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Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ - Meet the Writing Staff!

Org name: Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
Fighters signed: 141
Number of events: 119
Base: Sydney
Owner: Hare Rumpler
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Sucker Punch Pro Series 30 2020-12-19 Sydney
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SPPS 32 - Christmas Hangover 2020-12-26 Sydney
Weight Name Last Win
145 Michael Aalto Destin Craven
155 Frankie Logan Francois Oosthuizen
170 Igor Vovchanchyn Konrad Wagner
185 Nyah Hirst Wanderson Machado
205 Jacob Parker Julian Rourke
265 Thoth Chontamenti Boris Balkan

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Hey all you Sucker Punch Fans!

So as many of you may have already noticed, we have several active writers working to bring that extra bit of spice to Sucker Punch Pro Series these days! But in the interest of keeping everybody in the loop, and making sure that you know these guys are legit, I wanted to give a little info on each member of the crew as it stands today...and I'm always looking out for ways to add on!

Yamashita Craven (Destin) -

Destin is focused on bringing us the "Title Fight Spotlight" where he sits down with the fighters in upcoming title fights and picks their brains a bit. It's a really cool chance for the guys who are about to go at it with everything on the line to get their last parting shots in and really get whatever's on their mind out there for their fans before they go to battle for the big one!

Dan Inacan (Dan) -

Dan is working on a new segment for us, "The Runner-Up", which focuses on sitting down with the guys who either were at the top and fell, or got there but came up just short. Yes, obviously that's a tough thing to sit down and discuss for some, but if you haven't already seen his first segment (here - ) it's going to be a lot of fun and hey, maybe it'll be a way for some of the guys who do come up short to blow off some steam and get right back to work!

Vsevelod Kaufman (Kaufman) -

Kaufman is a freelance writer for us who will be doing pieces here and there when he can in between his duties for his main assignments with other orgs. He'll be primarily focused on guys who are rising up the ranks fast or highly touted new folks in the divisions who are expected to rise quickly through the ranks. It's a chance to get to know guys a little more before they're "the big name"!

And then there's obviously me (Hare/Donkey/Suzy) and hell, who knows what I'm up to half the time? Just go with it, I'm usually winging it! Ha. But no, obviously I've been focused on the "Sucker Punch Preview", "Post Event Cheap Shots" and now, occasionally, the "The Night Before...with Suzy Sucker Punch" pieces.

Now just because those guys above have a "niche", it doesn't mean that you should be surprised if they reach out and do something a little different here or there either. Plus, I'm always looking for ways to get guys in the divisions who have shown to be actively involved, trying hard, giving it their best and working up the ladder some coverage, so you never know when we might add yet another writer to the mix to do that sort of thing with more of lower ladder or mid-tier up-and-coming guys!

But yes, if you get reached out to by any of these folks, it's legit! Enjoy, participate and have fun...if you want to!

Take care all!


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