taking the belt back and has been unstoppable since with a kickboxing record of 11-1-0 all wins by KO. He currently has 2 Fight of the Night and 1 KO of the Night Awards to go with his 3 successful title defences and is the top fighter in the org with a P4P rank of 11.

Oson Bon
Bon is the current GAMMA MT Super Heavyweight Champ and is managed by Balls Manager. This Norwegian giant is unbeaten with a record of 9-0 who signed with the org as soon as he turned 18. All of his wins have come by KO with no one getting past the 3rd round when up against his dangerous hands and knees. Bon has 2 KO of the Night awards and is the 2nd highest ranked fighter in the org with a p4p ranking of 13 and the No 1 ranked Super Heavyweight in the world making him the baddest man on the planet.

GAMMA MT Fighter of the Year 2016

The first GAMMA MT fighter of the year winning a 100k contract renewal current Bantamweight and former Featherweight Champion - Bunt Jernit!

Points are only scored for fights within GAMMA MT and are:-
1 point - Fight
3 Points - Win
1 Point - KO
1 Point - Title fight (Win or Lose)
1 Point - Of the Night Award
A screenshot of the top 17 fighters can be seen on the GAMMA MT Smack Talk Page.

Bunt finished up with 64 points, mainly down to his extremely high activity having 12 fights this year and defending 2 titles at the same time consistently until his upset at the last event. He has been gagging for an immediate rematch, but needs to defend his 135 title before he will get another chance against new champ Chris Deal. The closest fighter to him was Oson Bon scoring 53 points. A big congratulations to Bunt Jernit on this achievement.

The same prize will be up for grabs next year. We will also be offering Rookie of the Year which will have the same scoring and who will get the same prize. The entry requirements for Rookie of the Year are - The fighter has to be Under 22 on 31 Dec 17 and has not fought for GAMMA MT Pre 2017, so get your project signed up today! We will also have a Fighters Fighter of the year where all the managers will be able to vote for their favourite fighters.

Once again, thank you for all your support and Happy New Year. 2017 is our year!
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 11 21 298848 35 285K restricted Champ - Bunt Jernit #1 Contender Shojo -GAMMA MT 37
145 10 23 296241 30 285K restricted Champ - C Deal # 1 Contender - H Kane - GAMMA MT 34
155 13 22 298033 30 285K restricted Champ - H Kane / (Kane moving to 145 to challenge for belt) #1 Contender Yeily
170 12 22 298241 34 285k restricted Title Bout - Que Vs Pugin - GAMMA MT 35
185 28 21 297891 31 285K restricted Champ - D McStoner #1 Contender - C McDonnell - Machine Fight Night 5
205 7 20 297908 25 285k restricted No Title Holder
265 10 28 213565 27 Unrestricted div for all KT fighters below 265kg. Champ - L Bug - #1 Halo. GAMMA MT 35
265+ 27 22 296852 26 285K restricted Champ - O Bon #1 Contender - R Verhoeven - Machine Fight Night 5
Upcoming Events
GAMMA MT 34 - Deal Vs Kane Kickboxing Event 2017-01-21 Los Angeles
GAMMA MT 35 Kickboxing Event 2017-01-28 Los Angeles
Machine Fight Night 5 Kickboxing Event 2017-02-05 Los Angeles
GAMMA MT 36 Kickboxing Event 2017-02-11 Los Angeles
GAMMA MT 37 Kickboxing Event 2017-02-18 Los Angeles
GAMMA MT 38 Kickboxing Event 2017-02-25 Los Angeles
Today's Events / Recent Events
GMT 33 - Shojo Vs Kaewsamrit Kickboxing Event 2017-01-14 Los Angeles
GMT 32 - Ritari Vs Zipperhead Kickboxing Event 2017-01-07 Los Angeles
Machine Fight Night 4 Kickboxing Event 2017-01-01 Los Angeles
GAMMA MT 31 - Kane V Dekkers 2 Kickboxing Event 2016-12-24 Los Angeles
GAMMA MT 30 - Bug Vs Wangchuck Kickboxing Event 2016-12-17 Los Angeles

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (Kickboxing)
  Name Rank KT Rank
1 Duke McStoner 11 11
2 Oson Bon 13 13
3 Harry Kane 15 15
4 Love Bug 22 22
5 Chris Deal 23 23
6 Cory McDonnell 36 36
7 Oglek Tomar 40 40
8 Bunt Jernit 41 41
9 Artem Levin 44 44
10 DBrickashaw Stevens 46 46
11 Tshering Wangchuck 50 50
12 Steph Curry 51 51
13 Tei Yeily 52 52
14 Eros Ramasotti 53 53
15 Datri Damrongsak 62 62
16 Ramon Dekkers 70 70
17 Teiden Ritari 72 72
18 Boobie Miles Iii 73 73
19 Colin Monroe 75 75
20 Duncan Smith 76 76
Weight Name Last Win
135 Bunt Jernit Colin Monroe
145 Chris Deal Bunt Jernit
155 Harry Kane Ramon Dekkers
185 Duke McStoner DBrickashaw Stevens
265 Love Bug Tshering Wangchuck
265+ Oson Bon Alexander Berkman

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Andy McKenzie
Founder: Big Bob
Sponsor: Saul Tiger
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