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Wind of Change Review

OMEGA FIGHTING, Fight Organization, New York
Company profile by Justin Ass

In another unexpected turn of events, Omega 27 definitely lived up to it’s name as it was a night of change. The brilliance of Omega owner Justin Ass has never been so obvious as it was his booking and naming of the historic Omega 27 event that made it as big as it turned out to be. Although I do hope the promotion of the event by yours truly also did it’s part 



Main event:

205 title - Ja Wuan Robinson © Vs Oswald Cobblepot


The main event featured an intriguing story as the champion made it known before the fight that he deemed the challenger unworthy. After the fight the challenger was crowned the new champion and Oswald couldn’t help but gloat. Could be this be the start of new rivalry?


When the bell rung both guys didn’t want to waste any time. Ja Wuan made it pretty clear he wanted to close the distance but the challenger foiled those plans as he was focused on keeping his distance. What made this fight so great is that they both went for it, while the champion never took a break as he tried to close the distance it was the frantic pace that the challenger set that really made the difference. The knockdown Oswald scored in the second round must have been highly rewarding for the new champion as Ja Wuan Robinson was pretty vocal in the build-up toward the fight that he was going to knock the penguin out.


Winner: Oswald Cobblepot by unanimous decision.



Co-main event:

Featherweight superfight: Ahsan Hamed (Omega Fighting) Vs Albert Ricci (Ontario Fight Club)


In the co-main event Omega Fighting took it’s first step toward global domination as the natural born talker Ahsan Hamed successfully defended the honor of Omega Fighting in a superfight. The fight that started out on the social network known as Buzz flowed over into the Omega cage and brought forth a social media superfight that more than delivered. Actions talk louder than words is what the Omega featherweight champion must have thought as he ran through the outsider in spectacular fashion.


The Omega featherweight champion came out strong and made it clear that the fight wouldn’t go to a decision as he was mixing dangerous knockout punches with some stiff low kicks to keep the challenger guessing. Ricci did his best to slow the fight down by closing the distance but it was all over before he could gain the upper hand.


Winner: Ahsan Hamed  by TKO (strikes) after 4 minutes and 48 seconds in the second round.



170 title - Russell Northrop © Vs Dan Howson


How the mighty fall. Russell Northrop also known as the bully was the heavy favorite but this fight proved that even the biggest underdog can rise to the occasion.


The bully lived up to his name as he started bullying the challenger, peppering him with shots to set up the takedown. While the bully did manage to take the fight to the ground he was unable to keep it there. The bully continued scoring points with some snapping punches but he got countered big time with a beautiful 1-2 combination that dropped him. Howson saw his chance to finish and took it as he finished the bully with some tough hammer fists.


Winner: Dan Howson by TKO (strikes) after 3 minutes and 40 seconds in the first round.



155 title - DJ Thunda © Vs Timothy Wilkinson


The lightweight title was on the line and both champion and challenger turned this into a dirty brawl like they were fighting on the mean streets of New York city instead of two professionals facing off in the Omega cage. The fight was closely contested and in the end the champion retained due to a cut. Considering the champion needed to prove that winning the title wasn’t a fluke and that the challenger was winning two rounds to one when the fight ended that doesn’t bode well for Thunda as Morrison Lee is lurking in the shadows, only one fight away from a rematch.


Winner: DJ Thunda by TKO (cut) after 4 minutes and 55 seconds in the fourth round.




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