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Wind of Change Review

OMEGA FIGHTING, Fight Organization, New York
Company profile by Justin Ass

In another unexpected turn of events, Omega 27 definitely lived up to it’s name as it was a night of change. The brilliance of Omega owner Justin Ass has never been so obvious as it was his booking and naming of the historic Omega 27 event that made it as big as it turned out to be. Although I do hope the promotion of the event by yours truly also did it’s part 



Main event:

205 title - Ja Wuan Robinson © Vs Oswald Cobblepot


The main event featured an intriguing story as the champion made it known before the fight that he deemed the challenger unworthy. After the fight the challenger was crowned the new champion and Oswald couldn’t help but gloat. Could be this be the start of new rivalry?


OFC 260: Lokren vs Universe REVIEW

Event Review: OFC 260: Lokren vs Universe
OFC: Ontario Fight Club
2017-02-18, Montreal, The Expo
Attendance:5,563, Event Rating:252
Author:King Justus

Even without an appearance from Fedor and his ugly sweater on Saturday night, the OFC achieved the 2nd Largest Attendance in Org History! Also cracking the top ten Highest rated Events is nothing to scoff at. I guess that's what a card featuring three title fights and a few former OFC Champions will do for ya! The world of Canadian Combat is proving to feature a bright future with the Return of GSP and continued Greatness from the Best org North of the Border. I mean, what other Fight Club offers imaginary Ring Card Girls painted with the likeness of Elisha Cuthbert in her prime, at least that's how I picture them. With a prologue like this, you know the fights witnessed were something special. So...Without further ado, let's run it all back with a Full Review!

Our Main Event of the Evening featured OFC Welterweight Champion Sairanix "Berserker" Lokren looking to defend his title for the 1st time against the man with the World in his hands; Mr Universe. The hype

Kings FC's mini-birthday comes with presents

Kings Fighting Championship 330K+, Fight Organization, London
Company profile by King Kendrick

The tiny org in London with the big plan celebrates tomorrow one month after its first event took place at Wild Bob's bar and shocked the MMA world. And what is a better way to celebrate a birthday than sending out presents to the good kids, or in our case - the baddest fighters and managers around? Let's see who impressed most, which of course was a tough choice since everyone did good, but some fighters and managers were above the others:


Big Bad Brock

Fighter profile of Brock Lesnar by J J Tycooner

 Brock "Samson" Lesnar will be the main-event in rev island event tomorow but it is somthing that he knows well  he is 14-0 and looking to defend is belt for the 8 time !

Brock is 14-0 with 14 ko's all in RD one no doubt about he will make it 15-0 !

Brock is the best fighter to ever fight on the island watch his fight and you
will see why.  

just please dont blink you wont get a refund just because you didnt see the ko


GAMMA: Seppo Inducted to GAMMA HOF!

Global Association of MMA , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

We are proud to announce that Seppo Koskinen (2820) has joined our Hall of Fame!

Seppo was an Elite level manager with a top rank of #2 in the game. He started fighting for GAMMA way back in March of 2011 and his last fight was in July of 2016. He had a total of 86 competitive fights for us with a record of 49-34-3. He was also involved in 10 title fights over the course of his career.

He had several top level fighters in GAMMA, but his greatest fighter by far was Tamias Poochyena (135965) who is currently 2nd in line to be inducted to our fighter HOF.

Upon retirement, he managed to accumulate a total of 266 ranking points which means he is currently the 11th best manager in our glorified history.

Seppo was a consistent top level performer, he probably would had accumulated a more impressive stats sheet, but he went on a couple of long-term inactive periods which probably cost him 20-30 fights. He was always around the top tier of the roster and Tamias at his peak was a beast. You do not make it to our HOF w


Global Association of MMA , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

The world is changing,
there is tension in the air tonight.
Those now ruling
will get a chance to greet new challengers and fight.
Seven belts were forged in the fires of doom,
one for every class, divided by weight.
Champions were crowned and their look was gloom
as they have to defend their belt for it is their fate.
One organization was created to rule them all,
one cage to find them.
One Mentor to br

Revolution Island

Revolution Island, Fight Organization, The Island
Company profile by J J Tycooner

Title fights you asked yes there will be 6!
6 champions will try and defend there belt if you see one island card thhis season this is it!
265 lbs    5    5    Brock Lesnar v Marc Shelton        265 lbs title       
265+ lbs5    5    Macho Man v Rostam Xerxes        265+ lbs title       
145 lbs    5    5    Harry Baals v Brock Lesnar        145 lbs title       
155 lbs    5    5    Derek Pappalardo v Frank Dux    155 lbs title       
185 lbs    5    5    Buck Brown v Oluwale Bamgbose  &n


I have a fighter ready to be next champion,he lost first fight but he told me "I will be back stronger and i will never lose again a fight,i will fight with all my heart" ,this guy need a contract.

Contact: Marius Catalin
Contact me for talented young fighters at multiple weight classes for your league. Looking for contracts.

Contact: Jason HL
Writer looking to get back in the world of MMA-TYCOON. BrotherHec performs previews, reviews, and interviews. Former writer for two top ten MMA organizations. Prices will vary on assignments.

Contact: Brother Hec
Anyone who wants to sign a talented fighter to their organization, just look for my heavyweight Mirko "Cro Cop" Flipovic. Buzz me or send me a message if you are interested, and let's do this!

Contact: Gerg Leung
Why i cant see my article?

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