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Aspire 60: Brophy vs Adams - Review / Weekly Update

Event Review: Aspire 60: Brophy vs Adams
Aspire MMA
2017-07-16, London, Wombley Arena
Attendance:88,192, Event Rating:726
Author:Adam Holland

Thoughts from the CEO:

Hello all, 102,782 PPV sales is mind blowing to me, above and beyond our absolute best projections and this is just the start, as we continue to explore the PPV market we will increase week on week our profitability and begin to make improvements to our contract ranges, we will continue to spend to bring in the very best the ID range has to offer and we will continue our climb from now 4th globally all the way to the top with your support, thank you all, thank you so much.
With that said I do have some bad news, I have made the decision going forward that I will no longer provide a "fight breakdown" section of my write-ups, they take an extensive amount of time to do and I honestly don't feel like they add much value to the work, some of you have expressed via private messages that you do enjoy them and I thank you for that but I feel like I need to spend my time writing fun things, things I enjoy to invest into and that just isn't writing about the multiple ways someone can "instigate the clinch", some of my phrases were becoming cliché, to say the least and honestly it just was not a fun or sustainable experience, with that said I will absolutely still continue to put out the best possible storyline filled write-up with all the other elements you have become accustomed to, I will simply link to the "Live Commentary" for fight breakdowns. I apologize unreservedly if this diminishes anyone's enjoyment of the Aspire MMA experience.
Over the coming weeks you can expect more storyline based content for the folks who enjoy that stuff Mikael Brophy will be going on to face The Croc at Wrestlentertania 2017 and we will continue to explore the champions of Aspire MMA with our spotlights, following that we are planning to hire in additional writers to our staff and start to work on spotlights progressively for our entire roster until we reach a point were only new-signings require spotlights, this is our commitment to you, we want to build a rich storyline environment to support the ongoing hype/pop generation and swapping in-game realities, we understand most people have no interest in it but for the few who do, we hope you enjoy!

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If you would like to rate Aspire MMA head over to the Satisfaction Ratings for Orgs page and let us know how you feel!

You can find this weeks Aspire 60: Brophy vs Adams review in full here.

- Adam Holland

- Aspire MMA


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