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Aspire 65: McGee vs Lee

Event Review: Aspire 65: McGee vs Lee
Aspire MMA
2017-08-06, Los Angeles, LA Memorial Colossuseum
Attendance:91,523, Event Rating:761
Author:Adam Holland

Aspire 65: McGee vs Lee - Live from the LA Memorial Colossuseum (93,607) : Attendance - 91,522 : Event Rating - 761.24 : PPV Sales - 169,664

Betting: Aspire Casino

Thoughts from the CEO: Tonight, I'm pleased to announce two more upcoming inductions into the Aspire Hall of Fame set to take place at our final LA Memorial Colossuseum event on the 27th of August before we make our permanent residence in the Wombley Arena in London, England.

Induction into the Aspire HoF will take place only three times per calendar year with scheduled dates of the 27th of August 2017, 27th of December 2017 and 8th of April 2018 for the next three ceremonies with a class induction limit of just five combatants per induction, each new addition must meet the caliber and standard set by all previous inductees to ensure the lasting legacy and prestige of the honour going forward.

It is with great pleasure I announce joining Aspire 185lbs champion Casper Timmermans as part of the inaugural Aspire Hall of Fame class of 2017 will be the dominant Aspire 155lbs champion Bonerz McGee and tonight's main event defending Aspire 145lbs champion the legendary Riff McGee, with just two more slots allocated to this induction window you can be sure the very best that Aspire MMA has to offer will be eyeing their spot in that hallowed halls of fame.

vs 145lbs: Riff McGee vs Morrison Lee

vs Age: 25 Age: 27

Height: 171 cm Height: 181 cm

Weight: 150 lbs Weight: 158 lbs

Record: 12-0-0 (WWWWW) Record: 15-2-0 (WLWWL)

Pre: Legendary Aspire 145lbs champion Riff McGee is at the very peak of his professional career having recently vanquished world class BJJ practitioner Rollo Gracie during the main event of Aspire 50: McGee vs Gracie at the Tokyo Bowl marking Aspire MMA's very first international PPV breaking records for attendance and PPV sales across the board and launching Aspire MMA into the global market, a debt the company will never forget with Riff McGee this week been announced as the third entry into the prestigious Aspire MMA Hall of Fame class of 2017 alongside Aspire 185lbs champion Casper Timmermans and Aspire 155lbs champion Bonerz McGee, induction is set to take place at the inaugural ceremony on the final Aspire MMA, LA Memorial Colossuseum event on the 27th of August 2017 with the promotion looking to run most major show's going forward out of the Wombley Arena in London, England.

Making his Aspire MMA debut is Omega Fighting 145lbs champion Morrison Lee a member of the prestigious OMEGA Hall of Fame having previously held the Omega 155lbs championship defending the title successfully on five occasions before finally been defeated by DJ Thunda via TKO (Strikes) at Night of CHAMPIONS 3 before going on to defeat Harold Shipman via KO (Head Kick) receiving the KO of the night bonus at Omega 29 March to Victory, earning re-match with DJ Thunder that resulted in a unanimous decision fight of the night award winning title victory for Morrison at NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS 4 and putting Morrison on collision course for a rematch with Harold Shipman resulting in a shocking Submission (Kimura) loss at OMEGA 35.

Making the decision to return to his original fighting weight of 145lbs to take a fight against then Omega 145lbs champion Natural Born Killer at The Final Battle event prior to the closing of the OMEGA Fighting organisation it was a real return to his roots as Morrison delivered his first Submission victory via (RNC) since early 2016 claiming the Omega 145lbs championship and sky rocketing his value going into negotiations with rising promotion Aspire MMA.

Fight: Live Commentary

Post: Following the fight McGee showed his apprechiation to the fans as he celeberated on the side of the cage holding his title high in the air for all to see before returning to the center of the cage for his post-fight interview, "I'm honoured to be joining the Aspire Hall of Fame, I want the fans of Aspire MMA to know this is my home, I just signed a new contract, this is my yard, Podolski I see you, come get some."

Winner - Riff McGee by way KO (Punch) : Fight Rating 52%

170lbs: Don Julio Cesar Chavez vs Bomb Com vs Age: 31 Age: 26

Height: 189 cm Height: 178 cm

Weight: 176 lbs Weight: 175 lbs

Record: 19-5-0 (WWLWW) Record: 10-3-0 (WWWLW)

Pre: Former Revolution XC 170lbs champion Don Julio Cesar Chavez is an Island Season 5 standout having dominated at both 185lbs and 170lbs division's during the now legendary Island season, known primarily as submission specialist it's his tangible innate KO power that makes him dangerous both on the ground and during striking exchanges, following his Aspire MMA debut TKO (Strikes) defeat of top prospect Marcus Browne at Aspire 45: Hayes vs Gracie, it was Mitchell Hobson who found himself on the end of a unanimous decision loss putting Chavez in line for tonight's co-main event.

Bomb "Dot" Com is an Aspire MMA veteran having debuted back at Aspire 23 following a successful trail of TKO victories in the Immortals MMA Championships leading to an Aspire 23 KO of the night award winning TKO (Punches) victory over top prospect Brannigan Steele, a contentious split decision loss to Jack Stone at Aspire 27 did little to halt Com's continued rise as he took on and defeated former Aspire 170lbs champion Chance Birmbaum at Aspire 31 but another contentious split decision loss to top competitor Alessandro Orsini at Aspire 37 left Com making it clear in his post-fight comments that he had been "disappointed with his performance", fast track to Aspire 43 and Com returned to the cage with a three round decimation of Sebastol Ceomo winning via unanimous decision before returning to finishing way's at Aspire 46: Orsini vs Ramon with a spectacular KO (Head Kick) destruction of Jervis Tetch in the very first round and again at Aspire 62: Gracie vs Warror with a TKO (Strikes) annihilation of Winslow Berhardt, with the top levels of the divisional rankings within his grasp, does Com have what it takes to get the job done under the pressure of the main event spotlight?

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Bomb Com by way TKO (Strikes) : Fight Rating 68%

205lbs: Philo Beddo vs Leon Montana vs Age: 24 Age: 22

Height: 191 cm Height: 188 cm

Weight: 214 lbs Weight: 218 lbs

Record: 11-3-0 (WWWWL) Record: 8-1-0 (WWWWW)

Pre: Philo "Cowboy" Beddo is one of Aspire MMA's true veteran's having debuted way back at Aspire 17 and going on to fight and defeat a litany of top prospects to rise the divisional rankings into the upper echelons securing himself as a name discussed amongst the top contenders for a future title eliminator following his dominant TKO (Strikes) victories over Tun Fo and Shawn McLean at Aspire 39 and Aspire 44: Gerrald vs Brophy respectively, followed up by convincing unanimous decision victories over top contenders Melchizedek Halo the Caged Combat Rio 205lbs champion and the former Caged Combat Rio 205lbs champion Rickson Moura in the co-main event of Aspire 62: Gracie vs Warror.

His opponent tonight is New York's own world class striker Leon Montana based out of Amsterdam's Wild Card gym alongside such names as popular Underground 155lbs champion Felix Sturm, Hardcore Fighting Championship 205lbs champion Devon Baily and Underground 265+ champion Roy Palmer. Recently defeating former Duel Fighting League 205lbs champion Third Round Romero at Aspire 62: Gracie vs Warror many consider Montana to be the most dangerous striker at 205lbs with Aspire Casino running reporting record levels of betting on this particular fight with the general public voting with its money to suggest no matter who win's tonights showdown, this fight will end in a KO finish.

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Leon Montana by way KO (Punch) : Fight Rating 87%

185lbs: Sergey Sklemin vs Kiovani Aro vs Age: 26 Age: 25

Height: 187 cm Height: 187 cm

Weight: 200 lbs Weight: 193 lbs

Record: 12-8-0 (WLWLL) Record: 11-3-0 (WWWWW)

Pre: Former StrikeForce Union 185lbs champion Sergey "Sklema" Sklemin made his Aspire MMA debut in a losing effort against Ronnie Rolla at Aspire 48: James vs Moura resulting in a TKO (Punch) defeat leaving the St Petersburg native world class striker stunned in his tracks, returning to the cage at Aspire 61: Lewandowski vs Yef facing off against former Dignity! veteran James B. Grossweiner it was Sklemin who took home the fight of the night bonus in his unanimous decision victory that did much to restore his confidence as his position in the divisional rankings rose seeing him faced off tonight against one of the divisions top competitors.

Kiovani Aro has devastated everyone who has stood before him since his Aspire MMA debut victory over former Aspire 185lbs champion Aksel Stenger at Aspire 27 before going on to dominate one time title challenger Kimbo Spice via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 32 and then secure unanimous decision victories against both Ronnie Roll and John Ruth at Aspire 37 and Aspire 42 respectively, proceeding to dominate Dustin Anderson via TKO (Strikes) in the very first round at Aspire 45: Hayes vs Gracie it was his recent showdown with former Aspire MMA 185lbs champion Harry "Opie" Winson in the co-main event of the Tokyo Bowl 42,000 seat arena Aspire 50: McGee vs Gracie PPV spectacular that resulted in a definitive unanimous decision victory for Kiovani Aro that fast tracked him for tonights epic encounter, many consider Kiovani Aro a future title challenger and with just a few top names in his way to the opportunity a victory tonight could put him on course for a title eliminator with one of the divisions top contenders.

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Sergey Sklemin by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 64%

205lbs: Michael Garibaldi vs Gerrald James vs Age: 20 Age: 34

Height: 190 cm Height: 185 cm

Weight: 207 lbs Weight: 206 lbs

Record: 6-1-0 (WWWWW) Record: 18-8-0 (WLLWW)

Pre: Carnage 205lbs champion Michael Garibaldi is a submission specialist fighting out of New York representing The Disciple's fighting camp, considered to be one of the most well rounded young prospects in the sport today Garibaldi represents the next generation of true mixed martial artists who have grown up in a world where a developed MMA scene has existed their entire life times and as such have learned the sport in a unified context giving them a synergy of movement older generations outside of the very top end of the spot seem to lack, excited by the prospect of his debut online fans listed Garibaldi as their "one to watch 2017" at 205lbs in a recent Aspire Online poll.

Former Aspire 205lbs champion Gerrald "Booger" James made his Aspire MMA in a successful unanimous decision victory over top competitor Darth Sidious at Aspire 33 before earning a title shot against Alexjandro Scott at Aspire 40 resulting in a fight of the night award winning championship victory for "Booger" but it was short lived as superstar Mikael "The Forsaken" Brophy delivered a shocking KO (Spinning Backfist) defeat at Aspire 44: Gerrald vs Brophy reliving Gerrald James of his prestigious Aspire 205lbs championship, a submission (Armbar) loss to top contender Rickson Moura in the main event of Aspire 48: James vs Moura left fans devastated but a split decision victory over highly rated competitor Spank Crank at Aspire 61: Lewandowski vs Yef did much to appease the fans as he heads into tonights spectacle showcase against the popular Carnage 205lbs champion.

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Michael Garibaldi by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 54%

185lbs: Dustin Anderson vs Khunbish Borjigin vs Age: 24 Age: 24

Height: 179 cm Height: 186 cm

Weight: 187 lbs Weight: 194 lbs

Record: 8-3-0 (WLWLL) Record: 7-2-0 (WWLWW)

Pre: Making his Aspire MMA in a losing effort against top competitor Kiovani Aro via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 45: Hayes vs Gracie following a TKO (Strikes) victory of his own over Deontay Hunter at D50 Warror vs Saarelinen it didn't take world class wrestler Dustin Anderson long to put himself back on track for success with a unanimous decision victory over top prospect and Aspire MMA fan favourite Ajax Aquila Corvus at Aspire 50: McGee vs Gracie, prepared now to take on one of Aspire MMA's brightest rising stars Anderson has taken to the role of the "bad guy" cutting scathing promo's on fan's at live events in recent times and almost getting into an altercation with Borjigin at the pre-fight weigh in's over Anderson's perceived disregard for fans seeking to ask him questions and Anderson insisting on responding with nothing more than "No comment", adjusting both the fans and Borjigin alike forcing security to separate both fighters and ensuring bad blood will spill over into the cage tonight.

Khunbish Borjigin hailing from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia fighting out of the GWad's Playpen based out of Montreal, Canada representing The Six Musketeers fighting camp and possessing some of the most lethal striking skills in his division with a tangible knockout ability that is underpinned by his ruthless ferocity in the cage, one of the most dangerous fighters in the 185lbs division on the fast track to the very top seek's what he describes as the "perfect performance" above all else, concerns of victory are a side effect of his ongoing struggle to fight the perfect fight, to take on the very best competition the world has to offer and defeat them soundly in operatic fashion like a flowing stream of perfection, this is his dream, this is Khunbish Borjigin's mission. Deeply respectful of the fans and the love they have shown him since his Aspire MMA debut back in December of 2016, Borjigin was quick to take to the defense of fans dismissed by his opponent Dustin Anderson during the pre-fight weight in's and will seek to exact a penance upon his rival for his transgressions.

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Khunbish Borjigin by way TKO (Strikes) : Fight Rating 52%

185lbs: Bosco Iwoba vs Jorge Morueco vs Age: 26 Age: 25

Height: 187 cm Height: 187 cm

Weight: 184 lbs Weight: 195 lbs

Record: 10-2-0 (LWWWW) Record: 10-6-0 (LWLWW)

Pre: Former Omega Fighting 185lbs champion Bosco "Exodus" Iwoba made his MMA debut following a successful kickboxing career with an impressive KO (Punch) victory over current Aspire 265lbs champion Rocket Bob Frankels back in late 2015 before going onto leave a path of destruction across the amateur Quick Fight Championships with first round domination KO's over Johnny Wilson, Stop War and Champ Henson leading to a successful appearance for the Casino Fight Night's earning a KO of the night bonus for his first round vanquishing of Chief Big Paws catching the attentions of Omega Fighting talent scouts who quickly signed the young prospect to professional contract.

Picking up a debut victory over prospect Lonnie Vaughn via TKO (Strikes) at RISE TO GLORY before finding his first career defeat at the hands of current Hardcore Fighting Championship 170lbs champion Russell Northrop leading to a brief return to his home tribe in Bata, Equatorial Guinea that allowed "Exodus" to reconnect with his inner warrior before returning to dominate Omega veteran Lee Sin via unanimous decision at OMEGAGEDDON, going on to destroy Monk Eastman via KO (Punch) earning an opportunity to rise to 185lbs and take on Omega Fighting 185lbs champion Hassan Dehu a prospect many considered unwise at the time but utilising his explosive speed and technical superiority resulted in a KO (Punch) title victory for the tribesman. Defending successfully against Fabouzi Massu via TKO (Strikes) at NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS 4 it was finally top contender Vito Mazzini who would deliver Bosco Iwoba's second career loss via Submission (Armbar) at OMEGA 34 The War in Montreal.

His opponent Jorge "Cacho de Cabra" Morueco is a submission specialist fighting out of the Las Vegas based Tayne's 4d3d3d3 Gym under the guidance of head coach Tayne Celeryman in association with nutritional partner Sin City Allstars, a veteran of the MMAHelsinki promotion with fifteen professional bouts under its banner, many were surprised when the former MMAHelsinki 205lbs champion decided to make the jump to Aspire MMA and make the transition to the 185lbs division. Known for his predatory submission skills and solid technical standup it is "Cacho de Cabra"'s chin that has often let him down but with an increased focus on his striking defense training in recent times his camp are said to be confident Morueco will once again rise to the championship level.

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Jorge Morueco by way TKO (Strikes) : Fight Rating 100%

155lbs: Pekko Wannanen vs Ebeneezer Darkk vs Age: 25 Age: 26

Height: 172 cm Height: 182 cm

Weight: 161 lbs Weight: 160 lbs

Record: 6-2-0 (WWLWW) Record: 10-3-0 (WLLWW)

Pre: Pekko "The Northern Wolf" Wannanen known for his explosive finishes that have made him one of the most popular fighters in his weight class, is coming up on his fifth appearance for the Aspire MMA organisation having joined from the legendary Helsinki Fighting Leauge in a winning effort against former top prospect Brandon Lee via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 32 before going on to find defeat via decision at the hands of top contender Kai Yamaguchi at Aspire 40, quick to bounce back from the loss it was a TKO (Strikes) victory over Ray Bundles at Aspire 44: Gerrald vs Brophy that placed Wannanen firmly back on the path to success, with a contentious split decision victory at Aspire 50: McGee vs Gracie standing as his most recent result, Wannanen has assured his fan base he intends to seek a finish tonight.

Former Primal Fear 155lbs champion Ebeneezer Darkk makes his Aspire MMA debut following his TKO (Strikes) fight of the night award winning performance against Satoru Takada at Primal 55 back in January of 2017, proceeding to take a sabbatical at the retreat in Yemen to rediscover his passion for the sport Darkk is said to be in the best shape of his life as he approaches his anticipated reintroduction to the world of mixed martial arts.

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Ebeneezer Darkk by way Unaninmous Decision : Fight Rating 78%

155lbs: Sala Barbo vs Gustavo Carvalho vs Age: 24 Age: 26

Height: 172 cm Height: 172 cm

Weight: 155 lbs Weight: 165 lbs

Record: 4-1-1 (WDLWW) Record: 7-4-0 (WLWWL)

Pre: Following a two fight series with Perry St Hype at the Rebirth Fighting Championships that resulted in a divisive fight of the night award winning draw at RFC 41: Brutal Beating, before going onto a sensational TKO (Strikes) domination victory for Sala Barbo at RFC 44 Slaughterday Night Live, with the now defunct Rebrith Fighting Championships going into administration Aspire MMA representatives were keen to secure the services of rising star Sala Barbo as he looks to make his Aspire MMA debut tonight fighting out of the mysterious Dr Hatsumi's Clinic based in London, England along side world renowned fighters such as Lao Shin "To Chin" the former GAMMA 170lbs champion, it seem's Sala Barbo's future is set to be bright.

Also making his Aspire MMA debut is former Duel Fighting Leauge mainstay Gustavo Carvalho a well rounded elite level BJJ practitioner from Curitiba, Brazil fighting out of the LOD Gym of the Gods based in Las Vegas formerly represented by the The Corporation's own War Pig management team before making the jump to the rising Royal Assface agency under the banner training affiliate LEGION OF DOOM, Carvalho comes into tonight fresh off a decision victory over Aidan Harrison at DUEL #64 and will be looking to make a statement to the highly competitive Aspire 155lbs division that he is here to stay.

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Sala Barbo by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 53%

155lbs: Jack Wilder vs Ray Bundles vs Age: 23 Age: 26

Height: 170 cm Height: 175 cm

Weight: 167 lbs Weight: 170 lbs

Record: 6-3-0 (WWLLW) Record: 6-9-0 (WLLWL)

Pre: Jack Wilder made his Aspire MMA debut in a unanimous decision loss to Ray Bundles at Aspire 31, something he has never forgotten, seeking his revenge Wilder took on Prince Iowu defeating him in a superior striking display resulting in a TKO (Strikes) victory and putting him on course for an Aspire 49: Zaitsev vs Slice showdown with Miles North again resulting in a TKO (Strikes) victory that Wilder used as an opportunity to demand a rematch with his one time nemesis Ray "Stack" Bundles, viewed as potentially one of the most exciting undercard bouts in Aspire MMA history purist fans online have described this preliminary bout as the "real main event" of Aspire 65.

Following his Aspire MMA debut decision victory over Jack Wilder at Aspire 31, world class striker Ray "Stack" Bundles found defeat at the hands of both Bruno Tepes via TKO (Punches) at Aspire 40 and Pekko Wannanen via TKO (Strikes) at Aspire 44: Gerrald vs Brophy, forced to re-evaluate his training regime and fight philosophy it was a switch to 99% Fight Club out of Los Angeles lead by head coach Calvin Hobbes that put "Stack" back on track for victory with an impressive TKO (Kick & Punches) domination of former Aspire title challenger Rodney Smith at Aspire 48: James vs Moura in the very first round.

Faced with been called out to task by Jack Wilder during the Aspire 49: Zaitsev vs Slice post-fight press conference, Bundles was quick to respond posting a video on Aspire Online accepting the challenge stating explicitly "You gonna get knocked the fuck out son" before punching the camera with such ferocity that the screen shattered on impact, a move questioned by fans who are concerned Bundles may have in fact injured himself in the process of the media stunt putting his chances of victory in question.

Fight: Live Commentary

Winner - Ray Bundles by way Unanimous Decision : Fight Rating 81%

The Aftermath:

FON - Leon Montana vs Philo Beddo KON - Jorge Morueco SON -

Next week's event Aspire 66: Casper vs Mazzini coming live from the LA Memorial Colossuseum (93,607) seater arena live on PPV headlined by Aspire 185lbs champion Casper Timmermans fresh off his recent TKO (Strikes) victory over Dignity! 185lbs champion Macon Sackett going up against debuting Omega Fighting 185lbs champion Vito Mazzini with top 205lbs contender Valentin Skovgaard vs Omega Fighting 205lbs champion "JR Superstar" Ja Waun Robinson and big name Aspire roster member's Isaac Hayes, Koulouraki Souvlaki, Spank Crank, Darth Sidious, Johnny Vegas and Luigi Gabagool and many many more on a card packed with future title contenders, join us for all that action and more right here at Aspire MMA.


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