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Mikael - The Documentary (Part 1)

Editorial by Grant Brophy

Part 1 of a 5 part special documentary


Mikael has always been a strange individual. Stories of his upbringing have been varied, with some claiming his face is actually a mask made out of another person’s face, while others claim he was inspired by now infamous managers. The truth is that Mikael was simply a normal child (Or was he?), but his actions inside of an MMA cage bring intrigue to his very character.



Entering TUF


We begin this documentary with Mikael already being a touted prospect in the MMA world, with his record currently standing at 6-0. He is scheduled to compete in the upcoming TUF tournament, where he is an upper favourite for the tournament. 3 KO’s, 2 Submissions and 1 Decision show him to be a diverse fighter, but his sparring partners in the gym claim he has devastating power, and his killer instinct is such that sometimes he doesn’t understand when to stop in the sparring sessions.


We enter the arena where the official drafts for the TUF tournament will be taking place. Mikael enters the building alongside his manager Grant Brophy and his training partner Dog The Multi Hunter, who is competing in the 155lbs section of the tournament. They take their appropriate places, while tournament organiser The C Bomb stands at the podium with the two coaches, Mr Wolf and Marky Mark occupying seats on either side.


Mr Wolf is the first coach to pick from the drafting pool, as he selects Isaac Rainbow Killer, an alliance mate of Mikael while they all applaud as Isaac takes the red shirt signifying Team Wolf. Marky Mark follows up by choosing David Yung, a popular move with Yung’s manager Joe Lang being a well-respected manager in the MMA scene.


Mr Wolf makes his way to the podium to announce his first selection from the 205lbs division. The whole audience is waiting in suspense, with a number of names available to pick from. Wolf approaches the microphone and says “Team Wolf’s number one pick from the Light Heavyweight section is…...Mikael Brophy!”


Mikael stands up to applause from the audience, departs his seating and stands on the stage, holding his shirt up knowing he is viewed upon as the man to beat of the division.


We rejoin Mikael the next day as they are due to find out the first matchup of the tournament. I asked him what his thoughts were and he claimed he wanted to be first up so he could get his win out of the way and focus on training.


First Challenge


We make our way back into the arena, but this time Mikael and Dog are up on the stage as I stay with his management team. Marky Mark is introduced back onto the stage, as he prepares to make the announcement everyone has been waiting on…


Marky Mark: The time has come to announce the first fight. Our coaching staff have been analysing the fighters diligently and we have now come up with a solution to get the party started. We’ll be starting with the Light Heavyweights…


An audible noise comes from the audience with excitement about the potential matchups.


MM: Representing Team Marky will be the man who has talent in areas other people don't even have areas, the one and only Akoni Gray!


Gray makes his way to the photography section, and he stands awaiting his opponent


MM: And his opponent from Team Wolf to be mauled will be….their #1 pick Mikael Brophy!


Mikael stands up and calmly approaches Gray on the stage. While not showing any emotion, both men had an aura of confidence about them, with neither giving an inch to their opponent.


When it came time for the fight, Gray was slow out of the blocks, while Mikael was out to dominate early. While he rocked Gray in the second round, he was unable to put him down for good, but coasted to a Unanimous Decision victory.


The Long Awaited Brawl


Next up in his way was Anthony Castillo, who had just defeated Shawn McLean to qualify for the finals. There was a lot of bad blood between the two, with Mikael previously labelling Castillo as “Over-sparred and Over-rated”. Castillo meanwhile was not one to keep quiet as he lambasted Mikael throughout the season. On the lead up to the fight, both men admitted a mutual respect for each other, but reaffirmed their assessments that they were the best fighter in the tournament.


Come fight time, it was a one sided affair. Castillo opened up a cut on Mikael early, before trying to tie him up in the clinch for some time. Mikael broke the clinch each time shortly after it was instigated, and it was from range he really dealt the damage. He was combining his head punches with both punches and kicks to the body in order to wear down the heavier Castillo, and it was a body kick that gassed Castillo, leaving him as a sitting duck. Shortly afterwards, he was rocked by an uppercut, before being put down mercifully with a KO that put Castillo to sleep instantly.


The Silver Lining in Defeat


Moving on to the finals, Mikael would face Alejandro Scott, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt who also had an aptitude for Boxing. There wasn’t much build up to the fight, with both fighters dedicating their time almost exclusively to the gym.


The first round of the fight went much like the rest of the tournament had, with Mikael dominating the striking exchanges while Scott was struggling. Mikael went back to his corner visibly fresher than Scott was. The beginning of the second round was much the same, before Scott switched game plan and instigated the clinch. While he got hit a couple of times by Mikael, he would pull guard, looking to use is Black Belt to effect against Mikael’s Purple Belt. He would manage to escape and take Mikael’s back, and from there was able to lock in the Rear Naked Choke for the victory. Mikael had suffered his first loss as a fighter, but he took comfort in the fact he was still the most dangerous striker in the 280k range for Light Heavyweights around.


We caught up with Mikael following the fight and asked him what his plans were now. All he replied with was….


“I’ll be back soon”


Before leaving the arena……


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