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Dynasty K-1 Grand Prix

Dynasty K-1, Fight Organization, Tokyo
Company profile by Grant Brophy

 DYNASTY K-1 Grand Prix 



A Tournament which will be spoken of in the Annals of time.




We are Proud to announce here at DYNASTY K-1 our 64 man epic creation tournament.




Grand Prix Rules:

This Tournament will be a CREATION ONLY tournament  All Fighters Must be a MAXIMUM of 18 years old Fights will take place within DYNASTY K-1 Based in Tokyo under full K-1 Rules All fights will consist of 3 x 3 minute rounds  and take place within a ring This Tournament is a Single Elimination format Fighters must be a minimum of 225lbs  Creation date will be set once all 64!!!!!! places have been filled Fighters can be tested between Creation and first event



*preliminary (may increase)

1.7 Million Tycoon Dollars (includes current donations, thank you to all, may be higher with further donations etc...)
Prize breakdown 
1million dollars from dynasty
400k from the team at aspire
100k from shiv
100k from jj 
100k from sullys bar and grill 
100k from greengrocer

Sullys bar and grill will also pay 50k for fastest ok by punch/elbow and kick/ knee Personalised T-shirt and nutritional goody bags (Supplied by ASPIRE) 


Let's make this one to remember


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