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Moe Logan interviews Abraham Donowitz

Fighter profile of Abraham Donowitz by Kalle Derlude

Moe Logan: Hi there, fellow people of the earth and the collective hive mind, known as the internet. Welcome to another edition of Moe Logan's pot cast. I am Moe Logan and have a guest today. I was looking forward to the opportunity to speak with him. We had it a long time coming. It is none lesser than Abraham "Jewsus Christ" Donowitz. Reigning Syn featherweight champion, former D1 TWGC bantamweight king, grandson of god (or somethin' like that) and acknowledged as one of the best p4p fighters in the world. How 're you feeling today, Abe?


Abraham Donowitz: Benevolent, man. Thanks for the intro.


Moe Logan: Let's get the headlines out of the way, first. You are about to defend your strap against Lil Wayne. A familiar opponent to say the least. You went the whole nine yards with him twice in championship fights. But he always got the nod. How do you reflect upon these losses in light of meeting him for the third time now? And will it be the final time, should he beat you again?


Abraham Donowitz: First time I just like, got beat. I started off strong in the first round, and like, things just didn't work. Second fight was a total bummer too, I started off slow but I really got my groove, y'know, in the last two rounds and if we were two tigers in a cage, that were, y'know, like.. fighting to the death that night.. I was coming out of that cage man. Um.. but I think if it's meant to be - win, lose, or draw - I'm gonna fight bro. I'll keep trying. He can beat me ten times but I gotta keep coming back. Gotta set, like, a good example for the kids. Never give up type stuff.


Moe Logan: How do you feel about the fact, that your title is on the line, whereas his isn't? More cynical natures then the two of us may feel obliged to point out, that your results lately were more consistent than his. What kind of reasoning was presented to you, why just your title should be on the line? Was it because he beat you twice already or was it because of the Don Juan Matus situation? Or was it never really even considered?


Abraham Donowitz: I'm the Featherweight champ, I fought at 145 my whole career, so naturally, being like the champ and all, we're just gonna scrap it out at 145.


Moe Logan: What will be the key to beat the guy this time around? He sure is …. and I hope you don't mind when I say so …. unorthodox as hell. Considering that by virtue of his frame he should be a bantamweight. But he holds the lightweight title right now! And all that while he is a striker, first and foremost. That is some pretty impressive stuff right there!


Abraham Donowitz: Duuude, he's crafty. Lightning fast. Hard to see cuz he's such a darky. I gotta use my bread and butter bro. Jesus turned water into wine and I'm like, gonna turn this MMA fight into a grappling match. Sure, eh, umm, maybe not best anology, y'know? So I gotta get in there and put this guy on his back and, yeah, implement my gameplan man.


Moe Logan: Don't you think you need to get a little bit more aggressive? The guy, as great as he is, hasn't knocked anybody out in ages. And you have never been knocked out. Shouldn't that, in theory, give your Jew-Jitsu all the edge it needs? Just getting close and personal, ignoring his elaborate flailing for a bit.


Abraham Donowitz: Lil Wayne don't flail. Na bro. He comes in like, hi-yaaaa! Whaaaaaa! and he's all like, Ooooohaaarah! Oiii! Hmphhhh. Cowabunga bro. He's totally on that ninja shit. Lil dude goes afro samurai in there. It's kinda rad. So I'm uhhh, just gonna get ahold of him, and like, throw him to the mat, and be like - take that bro! and yeah, y'know, do my Jew-Jitsu thing. Slap him in a kimura, armbar, maybe even bust out the triple decker pecker wrecker. Yeeaaah.


Moe Logan: You put a whole lot of stock on your grappling pedigree. What was it like to win the coveted TWGC tournament?


Abraham Donowitz: It was cool man, cool experience. I was facing my training partner Fuujin in the finals. All I got was this fancy belt, and a t-shirt.


Moe Logan: This year's TWGC doesn't seem to get quite off the ground. At least as far as the bantamweights are concerned. Any chance to see you there in action again? Maybe in the next tournament?


Abraham Donowitz: Yeah man, no doubt about it. It's sad to see the tournament going, and y'know not compete, but hey, I'm like the champion at Syn' so I can't complain. I got obligations, and stipulations, and stuff. Umm, just gotta defend my belt man. I love it. I'll compete in TWGC again, definitely.


Moe Logan: It seems that the lord himself sent us a sign! Because as we speak, the news have broken that this tournament (the bantamweight and light heavyweight qualifiers) will be on their way in four days! Anybody in this tournament, who you would deem a worthy heir to your crown?


Abraham Donowitz: Convicted Fight Club for life bro. Tomas Marley and Kazuka Fuujin.


Moe Logan: Speaking of your gym and the grappling arts …. there appears to be an emphasis on grappling in your gym, that is curiously underrepresented at the top of the game, looking at other top gyms and p4p fighters. Most seem to avoid the ground and use wrestling as a mere defensive and controlling tactic. Why do you think that is the case and what would it take, so that more submission artists, who are definitely out there, can claim their stake at the top of the totem?


Abraham Donowitz: We emphasize Mixed Martial Arts man. Every fight starts on the feet, so umm, standin' and bangin' is important. Our coaches just like us to be like, uh, like, versatile. Multi-dimensional in there, like umm, unpredictable. Our manager, Chris Karter, y'know, he's like known as the K.O. King. But really, he's like, kind of the grapple king too. Just about every Division 1 TWGC champion comes from Convicted Fight Club. Oh, and to um, like answer that last question about the totem and shaking things up.. uh.. um.. how do I like put this man... ok, I think there's malicious forces in the mechanics of nature that inhibit the success and effectiveness of grappling at the highest of levels, if ya catch my drift.


Moe Logan: Malicious forces in the mechanics of nature? Is it the devil's work?


Abraham Donowitz: It's some Hitler-nazi-type stuff.


Moe Logan: Many pundits feel that this fight between you and Lil Wayne may very well mark a pivotal point in the sport. He is 36. And you are at the ripe, old age of 35. Your ancestor, Jewsus, after all the we know, didn't even become that old. Hand on heart, how long will you keep pursuing this line of work?


Abraham Donowitz: My brother Donny fought til he was 42 so I have some good years ahead of me. To be like honest man, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Gotta rep that Donowitz name. He mighta been the better fighter but I definitely got the better hair man, and a glorious beard.


Moe Logan: Some good genes there in your family, no doubt. How has your brother's success influenced your career and when was it clear for you, that you are gonna be a fighter?


Abraham Donowitz: You don't choose fighting man, fighting chooses you. What's meant to be, will be. You feel me? Some people are teachers, and some people are like, cops, and doctors or something, but the Donowitz brothers are totally fighters man.


Moe Logan: Well, Amen to that! Any last words for your opponent? Or for your fans?


Abraham Donowitz: It's like David and Goliath, except we're both David.. But I'm Abe.. and he's Wayne.. and we're gonna scrap man.


Moe Logan: And we all cannot wait to see this one play out. Abe, thanks for your time and good luck for your big fight!


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