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Sydney FC (310k+)

Org name: Sydney FC (310k+)
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 106
Number of events: 7
Base: Sydney
Owner: Billy Deegan
Ranking (Global): 45
Ranking (City): 3
Satisfaction rating: 93% from 12 ratings.
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Merch partner: Vandal & Laundry
About us: Welcome to SFC!! Where youll find the most competetive 310k+ID fights on mmatycoon. QUICKLY growing into a powerhouse within syndey, and the mmatycoon world. This org also features member of an mma forum: // Come check us out! (click the smack talk link above)
Latest News: SFC 4: Fautanua x Brah FW TITLE: Preview/Keys To Victory.
  SFC 4: Fautanua vs Brah (FW TITLE)

When: April 29th, 2017. 6pm local.
Where: The Underground - Sydney
How To Watch: Check your local cable listings.

SFC comes back at you live from the underground in Sydney for our 4th event. Featuring our inaugural featherweight title fight between Taulua Fautanua, and Edgy Brah, and a card stacked with promising prospects making their SFC debut, and a few coming back for their second bout under the SFC banner. We will preview the main card with some keys for victory for each fighter.

10 bouts total.

Main Event:
145 - Taulua Fautanua (3-0) x Edgy Brah (2-0) (145 title)

our main event of the evening features two grapplers fighting it out to be the first ever SFC fw champion. fautanua has the slight edge as he痴 a brown belt with an extra fight under his belt, however brah is no slouch on the ground as he rocks a purple belt at the tender age of 18. with 2 submission wins each in their young pro careers you can be sure this fight will see a lot of ground action, but don稚 be surprised if you see brah try to keep this standing where they are equals in skill on the feet.

keys to victory:
fautanua- best chance of winning would be taking the fight to the floor where he holds a slight advantage.

brah- might serve best to try to keep this one standing and grinding out a hard fought UD victory.

Co-Main Event:
Welterweight - Tyrus Shakur (1-0) x Bill Bones (0-0)

Co-main event brings an exciting match up between two up and coming prospects. with Shakur making his SFC debut ,and bones his first pro mma fight. both of them are strikers, but also have some decent grappling as they are also blue belts in bjj. Shakur a boxer, and Bones a Muay Thai practitioner you can be sure someone is going to get KOed.

Keys To Victory:
Shakur- Shakur needs to keep this fight on the outside and pick his opponent apart. Stay clear of the clinch game and keep his back off the cage. Footwork and angles to frustrate bones.

Bones- would benefit greatly from clinching up early and often and turning this into a thai/dirty boxing fight. use elbows and knees to work the body of shakur and cause some damage, wearing him out to a UD or maybe even a KO.

Fight #3:
Heavyweight - David Campbell (1-0) x Slim Sylvia (1-0)

Our 3rd fight of the evening is between a strong wrestler in David Campbell with some legit grappling skills as he holds a purple belt in bjj, vs a muay thai striker with some wrestling skills, but poor bjj. Campbell though a strong grappler with little striking skill, is coming fresh off a first round TKO victory over Tim Arlovski at SFC 2. Slim Sylvia himself also coming off a first round KO victory at QFC. Im willing to bet someone is going to sleep once this one is all said and done.

Keys To Victory:
Campbell- Needs to take this to the floor despite his debut tko victory. His superior wrestling and bjj means he will probably look to do so. Heavy ground and pound, and transitions would serve him well, before he looks to sink in a submission.

Sylvia- Needs to keep this fight standing, use his striking advantage to wear down campbell and eventually look for the KO. though his specialty is Muay Thai id be weary to throw too many kicks which could benefit Campbells wrestling/takedown attempts.

Fight #2
Bantamweight - Quincy Hanley (1-2) x Bailey Cooke (1-0)

Quincy Hanley didn稚 get the opponent he truly wants in Tyler Bate, but he was game enough to accept this challenge against new comer Bailey Cooke. Hanley a KO of the night winner in his SFC debut with his 42 second in the very first round destruction of Kim Possible, looks to do the same against Bailey Cooke. Cooke who holds a slight edge in over all striking and a slight edge in submission grappling has other plans in mind as hes making his first appearance under the SFC banner.

Keys To Victory:
Hanley- Hanley has a sizable advantage in wrestling, and slight advantage in thai boxing. kicks to the body of his opponent, could prove useful as the fight goes on as he shouldn稚 worry about the threat of a takedown. even though he痴 a white belt in bjj, he could also go the complete opposite and use takedowns and a heavy top game with some ground and pound and hopefully avoid the submission attempts of the blue belt Cooke.

Cooke- decent at both boxing and thai he holds a slight overall advantage standing. think it would serve him best to fight long, and stay on the outside and using footwork to box up Hanley. While he does hold the advantage when it comes to BJJ its going to be a tough challenge trying to take down a superior wrestler. Keep back off cage and use quick hands would be key in this fight for Cooke.

Fight #1

Middleweight - Joe Guerrero (1-0) x Warley Alvez (1-0)

Another super competitive super evenly matched fight, between two fighters making their organizational debut, which SFC is quickly being known for amongst the games youngest and brightest stars. Guerrero a talented boxer with some wrestling skill, but little bjj coming off a TKO qfc victory will battle Alvez, a Brazilian boxer who holds a blue belt in bjj. Alvez himself also a victor by way of TKO first round victory. Another fight that will probably not reach the end of the 3rd.

Keys To Victory:
Guerrero- A sprawl-n-brawl type fighter, with inferior bjj to his opponent you can bet Guerrero will look to keep this fight standing, while head hunting for a knockout.

Alvez- Brazilian might find it useful to dig into his countries roots and take this fight to the floor where he will have the upper hand in brazilian jiu jitsu. a decent boxer, he might be able to stand and wang with Guerrero, but probably not the smartest gameplan available.

205- Chuck Lesnar x Bon Bones
145- Rodrigo Hernandez x Jouzee Alddo
265- Mark Hunter x Borque Seriaoski
155- Harry Wilson x Ahmed Safwan
135- Kim Possible x Shair Khan
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 13 22 311132 32 SIGNING FROM ALL LOCATIONS
145 11 22 312348 37 SIGNING FROM ALL LOCATIONS
155 14 22 313675 35 SIGNING FROM ALL LOCATIONS
170 15 23 313043 33 SIGNING FROM ALL LOCATIONS
185 24 22 312601 32 SIGNING FROM ALL LOCATIONS
205 13 24 312871 39 SIGNING FROM ALL LOCATIONS
265 15 22 313871 33 SIGNING FROM ALL LOCATIONS
265+ 0 0 0 0 CLOSED
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SFC 4: Fautanua x Brah 2017-04-29 Sydney
SFC 5: Dugan x Killersson 2017-05-06 Sydney
SFC 6: Fergossun x Dravinski 2017-05-14 Sydney
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SFC 3: Xuwatanabe x Nakamura 2017-04-21 Sydney
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Finn The Human 2540
2 Ricardo Almeida 3381
3 Alistaar Uberveem 3499
4 Jomuton Xuwatanabe 3538
5 Supertuk Halaptung 3631
6 Tuny Fergossun 3781
7 Darcy Dugan 3940
8 Taulua Fautanua 3985
9 Captain Gonza 4057
10 Gunnar Killersson 4065
11 Mason Riddick 4201
12 Tyrus Shakur 4223
13 Badr Larry 4431
14 Samoa Joe 4683
15 Kelvin Handleman 4703
16 Chuck Lesnar 4825
17 David Campbell 4877
18 Mikel Page 4961
19 Hulas Kanodia 5050
20 Michio Okada 5158
Weight Name Last Win
155 Jomuton Xuwatanabe Shinsuke Nakamura

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Owner:   Billy Deegan
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