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Syn' 527 Aftermath

Event Review: Syn 527 - Scorched
2017-05-26, Los Angeles, LA Memorial Colossuseum
Attendance:92,177, Event Rating:1,003
Author:Chris Karter


It was an event that seen two new contenders of completely opposite sizes and proportions, emerge as newly crowned champions in the most prestigious and historical organization in the game - Synchronicity. It was a night that will go down in history, one that the true fans of MMA will remember forever.



Puno vs De Gaul

Kajun "Pinoy Savage" Puno, from Chris Karter's Convicted Fight Club, knocks out Obelix De Gaul in the 2nd round of the main event with a punch that rocked the world. An early knockout of the year candidate, Puno was dropped early in the first round but never seemed to be in trouble. He showed the heart of his father as he fired back to score a knockout of the ages capturing the Syn' Heavyweight title and the #1 Pound for Pound world ranking. This was an event that will seal his name and legacy in the MMATycoon Hall of Fame.

Result: KO (Punch) / RD 2 / 2:42



Kim vs Hoshino

Jong Un Kim dismantled the reigning champion Kantaro Hoshino earning a Unanimous Decision victory and capturing the Bantamweight title avenging a knockout loss he suffered earlier this year. This was vintage Aylib 2.0 at his finest. The fight was one-sided as Kim picked his opponent apart with precision punches and kicks. He was too fast and accurate for the former champ.

Result: Decision (Unanimous) / RD 5 / 5:00



Donnelly vs Ng

Liam Donnelly defeats Charles Ng in an Unanimous Decision. The Irish man literally beat the crap out of his opponent for 3 rounds. Liam Donnelly hasn't resigned with the organization yet because Jewsus Christ scared the Jesus out of him, and he doesn't want to be dominated again by the champion, Abraham Donowitz. Musketqueer manager Stu MacK declined to comment.

Result: Decision (Unanimous) / RD 5 / 5:00


Rutherford vs Kalervo

Steve Rutherford barely skates by Musketqueer fighter Kalervo Kaunismieli in a 3 round fight. Steve was once a promising fighter at the top of his division but after he suffered back-to-back losses experts were starting to question if he was the stereo-typical hillbilly who decided to let himself go. It's good to see "The Redneck Assassin" win because he appears to be the great Ruphus Duphus' last chance at excellence.

Result: Decision (Unanimous) / RD 5 / 5:00


Bruyne vs Tyraanicao

Michael Knight sent De Bruyne into the cage vs Bostar Tyraanicao with a message for his manager, "Peel Steel, you absolutely suck." - ouch! De Bruyne beat the Tunisian's face into the canvas for 3 rounds punishing him with a vicious GNP assault. It's no surprise that Peel Steel's fighter flailed frantically as he was spanked unmercifully by superior management.

Result: Decision (Unanimous) RD 5 / 5:00


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