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GAMMA: Happy 8th Birthday!

Global Association of MMA , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

8 Years ago, the historic organization by the name of Global Association of MMA was born, since then GAMMA has went on to lead the game in various categories such as being the all time leader in events held (640) and fights booked (6390). During that period we are also the longest running org with a single owner and 2nd oldest active organization. We have had 135 fighters hit top 100 rank and in total, 4 of which hit top spot.

GAMMA is probably in it's strongest position ever, with 21 top 100 ranked fighters, 36 top 200 ranked fighters and 103 in the top 1000, all current game records. We are also running 2 second and 3rd tier organizations for well over 3 years now and also have a sister presence in MT with GAMT run by Runt . (108617).

We also have had a pretty good run against other top orgs in the game with a record of 139-74-3 in our super fights and i would like to thank owners of Ascension, Syncronicity, TTFC, Nordic Fire Championship, Versus, Steel Penn, Aggressive Damage in particular for organizing the largest majority of those super fights.

I cannot leave out Mega Jug as being our all time super fight partner with a total of 28 super fights arranged to date, we have had our differences over the years but still get things done when necessary.

We have had serveral top level managers participate in GAMMA, but i need to send out a special thanks to our HOF managers Gale Hawthorne (22636),
Whymer Van Mastodon (40116), Boondock The Destroyer (503), Mr Gutz (3074), Igor Psycho (6994), Dom Jaehnke (20196), Face Kicker (2965), Pawel Ufcowski (52087), Gerbert Bryant (84742), Paulie Walnuts (79001), Seppo Koskinen (2820), Fart Master (102643), Richard Davenport (10647), Grund McGrunderson (3341) as well as future GAMMA HOF managers Digga Dogman (91254), Jebba . (61031), John Bravo (50889) among others.

I also need to send special appreciation to Gerbert Bryant (84742) and Andy McKenzie (101467) in particular for their additional work in our lower tier organizations as owners or CEO's. Alika Webb (62511) needs to also get additional recognition for his work as writer for GAMMA, he is currently all time longest writer for GAMMA together with Fart Master (102643).

8 years is a VERY long time in terms of online games, i sure did not expect to keep it going this long, but at this point i think it is more of a habit like shaving every 2 days, so at this rate i can see myself going for quite some time.

Thanks to everyone and onwards to the future!



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