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Armando gracie interview by raichu kong

Editorial by Raichu Kong

 We are on in

  Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first of segment of cobra island enterprise. Tonight we have a special guest so please give it up for Armando gracie.   Cobra: Your opponent has a brown belt in bjj. How will you fare should he get the fight to the ground?   Gracie: I also have a brown belt in bjj and am better skill wise on the ground then him. I won all my fights on the ground and if he is able to get me down, I will flip him over and submit his ass. He does not show that he can beat me on the ground. I started to pratice my kicks and will land a kick to his dome. Either on the ground or off it I think I have the advantage in this fight   Cobra: Under new management you have gone 3-0. How does this affect you going forward?   Gracie: Under new managment and in my first organazation I think I have been doing preety damn good so far. My last manager waisted my time and dropped me after losing a fight after four wins in a row. I think this division is eating my dust as I go though there skills like paper. Just give me fights and I will proivde the fans with exciting fights every time!   Cobra: How is the training going and how does the vibe feel in the gym?   Gracie: The vibe at London MMA Club is amazing, thanks for asking. We know what to do and when I step into that octagon Dirty will have to kiss the ring after I beat him into submission.   Cobra: You appear to be the number 2 contender in your current division, how does that motivate your training?   Gracie:  I love being noticed as the number 2 contender in the division and I am on a role, thinking of winning some more. My streak will continue and god damn it I promise it will. My training camp and put me through hell to get me to the top contender and then soon I will be champion. I am confident in myslef and these camps are making me even more confident in my skills.    Cobra: How do you feel about the current champion Bob suf?   Gracie: Honestly I don't think he has a chance versus Edgy Brah in his next fight. Honestly he has skills that made him champion but he is old news, I am the most exciting thing that happened to this division currently. He is on my hit list for sure.    Cobra: When your contract expires where do you see yourself going next?   Gracie: My goal is too hopefully renew the contract and become champion in Strikeforce Union. If I decide too go a diffrent venue I was thinking to either Bushido or Knockout FC. But honestly that's not my first option as I have unfinshed business here! As soon as I am able to pounch on a title fight opprotunity I will do it. I will strip it from whoever and put it over my arm as I hear the screams of all my chearing fans.    Well there you have it boys and girls. Thanks for coming in bro and hopefully your goals become reality and I wish you the best of luck.   As always stay solid america


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