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Editorial by Carlos Castenada

Making fighters is the true art of this game. It's taken me ages (years of real life) to get clear on how to. Firstly, you don't want all round fighters as there aren't enough points to distribute no matter well you arrange things.

So, the first things u need to get clear is: What type of fighter are you going to make? Bear in mind that he can't be amazing at everything. He could be a sprawl guy with great takedown defence or a boxer/wrestler with GNP and punches. A clinch guy with devastating knees and escapes. Or maybe you wanna mix it up?

How to make a guy: so, say you want a MT guy and you want him to be good at clinch. This means he's a stand up dude who will never be an amazing grappler. So u know you don't want any points allocated wrongly. For example: a striker will always need TD, transitions, escapes and doesn't want GNP or submissions. Think long term. You will be facing other strikers who are Elite in boxing and MT, so rather than give your guy subs or GnP you give him elite++ def grap, elite++ boxing, elite++ Muay Thai, elite++ striking defence, all the physicals elite and so on....So you are the better striker.

Making the best fighter: Always make an 18yr old or younger. If you want to for fun so you can fight straight way then ok, but he will never be good)...."honestly" trust me cos it took me ages to drum this into my thick skull. A 25YR OLD WILL NEVER BECOME GREAT.

SECONDARIES- All fighters need the key skills; def grap, transitions, striking defence, punches, kicks, physicals. Note: certain secondaries help pop particular primaries. Typically, boxing assists punches and striking defence. MT assists clinch, kicks, knees, elbows and some punches (but not as much as boxing). Wrestling assists Takedown Defence, TD's, GNP, transitions and def grap and some escapes.

PHYSICALS: (Important as they are connected to all other skills). It's important to know that all the physicals influence every other skill and other physicals (while training). So speed and agility complement each other. You can always train general, but I never do. Traditional I, personally give my fighter maximum flexibility, and then balance (any points left over on agility and speed- spread evenly for a 25yr old). Speed and agility train at a similar rate and aid each other. When training keep an eye and swap between agility and speed so that you time it right. As you want them all to reach sensational (14) at roughly the same time. Eventually you should be elite in ALL YOUR PHYSICALS. Note: Balance doesn't pop as much, neither does flexibility. To remedy this I always give my guys max flexibility then balance when distributing my points in make player phase. Also conditioning and strength both pop the fastest, so they can be left at 1 when you make player.

What makes a well-made fighter??

I guy that has no wasted points allocated in the wrong areas: what are wasted points??? BJJ with escapes, striker with takedowns, Wrestler/boxer with subs, are all mistakes.

A guy that has the right connecting attributes: Defending/attacking submissions and kicks require flexibility. Takedowns requires; speed, balance and strength. Striking requires; agility, speed and then next is balance (some strength, but not as necessary as is for takedowns).

So distribute your skills wisely and consider that some training may pop you in areas you don't want. E.g. if you want a solid boxer, you don’t want him to have elbows or knees. You will always need to give him some clinch, but the thing to remember is that while you train in MT, you will also pop knees and elbows regardless, as well as kicks, clinch and some punches. So you may want to give your boxer (when u make him initially) 12Muay Thai with 12 clinch, 12 kicks....cos then you won't have to train him in MT ever. You can pump his training in clinch or kicks alone and that will still pop MT, but won't pop knees or elbows.

CONCLUSION: "To cut a long story short, you want to make a specialists fighter ultimately so if you want an elite pound for pound top 10 fighter, your guy will need (useless-abysmal-woeful) in at least 4-5 secondaries". YOUR 1ST AIM IS: Get all your guys up to 14 in their key chosen skills ONLY.

Summary: You want a guy with good hiddens and eventually train him until he’s elite++ in all your chosen key skills ONLY.

GRAPPLERS: your ground guys don't need escapes. Wrestling requires, def grap, balance, strength and speed. Wrestling (primary) attributes include secondaries; clinch, takedowns, takedown defence, transitions and some escapes. So the primary pops the secondaries and the secondaries help pop the primary.

Good grapplers may have takedown defence, but that is if you are a GNP guy who wants to land on top or just wants to control where the fight goes].

BJJ guys need max flexibility, balance, submissions, def grap (no escapes) and some speed. BJJ pops subs, def grap and transitions.

MT guys are either range fighter or clinch guys: pick one. Requires flexibility, agility, speed, boxing with punches, balance.

Suggestion: I usually train boxing with punches/striking defence, MT with clinch, kicks, elbows or knees, but it depends. It's good to train in things that help each other pop. So flexibility with kicks. BJJ/wrestling with def grap/transitions etc. Wrestling with takedowns/TD/transitions/def grap.

Transitions/def grap effects both BJJ and wrestling roughly equally.

Pop=when a fighter has gained/lost a point in his skills signified by +/- in Tycoon Assistant.

MT=Muay Thai. TD=takedown defence.


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