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Aspire MMA - Aspire 44 Review / Weekly Update.

Event Review: Aspire 44: Gerrald vs Brophy
Aspire MMA
2017-06-10, Los Angeles, University Park
Attendance:13,394, Event Rating:322
Author:Adam Holland

Hello all, I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you know things are still going fantastically here at Aspire MMA with the ongoing Dignity! merger and our final realisation of our long-standing goal to reach PPV right within our grasp, I wanted to make sure even folks who don't read the forums stay as upto date as possible so ill link this weeks "Thoughts from the CEO" directly below in this mail and that should give you all a fairly solid idea of how the organisation stands right now, thanks again for all the continued support.


You can find this weeks Aspire 44: Gerrald James vs Mikael Brophy card review  in full here: http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=57995&page=5#entry817770

PS: I intend to add P4P rankings during the next Aspire Rankings update!


Thoughts from the CEO:
Last week we had a less than fantastic review in light of the world events but let's put that right behind us and get right back at it, Aspire 44 represents the pinnacle point of our promotion to date with the Gerrald James vs Mikael Brophy main event marking the start of a new era in Aspire MMA, we have talked a great deal over the last couple of month's about our road towards PPV viability and I'm proud to announce to you all we are at that point, that time is now.
The road-map for our PPV launch starts tonight with many of the bouts booked intentionally to provide challenges and main events to the next set of shows with our very first PPV outing set for the 1st of July "Aspire 48: New Spring". The card main eventer by 265lbs champion Dimitri Zaitsev vs Dignity 265lbs champion Kimbo Slice with top 205lbs contender Valentin Skovgaard taking on Spank Crank and 265lbs titan Odin Thorsen in his rematch with Jan Mo, this event is expected to set the base-line PPV hype for us going forward and as such is expected to run at a significant fiscal loss initially.
Our plan is to follow up directly with a 42,000 seat arena Tokyo Bowl on the 8th of July show for "Aspire 49: Eye of the World" to raise our baseline PPV hype and then cement our position on the 16th of July with a PPV at the 93,000 seat Wombley Arena for "Aspire 50: The Great Hunt" and the 93,000 seat LA Memorial Colossuseum Arena on the 23rd of July for "Aspire 51: The Dragon Reborn".
Some might ask "What's with all the weird names?" for the moment we are experimenting with the idea of using book series's such as the Wheel of Time as part of a revamp of our naming scheme as we move away from the "Just Bleed" monika that has dominated our event names to date, it's part experiment to see how I feel about it and part homage to the Blitzkrieg organisation that used to run a similar naming pattern, run and operated by our very own Shiv Redux. 
What does this mean for you the managers of our fighters? well the truth is we have had to lay out significant investment to book the 93k arena's and to provide operating funds for the PPV shows and with the recent acquisition of Dignity there may be some wait times for fights as we try to best place you all on these up-coming PPV shows for maximum effect, I ask for your continued patience if you are waiting for a fight to be booked theirs almost certain a good reason for it and I encourage you to use this time to get some solid training in.
Financially the intention is to see how things go leading into August when we will have a solid picture of how the transition to PPV is likely to play out, at that point an overhaul of our organisations entire pay-scale with the intention to reward our fighters with PPV quality contracts will be implemented with increased emphasis on really putting money into the pockets of people who helped us get to this point in the form of additional signing bonus's that reflect our appreciation of your service to date, I have no intentions of running the kind of PPV company that fills its own pockets for the sake of profit, you, my managers, will reap the rewards of the organisations continued success because it's you who provide that very success week in, week out and give me the support I need to continue to do this at the high level we have set ourselves.
Ok let's get on with this momentous event review, but before we do I want to again remind everyone we have a number of ongoing "kayfabe" storylines that reference contractual disputes, issues and other storyline driving strife that we intend to play out over the summer, this is 100% for entertainment purposes only as I have received enquiry of late as to if some of this is "real" it's not, don't worry folks 
Oh and lastly if you are yet to join the fun over at Aspire Island it's not too late to create a 25-year-old and jump right into the action so be sure to check that out! 

- Adam Holland

- CEO Aspire MMA


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