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Bushido (290K+)

Org name: Bushido (290K+)
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 89
Number of events: 44
Base: Tokyo
Owner: Rei Rei
Ranking (Global): 30
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 99% from 23 ratings.
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Merch partner: None
About us: We are the #1 290K ID organisation in the Tycoon world, aiming to accommodate new and old managers alike. Fighters created before the 290 mark will sometimes be invited as guest stars, but will never take permanent residence on our roster. For any questions or queries please message me, Rei, as I am always active and ready to answer. Except at maybe like 7am cause I'll probably be sleeping.
Latest News: Bushido 30: Main Card (Preview)
Main Event
Featured Welterweight Bout
Marcus "Cold Storm" Vinicius (10-3-0, 5-2-0) vs. Tyler "FattyLover" Antonew (3-0-0, 3-0-0)

The Main Event of the evening will see the return of one of Bushido's most prolific fighters, as Former Welterweight Champion Marcus Vinicius looks to claw his way back to title contention with a win over the #3 ranked Tyler Antonew. Since his first company appearance on Bushido 6, Vinicius has headlined every event that he has fought on and today is no different, as he takes the top slot once more above two Championship bouts no less. Antonew has shot to the top despite only having three pro fights under his belt, and has the biggest fight of his life ahead of him this evening.

Way back on Bushido 6, Vinicius fought his rival Darryl Fitzpatrick in a short bout that saw "Cold Storm" demonstrate his grappling expertise as he managed to quickly take down and submit his opponent. "Cold Storm" would find himself in the top contender spot as his then 7-1 record was unmatched by any other on the roster. Throughout the fight the Champion proved too skillful on the feet as he pieced apart Vinicius, dodging and defending most of the thirty - yes thirty - takedown attempts. Eventually though, Marcus would take the Champion to the mat and subsequently force him to tap, earning his rightful place on the Welterweight throne. He would defend his belt against fellow grappler and brown belt Tamati "Python" Kauri, in a bout that decided the best submission artist in the division, as the Champion would trap Kauri in an Arm Triangle with only two seconds left in the first round. By this point, many people were citing Marcus Vinicius as the best pound for pound fighter in the company, and praising him as being unbeatable. In his next fight however, he would face the Featherweight Champion Gunnar Westerberg who was stepping up two weight classes to challenge for a second belt. For five long rounds we watched Vinicius constantly struggle for the takedown as Westerberg butchered him standing, winning the bout with four of the rounds being 10-8s, an incredibly dominant performance. Now beltless, Vinicius was offered a rematch with former rival Darryl Fitzpatrick who hadn't lost since the pair's last meeting. Again he would find a first round submission, and was back on top of the division. Westerberg was stripped of his title and "Cold Storm" was offered a second shot at the belt he once held - but unfortunately for Vinicius, he was picked apart by then-Champion Jon Axe in a very one-sided performance. Now, the Brazilian is riding the momentum of a comeback victory and looks to earn another as he comes up against prospect Tyler Antonew.

Although far less experienced than his opponent this evening, the young and exciting Tyler Antonew has had a lot of people excited about his journey thus far. It began back on Bushido 18 as he would face off against 5-1 Assad Abdullah in the second fight of the evening, as Antonew put on a performance to remember. The nineteen year old Canadian came out guns blazing, and he smashed the unfortunate Abdullah to pieces with heavy and accurate shots, knocking him out in under a minute. "FattyLover" would be offered a step up in competition next despite only being 1-0 in pro MMA as he would meet the aforementioned former top contender Darryl Fitzpatrick on Bushido 23: Champion Path. In this fight, Antonew displayed his diverse skill-set as he would instantly take "The Sandman" to the mat, and worked him over with ground and pound for four minutes straight. In the second round, Antonew would take longer to get the fight to the floor but still managed to do it, where he then worked his opponent over before earning the KO at the end of the round. The Canadian would face off against one of the division's brightest prospects in Fujibayashi Nagato. Antonew employed the same strategy as his previous fight and it would see the same success, as he dominated Nagato on the mat for the best part of 2 rounds, picking up another KO victory in the second round. It seems like the sky is the limit for the young Canadian, and he will know to be weary of his opponent's unmatched grappling skills coming into his next bout with Marcus Vinicius.

Co-Main Event
Middleweight Championship Bout
Benson "Judge Dreadlock" Whyte (6-1-0, 6-1-0) vs. Shaun "Johnson" Rumble (6-0-0, 1-0-0)

The Co-Main Event of the evening will welcome the return of dominant Middleweight Champion Benson Whyte as he looks to earn his third straight title defence against one of the company's fresher faces in Shaun Rumble. Both of these men have a similar experience when it comes to career length, although the majority of Rumble's fights have come from the regional scene.

After suffering a loss to John Anderson on his company debut, Benson Whyte would go on to earn two victories before facing off against renowned grappler Lee Hedger. He would show an improvement in his wrestling and BJJ skills, after avoiding all of Hedger's takedown attempts before knocking him out. It was then that he met Bushido veteran and former title contender Carlton Landford in a short notice bout. The two battled it out for ten minutes straight, with both landing some fantastic shots in the clinch as well as from range, making for an extremely entertaining fight. The third round began and Whyte was the fresher man as he easily dodged his opponents strikes, answering them with clean ones of his own before Landford could no longer continue. This three fight win-streak allowed the young Jamaican a shot at the newly crowned king of the division, Kassim Magufuli who had recently put an end to the triumphant reign of the aforementioned Michael Amanatidis. Fans of clinch-fighting and/or violence were given a treat when Whyte met Magufuli, as almost the entire fight took place in close-quarters, both men fighting with the style they prefer. At the end of round 4, the pair were sitting with two rounds each under their belts although the bout had been a very close one so far. In the final five minutes, the two would opt to battle in the clinch once more, as Benson Whyte managed to finally put away the Champion. Benson would rematch his former enemy Lee Hedger, and the crowd erupted when the Fijian managed to take the fight to the ground. On-lookers were biting their nails in anticipation, as Whyte escaped the grasp of Hedger, proceeded to knocked him down with his first career headkick, and then finished him within the clinch. Benson was then offered a rematch against the only man to ever best him as he met John Anderson in the Main Event of Bushido 24: Whyte vs. Anderson 2. The fight would go perfectly for the Champion as he avoided all of Anderson's takedown attempts, firing back with accurate strikes of his own before finishing the fight with a nasty headkick knockout.

The Challenger, Brazil's own Shaun "Johnson" Rumble, has had a successful career thus far and his record remains unblemished even to this day. Starting out on the Rio De Janeiro regional scene, Rumble would make his career debut against the 1-2 Yong Stevenson in a bout that saw "Johnson" knock out his adversary in only ten seconds. He would return to the octagon only three days later where he put on a dominating performance that saw him earn a second early stoppage victory. Rumble continued to finish his opponents very early in his fights, with not a single one of them managing to survive until the second round, let alone threaten him in any kind of way. After amassing a record of 4-0 on the regional scene and a further 1-0 under another organisation, Rumble signed with Bushido and would make his company debut on Bushido 29: For Glory. He would face off against the recently redeemed Stanley Khan, in a match up that played out like all of the Brazilian's before it. Rumble cut Khan early, knocked him down, called him back up, and knocked him back down for a final time. Rumble is a true sprawl n brawl fighter by nature and by spirit, but the knockout specialist will have the toughest test of career coming up as he meets the dominant Middleweight Champion Benson Whyte.

Main Card
Lightweight Championship Bout
Jalaluddin "The Hashassin" Aziz (5-0-0, 5-0-0) vs. Max "Destruction" Roberts (5-5-0, 1-0-0)

The first of two Championship bouts this evening will see the return of Road to Gold winner and the first ever Lightweight champion Jalaluddin Aziz as he looks to defend his title for the first time against the unpredictable Max Roberts.

Since his very first appearance in the Road to Gold tournament, the Champion's diverse skill-set and knack for creativity has been more than apparent. In his first round match, he fought Boxer Kuzuri Takahashi and employed the perfect gameplan. Aziz would quickly jump guard from the clinch position, subsequently trapping Kuzuri in a seemingly inescapable armbar. The crowd went wild. Going into round 2, he would fight the heavy handed Raymond Babbitt as people would again pen the Afghani as the underdog. This proved a mistake of course as it wasn't long before "The Hashsassin" struck again, knocking out Babbitt on the feet, thus proving to everyone that he can finish fights in any area of the game. In the Quarter-Finals Aziz would face off against the interesting character Boaty McBoatface and their meeting would play out remarkably similar to "The Hashassin"'s last, as he quickly knocked out McBoatface with his skilled hands. Now in the Semi-Finals of the tournament, Liverpudlian Robbie Owens Jr. would clash with Jalalabad's best. Unfortunately for the Englishman, Aziz constantly knocked or took him down, out-struck him considerably, and finally submitted him with only fifteen seconds on the clock. An Incredible one-sided performance that earned both men the Fight of the Night bonus. In an interesting twist of events due to contract issues, visa problems and the like, the Road to Gold finalist to stand opposite "The Hashassin" was now Elijah Judah, and the pair put on a fight that is still one of the best to ever take place in the Bushido cage. The pair went back and forth for the entire 25 minutes, with each of them taking big damage in the fourth round. Unfortunately for Judah, Aziz proved too skillful and managed to out-point him on every judges scorecard. The Road to Gold winner was finally crowned, and his name was Jalaluddin Aziz - now the Bushido Lightweight Champion.

Opposite the Champion will stand gritty American Max Roberts as he looks to continue his recent win streak, picking up a Championship belt in the process. Roberts started his career strong as he picked up two wins on the regional scene before signing to a promotion, where his career took a turn for the worst. When facing off with an equally skilled grappler in Andrej Madai, Max would find himself caught in a submission late in the fight - which ended to the beat of tap tap tap. He would lose his next fight by a one-sided decision, now leaving the American with a record of 2-2. Roberts would end up clawing his way back into the win column with a victory over the streaking 4-1 Kevin Brockwell, which earned him a shot at the Champion. He would lose in this title fight, and then another two straight bouts afterward which led to pundits asking the question "Should Roberts retire?". The answer was no, and Max picked himself up and began winning once more. It began with a decision over a regional fighter followed by a lovely submission victory on Bushido 28, which earned him his second title shot. Now he has the biggest challenge of his career ahead of him as he comes up against the always-dangerous Jalaluddin Aziz in a bout that he is no doubt the underdog for.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 13 21 297337 72 (NEW) 290k+
145 10 23 297050 107 (open) 290K+
155 8 22 298643 74 (open) 290K+
170 22 23 297690 78 (open) 290K+
185 9 24 298810 74 (open) 290K+
205 13 23 299695 84 (open) 290K+
265 13 22 294316 92 (open) 290K+
Upcoming Events
Bushido 42: Aoki vs. Aziz 2 2017-02-25 Tokyo
Bushido 43: Toskala vs. Al As 2017-03-04 Tokyo
Bushido 44: -TBA- vs. -TBA- 2017-03-11 Tokyo
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B41: Akharraz vs. McCullen 2 2017-02-18 Tokyo
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B38: Paterson vs. Dickinson 2017-01-28 Tokyo
Bushido 37: Ban Gbus v Karasev 2017-01-20 Tokyo

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Junior Vilson 287
2 Jukka Toskala 425
3 Andrey Kuznetcov 433
4 David Dickinson 513
5 Joseph Jostrzebski 532
6 Shiny Aoki 629
7 AJ Wilder 826
8 Amr Al As 866
9 Benson Whyte 909
10 Sam McCullen 917
11 Louis Paterson 924
12 Jesus Malverde 958
13 Mike McLaughlin 1140
14 Momochi Hanzo 1153
15 Tony Bunker 1193
16 Krystian Soszynski 1212
17 Olajide Ban Gbus 1251
18 William Booth 1313
19 Jason Black 1427
20 Jansen Verhoeven 1506
Weight Name Last Win
145 Junior Vilson David Dickinson
155 Shiny Aoki Max Roberts
170 Jukka Toskala Momochi Hanzo
185 Benson Whyte Shaun Rumble
205 Sam McCullen Osama Akharraz
265 Andrey Kuznetcov AJ Wilder

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