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0-0 Fighter Turns down contract with KFC

Editorial by Scott Petrey

 Fighter Eric Russell turns down contract with Kings Fighting championship!  Kings Fighting Championship 310k+ is The place to be for 310k+ fighters why ould a no name turn down a contact?

Reporter:  Why would a 0-0 fighter turn dow a contract at KFC?  That's obviously the place to be.....

Russell:  Shit man..... 0-0... I'm 35-0 in the streets!  I'll make 36-0 if you keep raising that eyebrow at me!

Reporter: Yes sir, mr Russell, but surely there is no better place than KFC to prove yourself.

Russell:  Shit bitch!, Of course I know that!  Eric Russell knows that!  I'm gonna wear that belt!  They just need to recognize they cant pay a superstar shit wages and expect a n***a to work.  People lined up in the hood to watch me knock a n****a out.  What do You think they will pay to see me do it in the ring?

Reporter:  eh...I'm sure its quite alot, Thank you Mr. Russell.

Russell:  Aye Yo, I just wanna give a quick shout out to my sponsor AMPED PERFOMANCE, Nothing But The Best! for me.  They better book a bigger arena if the sign me.  STEP ASIDE, knockin n***as out since 2010!


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