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IFC Wednesday Night Fights #1

Event Preview: IFC Wednesday Night Fights #1
2017-06-14, The Island, Paddy O'Malleys Bar - The Island
Author:El Jarmas Rodrigues "AKA" Mamado

We will have on average 3 events every week, probably 2 events in the weekend and 1 midweek ....this will be our first midweek event this season and we did the best we could with what we have in our ranks.....most fighters making their professional debuts here, but if you have a closer look you can see that most are from very good and experienced camps......


Paddy O'Malleys Bar will host our event on the 14 Jun 2017 , and i believe all hardcore Island fight fans will be there watching some potential future island legends first steps into their career....After School Syndicate  will be our Merchandise Partner .....


the best island gym, Gyzmo is at the disposal of every IFC fighter as long as there is vacant spaces to train.....Gizmo's Gym is partner by the best quality supplements in the island so far ,Transform Supplements .....again not much to get exited here record wise but loads of expectation ........




205 lbs    3    5    Wee Man v Bumba Goober

            1-0-0 (W-L-D)                                                                               1-0-0 (W-L-D)

This will be an all Asian affair between two successful newcomers both winning their respective debut bouts....the 25 year old Chinese fighter Wee Man won he's by the way of submission in a fight where he dominated since getting the early the early takedown, he found himself on top position and imposed hes will showing great heart and determination as well as top notch submission skills , it was a wicked game plan too judging on hes amazing boxing skills he never use them...hes opponent is the 25 year old Cambodian fighter , who won hes debut fight to, but this one was in a completely different fashion....Bumba went trough a war that lasted the entire 3 rounds ,that war was controlled by him, mainly in the clinch ,using hes amazing MT that's where he made the difference but he possesses lethal kicks , good wrestling and an amazing chin, i mean this guy can take a punch.....they will meet at this early stage of their careers and someones 0 will have to go .........




265 lbs    3    5    Harry Kuntz v Nacho Stiffy

                  1-0-0 (W-L-D)                                                                              1-0-0 (W-L-D)

Watching Harry fight on hes debut fight at a QFC event was like watching a scary heavyweight with brutal striking from the clinch , hes knees looked particularly dangerous ....i believe he was a bit over aggressive on that fight and he was unloading with full power on every strike, i mean he was trying to hurt hes opponent , but he will be facing a different type of opponent here, he will be facing a heavy hitter  just like him, Nacho made a very impressive debut to hes career with a brutal KO in only 19sec ....didn't last long but the power he possesses was clear evident and it send chills trough the spin of most heavyweights in IFC.....this has the potential for the fight of the night two striker we expect to see them standing and trading bombs until one of the gets knock the fuck out...this two gentleman´s are ferocious in their approach ...we expect fireworks



265+ lbs    3    5    Zangief Chaykovsky Bob Joseph

0-1-0 (0 NCs)                                                                                        0-0-0 (0 NCs)

The 20 year old Russian giant, Zangief, lost hes debut fight , being KO'd in under 1minute into the fight , didn't show much or had enough time to do so, sometimes this things happen , everyone can get knocked out ,,and unfortunately for this young fighter happen to him in hes debut....was it a fluke?...or is hes chin hes achiles heel?....we will get some answers on that matter on the next fight for sure, Zangief will be facing the 25 year old American making a rather latte debut to hes career with the amount of skill he possesses, he will definitely test Zangief chin , hes been training in a good gym and comes of one of the best newcomer camps , i personally expect big things from him.....



155 lbs    3    5    James Field Destruction Man

           0-0-0 (0 NCs)                                                                       0-0-0 (0 NCs)

Man first fight didn't go according to plan, he lost a decision but he shown good set of skills and i think he can do much better if he gets the right game plan behind it ...i think he was too obvious with hes takedown attempts and that made it easy for hes opponent to read him, if i was him i would mix it up with hes punches a bit more ,be aggressive and try to make it a dog fight.....Field will have the advantage if he manages to control the clinch and avoid the takedowns , hes making hes professional debut here , very promising fighter from very promising camp....i mean hes manager has none less then 22 fighters in the island this season....big contributor and im sure some beasts will come out of that roster....interesting match up ......



135 lbs    3    5    Joseph Jacobs Mako Takaziko

  0-0-0 (0 NCs)                                                                              0-1-0 (0 NCs)

Our tinnie warriors will battle here a fight between the 25 year old American wrestler Jacobs and the 20 year old Japanese young superstar Mako.....Mako was doing really well against a tough opponent on hes debut but hes biggest weakness was on display big time , hes chin , i mean hes chin was hes downfall ....well i think hes chin will be tested in this upcoming fight against Jacobs and im afraid it will fail again....



265+ lbs    3    5    Max Wankz Yuri Martins

  0-0-0 (0 NCs)                                                                              0-1-0 (0 NCs)

The Brazilian fighter will enter this contest as the obvious favorite ,after an outstanding debut to hes career ,scoring a huge KO against another fighter ,fighting on this same card.....he showed excellent boxing and serious power ,he will be an handful for anyone in this division if he follows up that performance consistently, he will be facing a 22 year old English journeyman, this young man came to the island on holidays and after an all night bender with hes mates he end up taking some crazy pill that made him leave in a parallel universe ever since taking it, the result is him thinking hes Bruce Lee, yeah that's right?....this huge young English dude ,probably a builder in hes "former life"....I fear for hes health and im afraid the Island commission might be charged with manslaughter after this fight for failing to deny a license to this , clearly unstable "fighter".....



155 lbs    3    5    Bobby Boucher Iko Uwais

           0-0-0 (0 NCs)                                                                       0-0-0 (0 NCs)

This lightweight bout will bring face to face 2 excellent grapples making their professional mma debut here and we all hope this wont become a TWGC contest....very evenly matched they will for sure use their submission skills to win the fight it will all be down to who can control position better and in my opinion Bobby weight advantage and slightly more refine wrestling will give him the edge to get the W....



145 lbs    3    5    Raymundo Sweeney Cyu Yakuba

           0-0-0 (0 NCs)                                                                       0-0-0 (0 NCs)

The first match up on our featherweight division ,division created to accommodate under 18's in the island.....intriguing match up between a boxer and a wrestler , the 18 year old Irish fighter Sweeney is an amateur champion in hes native country and hes just starting to make the switch to cross training , hes camp believe he can compete at this level and send him to face another 18 year old fighter ,he will be facing a wonderful wrestler ....both fighters very 1 dimensional and psychically very week still ...i think this fight will go to the fighter with the best game plan....



265+ lbs 3    5    Paea Supuaga Mercrucio Vasques

           0-0-0 (0 NCs)                                                                       0-1-0 (0 NCs)

Impeccable performance fro Vasques in hes professional debut, the tallest man in Mexico turns out to be a very good and promising young fighter to.....he shown good take downs ,lightning fast shooting to get them and he did really well with hes gnp , nothing damaging but enough to set up hes submission......the 18 year old Mexican giant will be facing the 23 year old  man from the Fiji ......Paea is making hes professional debut here but rumor say that he has more then 500 bare knuckle fights in iligal  underground prizefighting circuits in hes native country....hes a tricky opponent for Vasques because , Paea actually a better BJJ practitioner then the Mexican and im sure he hits hard have you seen the thickness of hes arms?!....Dam hes all bone structure seems to be one of a bull.....



170 lbs    3    5    Clive Garret Kaleo Young

           0-0-0 (0 NCs)                                                                       0-0-0 (0 NCs)

This welterweight bout between 2 newcomer fighters very evenly matched in terms of skill ,will be a brawl for sure.....both fighters have a very good MT background but Clive superior wrestling will make the difference in hes favor in every clinch exchange......i can see this one going the distance and Clive getting the nod....Kaleo is a very promising young man with good potential to do well this season but he has a very tough opponent in front of him for hes professional debut........


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