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Revolution Island

Revolution Island, Fight Organization, The Island
Company profile by J J Tycooner

Title fights you asked yes there will be 6!
6 champions will try and defend there belt if you see one island card thhis season this is it!
265 lbs    5    5    Brock Lesnar v Marc Shelton        265 lbs title       
265+ lbs5    5    Macho Man v Rostam Xerxes        265+ lbs title       
145 lbs    5    5    Harry Baals v Brock Lesnar        145 lbs title       
155 lbs    5    5    Derek Pappalardo v Frank Dux    155 lbs title       
185 lbs    5    5    Buck Brown v Oluwale Bamgbose   185 lbs title       
205 lbs    5    5    Jan Urzu v Dan Couture          205 lbs title       
265 lbs    3    5    Yaser Khalafa v Mantis Joniis           
185 lbs    3    5    Flusha Wrecker v Neigh Tuh           
185 lbs    3    5    Optimo Primo v RJ MacReady           
155 lbs    3    5    Paul Harris v Dimi Karalopolous           
Rev island top oof the world is a cant miss event tune in to see if Brock Lesnar can go 16 and 0 !
see you there folks dont for get too buy your Taco lover tee shirt they are selling out fas


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