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The farm is out there!

About Me: Alika Webb


“My local paper use to talk about Ms.Henrys chickens and Farmer Bucks Cattle... Man I miss those simple articles.”



This is Alika Webb and I am here at the MMATycoon farm in the middle of nowhere, to cover the mysterious events that occurred in the last couple of days for the Tycoon Times. Poor farmer Mike has a hard stomach indeed but even a man as sturdy as him nearly fainted when he woke up yesterday morning to milk his cows. He wasn’t ready for the horrible, disgusting scene he came across when he opened the stable door. All the cows stood there still but what terrible horrors had come upon them, he did not know for they were all … white! Pure as milk these cows stood for their spots had left the building.



Farmer Mike ran straight out the door, back to his farm and called the police to investigate the crime scene. Farmer Mike - having calmed his nerves about the nightmarish find he came upon – was now fuming with rage at the youngsters who’d come to enjoy a good show when the police arrived, for Mike was sure some of these little rascals were responsible for painting his cows white from top to bottom. Little did he know, as the police called him back into the stables for they had found something rather strange. He could see one police officer was trying to scrub the white paint off a cow’s hide but it appeared as if this paint could not be removed for the cow’s spots were still nowhere to be seen. The town veterinarian was also there, investigating this strange phenomenon and in his eyes he saw that this was … serious!



After a day that seemed to last for ages, everybody involved decided to call it a night and went home to lay their troubles to rest. But when farmer Mike awoke this morning, he went to milk the cows for that is part of his morning ritual and once again he nearly fainted for the spots had returned! During his flight out of the stables, a shadow could be seen in the distance. The shadow was much smaller than an average adult human being but it packed a voice louder than a child’s. “Give the little guys a chance to be heard!” the shadow bellowed and took off with a speed no human could possibly possess. Once more Mike called for the police and soon more followed for his farm is now crowded by reporters from all over the world. Had the police not seen the spots removed just a day before, they could have marked poor Mike a liar but the truth is out there still. What caused this beefy group of cattle to shed their spots and what was the role of the shadow in this bizarre case? Poor Mike is still obviously rattled from shock for now the horrendous face the shadow bore is gradually getting clearer in his mind and he claims it was indeed not a man’s but a raccoon’s face he came upon …


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