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GAMMA: July 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb

Global Association of MMA™ , Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

When one door closes, why would you bother opening another one? As Menace Defoe clearly figured out, you can simply open the door that just closed because that’s how doors work.

GAMMA#644 Origi v Defoe – July 1

205 title - Divock Origi (c) Vs Menace Defoe

Much has already been said about the rivalry between these two legendary warriors but let us take a trip down memory lane for those who are still in the unknown.

Once upon a time there was a land named Gamma, ruled by a king they called Mentor. King Mentor had many a daughter with a heart of gold and many battles were fought over their affection. This story in particular will be about one of the most stunning beauties of them all, a maiden so pure of gold that even dragons would unleash a torrent of their fiery breath to get their talons on so stunning a beauty. Many tried and failed to make her their own but two young nobles went through quite a journey for a chance to hold her hand.

The first was a noble from the united tribes, Menace Defoe his name was. He followed their traditions and went through a military academy for fighters, named the GKNY. Slowly amongst his peers he rose as he went through battles with hordes of goblins. When he was deemed worthy, he graduated and joined the Gamma military were he stood before behemoths, trolls and many more creatures of legend before gaining the attention of the princess when he slew the tricky lycanthrope named Kai Kha. On a quest to a land far away, death escaped him by a razor’s edge as he stumbled upon a mighty dragon of D Amato but he came back home with a present for his princess.

The second was a wanderer, roaming the lands all across the globe. Experience he gained hands-on from his travels rather than teachings from a master. Nicknamed a beast himself as Divock Origi had gained quite the notoriety for his slaughterings in lands that ranged from well-known to obscure. Treasure he looted on his path but the real prize awaited him at the end of his journey. Entering the land of Gamma, he was headstrong in his quest for the hand of the princess that stole his heart. By defeating a boneless creature of nightmares, he made his name known to the king. The king awarded him thusly with a duel. A battle raged between the wanderer Origi and the king’s champion, Menace Defoe. It went on for ages and never bored, minstrels still sing their praise about the epicness of their collision. Divock Origi captured the hand and heart of the princess.

Origi went on a quest to slay the mighty drake Kakoullis, the drake’s head being the perfect gift for king Mentor but while Origi was en route, eternal rival Menace Defoe did not lay still. Decapitating the wizard of Theodorou brought him fame once more and thus a rematch was in order.

The rematch, like the original slugfest turned out to be a barn-burner where once more neither gained the upper hand. The king’s advisor awarded the victory to Menace Defoe but before Divock Origi could claim his rematch, whispers of an uprising could be heard. King Mentor sent out his champion to defeat the leader, a soldier named Verama who would lay waste to any who would dare to oppose him in his quest for power.

Winner: Menace Defoe by split decision.

GAMMA#645 Gerbert vs Gunnar – July 1

265 title - Gunnar Steigelmann (c) Vs Gerbert Bryant

"President" Gerbert Bryant was already known the world round for his dominance in the Gamma superheavyweight division but even inside the Gamma realm there is still more to conquer. Gunnar Steigelmann in his turn, established himself a force to be reckoned with by winning the heavyweight title but in superfights he has faltered. Gerbert Bryant smelled a weakness and he looked ready to exploit it as he made the unification of the heavyweight and superheavyweight title his new priority.

Gunnar Steigelmann took the challenger on a ride in the first round, his punches and kicks doing their work as the president looked overwhelmed by a torrent of fiery strikes. Danger was always lurking in the deep for the champion, as Gerbert Bryant had quite the surprise for the champion at the beginning of the second round. The champion was taken off his feet and got dragged down to the canvas, like a shark Gerbert Bryant dragged his victim to the bottom of the ocean. Like a shark Gerbert Bryant grappled and tossed his victim about, ground and pounding the champion so violently as if he truly were a shark snapping its jaws at the champion’s face with murderous intent. "President" Gerbert Bryant felt his spirit rise and kept up the pace for another two rounds. In the final round, the fans bore witness to the heart of the champion, Gunnar Steigelmann came back with a vengeance but a takedown from Gerbert Bryant shut down all hope of a comeback.

Winner: Gerbert Bryant by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#646 Jimenez vs Goodman – July 8

185 title - Jimmy Dias Jimenez (c) Vs Saul Goodman

The first one is always the hardest and Jimmy "BrokeBack" Dias Jimenez found that out the hard way! His first title defense was no mere formality as the middleweight division is one of the most diverse divisions. They’re all going head to head on a level playing field as the glue that held the division together - Steve "Bells" Belliveau – has left the building since losing the title. With a division in disarray, the entire locker room was looking at Jimmy "BrokeBack" Dias Jimenez to step up to the plate.

Saul Goodman came out swinging and never slowed down, speedy punches mixed with lightning fast kicks caught the champion in a whirlwind of trouble. Jimmy Dias Jimenez was taken aback by the relentless assault of the challenger but did everything in his power to keep up in the challenger’s war of attrition, to no avail as Saul Goodman kept the good times rolling and never danced out of step.

Winner: Saul Goodman by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#647 Wolek v Citizen – July 15

155 title - Robert Sito (c) Vs Mathew Ridgeway

Robert "Sitek" Sito is back on track as he is once again dominating the lightweight division with an iron fist. Robin Yount was the first to face the music and now a new challenger has surfaced. Mathew "Deep Waters" Ridgeway may not have the most spectacular record, sporting nine losses in his career but the man with the plan has yet to taste defeat in 2017. He started his career resurgence in the world renowned Evolution organization when a new manager took him under his wings. Now Mathew Ridgeway looks to finish his Cinderella story with a happy ending as he takes on Robert Sito with Gamma’s lightweight title on the line.

A kickboxer in a previous life, Mathew "Deep Waters" Ridgeway took the fight to the champion as he hammered away on Robert Sito with a waterfall of stiff kicks and snapping punches. Even in the clinch Ridgeway proved that still waters run deep. Frustrations clearly visible on the champion’s face as the second round started, the fight continued much in the same way as the first round had ended. Halfway through the second round though, Robert Sito threw caution to the wind as he abandoned all defense and walked straight trough the former kickboxer’s offence to slap his opponent silly. An open-handed palm strike that Bas Rutten would be proud of had Mathew Ridgeway seeing stars. The champion heard opportunity knocking as he mercilessly unleashed the pain on the challenger.

Winner: Robert Sito by TKO (strikes) after 2 minutes and 23 seconds in the second round.

135 title - Nico World Citizen (c) Vs Lukasz Wolek

Newly crowned bantamweight champion Nico World Citizen faced the biggest challenge of his career as the number two pound for pound fighter in the world and current Gamma featherweight champion Lukasz Wolek dropped a weight class to unite the belts of Gamma’s lightest divisions.

The referee looked like a hunter lost in the foggy jungles of terror. In the gloom of the mist, shadows could be seen. A glint of razor-sharp teeth could be spotted from the corner of his right eye while in the left, a pair of ruby diamonds shone terror in his heart for they where eyes burning with murderous intent. A growl roared from the horrors lurking in the mist as an enormous bear named Lukasz Wolek erupted from the shadows. Knife-like claws slashed about at the towering figure of the bear as Nico World Tiger made its entrance into the battlefield of the jungle. The tiger launched itself like an arrow from a hunter’s bow and nearly speared the bear in half but the bear caught the tiger in mid-flight, hugging it in a vice-like grip of death. With life draining from the tiger as the bear tightened its grip, the tiger trashed about with its snapping jaws as it was caught in the clutches of the bear’s paws. The hunter had seen enough of this carnage and unleashed a tune that deafened the sounds of the jungle with his rifle, sending the terrifying beasts scattering back into the darkness of the jungle, leaving the scene of battle with a clear victor yet to be declared.

Winner: Lukasz Wolek by majority decision.


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