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DropKick Cage Warriors

Org name: DropKick Cage Warriors
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 142
Number of events: 47
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Garret Baraken
Ranking (Global): 24
Ranking (City): 7
Satisfaction rating: 84% from 38 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: None
About us: Get ready to lay it all on the line! Like a dropkick to the face, you wil stay planted in your seat! Consistent great events, fair & reasonable fights, and write ups coming soon. Message Garret Baraken or John Sullivan to join. Now go start some shit!
Latest News: DKCW 1 Bastard vs Alvarez
  The first of many big events DropKick Cage Warriors will be hosting, DKCW 1, which is set to be a triple headliner! The event will be hosted at The Parisian arena in Las Vegas, NV. The undercard is as follows:
- Desmond Okafor vs Hiroaki Hidaka
- Prince Vaughn vs Tyrell Williams
- Joe Jennings vs Marcelo Costa De Andrade
- Forrest Boyer vs Thomas Maida
- Justin Sider vs Arminia Bielefeld
The main card, from main event to the fight following the undercard’s conclusion is as follows:
- Total Bastard vs Damian Alvarez
- Mister Happy vs Alex Valentine
- Moe Lester vs Buddy Barnett
- Lamont Banner vs Buakaw Banchamek
- Mikhail Popkov vs Milson Bow
Get ready as an expected 5000 in attendance witness three championship wars back to back! Are you ready, yet?


135 lbs (Champ) Total Bastard vs #2 Damian Alvarez
And now for our main event! The 135 lbs champ, Total Bastard defends his title for the first time against Damian “The Diamond” Alvarez, the #2 ranked contender in his division. After an abundance of submission finishes, one recently being against Vasyl Lomachenko, Alvarez has more than earned his spot to headline in this amazing event against a champ with the prestige Bastard already carries. Striking advantage goes to the champ and grappling goes to Alvarez. Bastard vs Alvarez, what an amazing fight!

155 lbs (Champ) Mister Happy vs #1 Alex Valentine
The 2nd co-main event features the 155 lbs champ, Mister Happy defending his belt against #1 contender Alex Valentine. Both the champ and the challenger are undefeated. Surprisingly enough, in this fight the challenger has the experience advantage. Not to mention the grappling advantage Valentine is working with. That being said the champ is no slouch and he has fantastic striking, TKOing two men in round 1 back to back. This one will be a war!

185 lbs (Champ) Moe Lester vs #1 Buddy Barnett
Introducing the first of the co-main events! In the red corner, the 185 lbs champion Moe Lester defends his title against #1 contender Buddy Barnett. This is Lester’s chance to avenge his only loss, which was to Barnett for the championship on the 26th of May. Barnett tapped Lester with a guillotine in their last fight, so the champ will want to slow the fight down and watch out for takedowns. It might be in Lester’s best interest to wear the challenger down until he can put accurate hands on him. Barnett will obviously stay away from striking as much as possible. Lester vs Barnett 2 is on and how exciting it will be.

155 lbs #5 Lamont Banner vs #3 Buakaw Banchamek
#5 ranked Lamont Banner reaches above his head to face #3 ranked Buakaw Banchamek. Banchamek recently lost a title contention fight against Ryan Rodriguez. Banner had lost an important fight recently as well, against the man who faces the 155 champion tonight, Alex Valentine. Both men are very similar in skill, but Banner carries a massive boxing advantage with him. Banchamek has hopefully worked on his defensive striking coming up to this fight.

205 lbs #5 Mikhail Popkov vs #6 Milson Bow
#5 ranked Mikhail Popkov and #6 ranked Milson Bow take each other on to begin the main card. Two undefeated fighters, Popkov 3-0 and Bow 4-0. Both men earning KO finishes in the majority of their victories. So it is safe to say this fight will be short and sweet or a very close decision.

205 lbs #7 Desmond Okafor vs #10 Hiroaki Hidaka
Topping off the undercard, #7 ranked Desmond Okafor takes on #10 ranked Hiroaki Hidaka. Okafor recently defeated Gokhan Saki, and his opponent Hidaka defeated Jason Transporter around the same time. Both men have heavy hands. Either one of these men could go out in the 1st round.

170 lbs Prince Vaughn vs Tyrell Williams
Prince Vaughn takes on newcomer, Tyrell Williams. Both men are coming off losses. Both men are using this fight as their stepping stone in the division. Their skill sets are so similar that this is anyone’s fight no matter where the fight ends up. There’s no telling who will take this one!

145 lbs #7 Joe Jennings vs #9 Marcelo Costa De Andrade
Joe “Hillbilly” Jennings draws some excitement by taking on Marcelo Costa De Andrade, a man 2 ranks lower than him. Jennings was just victorious against Michael Wittmann via Armbar victory in he 1st round, earning him a performance award. De Andrade is also coming off a win and has the superior striking in this matchup. That being said, it’s going to take a lot more than a few punches to drop a man like the “Hillbilly”.

155 lbs Forrest Boyer vs Thomas Maeda
Forrest Boyer welcomes the newcomer into DropKick, tonight. Thomas Maeda is 8-1, losing just recently before signing into the organization. Boyer is 0-2, but comes with a heavy striking advantage. Maeda has far superior ground game, however, so if Boyer can’t stay away from the ground, it may be a quick submission finish in Maeda’s favor.

265 lbs Justin Sider vs Arminia Bielefeld
The undercard kicks off with Justin Sider facing off against Arminia Bielefeld. Sider has hit a rough patch as of late, losing two fights back to back against Alexei Volkov and Yuri Boyka, being TKO’ed in round 1 against Volkov most recently. His opponent, Bielefeld is making his professional MMA debut in the blue corner. If the fight stays standing it could be anyone’s game, but if it gets to the ground, Sider being a purple belt will most likely finish Bielefeld. We will see if his takedown defense is strong enough.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 13 21 334199 55 NA
145 16 21 332662 48 NA
155 19 22 333770 52 NA
170 18 22 332673 54 NA
185 20 21 333831 54 NA
205 17 20 333796 47 NA
265 20 22 334180 59 NA
265+ 19 33 268198 48 NA
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DKCW 2 2018-09-21 Las Vegas
DK Battlegrounds VII 2018-09-22 Las Vegas
Openweight KT Tournament, R1 Kickboxing Event 2018-09-26 Las Vegas
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Buddy Barnett 764
2 Hoddy McNeal 776
3 Alexei Volkov 919
4 Welter Weight 989
5 Donald Trump 1005
6 Galtero El Toro 1031
7 Moe Lester 1035
8 Total Bastard 1073
9 Alex Valentine 1336
10 Neo Nova 1424
11 Noddy Holder 1434
12 Piss Moan 1747
13 Yuri Boyka 1839
14 Robert Bruce 1871
15 Isaac Frye 1969
16 Bjorn Ragnarsson 1979
17 Mikhail Popkov 1984
18 Justice James 2000
19 Jan Jansson 2029
20 Dwayne King 2044
Weight Name Last Win
135 Total Bastard Damien Alvarez
145 Hoddy McNeal Dwayne King
155 Alex Valentine Mister Happy
170 Welter Weight Adel Sadeq
185 Buddy Barnett Moe Lester
205 Short Badass Floppy Dick
265 Alexei Volkov Matt Jordan

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Garret Baraken
Executive Asst: John Sullivan
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