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Org name: Sucker Punch Pro Series
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265 Ben Slam Felix Inarritu

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Hey Sucker Punch Fans!

So it's been a while since I touched on a few of these topics and I just really feel it's important for me to cover them every so often, especially for newer managers or guys who just may not be aware of the particulars with these things! Anyways, this bit of info is to help with Energy, Morale and Flights (and the lack of needing to use them!).

First, ENERGY: This one is important for both training as well as on fight day. Training - If your fighter has dropped below 90% energy...he is NOT going to get the very best from his training, which means eventually if you continue training this way, your guy will fall behind others regardless of his learning speed or not. Fights - If you let your fighter walk into a fight without close to his full energy, there is a very good chance you are setting him up for a loss. If he doesn't get lucky and finish the fight early via a KO or Sub, there is a very good chance that as the fight drags on, even as early as late in the first round, he's going to get gassed and be more susceptible to being finished. Give your guy the best shot possible...keep his energy ready to go on fight day, and be sure he's training at above 90%!

Regaining Energy: The only way to regain energy is to rest him (set his training schedule to "no training" for as many days as it takes to get back to where you want him. You can find out how many days it will take by going to the little icon at the top right of your fighter's page that looks like a weight, located between the red "VS" and the Eyeball icons. It helps keeping the energy up if you are using supplements as well, but the main thing is to manage those training sessions, lay off before a fight for at least 2 sessions or however many it takes to get back to or close to full energy!

Now, MORALE: If your guy has not regained his morale to close to 100%, or at least over 95% or so, then the lower he is the less chance he's going to go into a fight focused and having the confidence to try to win it. Morale will drop for a number of reasons, including a loss in a fight and not changing his clothes often enough. If your poor dude is still wearing his magic white t-shirt and shorts, it's time to change that up.

Regaining Morale: You will want to go to "Posessions" in the right hand menu of the page, right down between Sponsors and Finances and check for his clothing and supplement usage there. If he doesn't have any other clothes, you should consider going shopping for some. If his morale needs to be boosted back up, try changing his clothes every day (by using the trash can next to his top and bottom items of clothing to throw away one copy, which will bring the quality back from whatever it is to "150" again) until the morale eventually works back to where you want it. After that, changing them every so often when the quality of them gets down to 140 or lower should keep his morale up barring a loss in a fight. If you need detailed information on how to do this, feel free to reach out to me!

Last but not least, FLIGHTS: There is absolutely no need to ever take a flight with your fighter to the fight locations before his fight. Your fighter will automatically take part in the fight card no matter where he's located, so don't schedule a flight of him. Stay in his hometown where his gym is and your guy will simply fight and still be there afterward. No loss of $ sending him to the fight, no loss of energy and no loss of time! So, keep this in mind when deciding upon orgs to join, the location of the org does not factor into things these days ever since Mike turned off the need to fly to your fights about 2 years ago!

Anyways, I hope this helps any newer managers out there. Reach out to me or any other experienced manager if you have any questions. Others might have other tips for you as well, but I hope this helps get all of our cheap shot artists in the best shape they can be come fight day and during training! More experienced managers, feel free to jump in here with any additional pieces of information that I failed to touch on, or to correct me as necessary!

Take care,

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