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Catch Wrestling Championship news history

24 Sep 20 - Everything you need to know about Grappling & CWC
- Grappling (as opposed to MMA or KT) does not cause energy loss after a fight.

- CWC is Grappling only (we do not host any other kind of events).

- CWC only hosts events on Sunday after the PM training session. This means your fighter will always compete at 100% energy (if you are training optimally that is) & they will never have to miss a single training session to compete.

- Losses in Grappling do not cause injuries or morale loss but does affect popularity. That being said if you win, it increases your popularity & Grappling hype.

- Competing in CWC for sparbots is perfect as it won't affect their training/sparring regimen. Also, it will reset their de-pop timer.

- Grappling has no affect on manager ranking

- TWGC, QFC, & co-MMA/KT contracts are all allowed upon request

- All divisions are Open ID. It should go without saying that you will be expected to go against anyone in your division. Matchups are based on win streaks (within the org) NOT grappling hype or skill. Cherry picking fights will not be tolerated & will result in your fighter being released & you being permanently banned from the org.

- In reference to the aforementioned matchmaking, fights are booked according to different categories: 1 W streak v 1 W streak, 2 W streak v 2 W streak, 3 W streak v champion, or if both fighters last match was an L (no matter how long of a streak it is). If a fighter hasn't had a fight within the org I put them up against someone whose last fight was an L. Only fights within the org are considered. If your fighter left the org for a significant time & is returning & was previously on a win streak, I will find an appropriate opponent for them at my discretion.

- Hall of Fame induction for fighters who achieve 5 title wins within the org

- Hall of Fame induction for managers who have 5 different fighters win titles within the org

Pay Structure (Updated 3/31/2021):
5k/5k/5k: No Grappling Hype
6k/6k/6k: Grappling Ranking P4P 250+
7k/7k/7k: Grappling Ranking P4P 200-249
8k/8k/8k: Grappling Ranking P4P 150-199
9k/9k/9k: Grappling Ranking P4P 100-149
10k/10k/10k: Grappling Ranking P4P 50-99
11k/11k/11k: Grappling Ranking P4P 1-49
12k/12k/12k: CWC Champion
The CWC is hosting a 18 yr old creation tournament called Blue Belt Blues. It is open weight, 18 yr old, white to blue belt. It will be a pool play between 16 grapplers with top 8 advancing to a single elimination tournament. Creation date is 7/25/20 and tournament starts on August 1st and will run every Saturday until the end. Check the forum page for sign ups. 500K prize money and title belt plus a 10K sponsorship from Hardcore Nutrition to winner.
08 Jul 20 - Grand Prix Results/HOF/Champ Stripped
Tyrone Sparxx made history winning the Corona GP defeating Jesus St. Pierre by decision. Sparxx went 6-0 in the tournament. Sparxx will be facing CWC Heavyweight Champion Maxim Bok in the 1st round of the TWGC in a non title match. Ibbe Ribbler (314703) was inducted as the 3rd Member of the HOF. Ribbler is a 5 time defending 170 lb champion with a overall grappling record of 20-5. Ray Malenko (257203) who recently won the 155 lb title has gone inactive thus being stripped of the title. Samuel Cooke (300941) vs Arturo Caldeira (346716) will match for the vacant title as both are on 3 match win streak. Former champion Jesus St. Pierre will be top contender for the winner.
07 Jun 20 - Sparxx wins the Corona Grand Prix Tournament
Tyrone "Lugz" Sparxx (335287) edges out "La Messiah" Jesus St Pierre (233751) by a 15-10 decision in the finals of a 16 man tournament. Sparxx is now ranked the #1 P4P grappler in MMA Tycoon.
07 Apr 20 - Recruiting 360K ID level grapplers now
The CWC is looking for 360K ID level 18 year olds to add to their openweight division. 350K was highly successful and we are phasing them to weight classes after April. If you want to grapple ask for a contract!!!
27 Feb 20 - MMATycoon's Premier Grappling Org
Hello everyone!

John & I want to thank everyone's participation in making the Catch Wrestling Championship the go to org for Grappling in MMATycoon & we also appreciate the positive response we've gotten from the community so far!

Some of you may not know but running a Grappling org, let alone a successful one, works slightly different & is uncharted territory for just about everyone in this game. We want to give a big shout out to all the managers who've worked with us since day 1 while we worked out the kinks. With all that being said we want to let everyone know about our new pay / contract structure:

No Grappling Hype: 3k / 3k / 3k
Below 100 P4P in Grappling: 4k / 4k / 4k
Top 100 P4P in Grappling: 5k / 5k / 5k
Former Champion (still top 100 P4P): 6k / 6k / 6k
Champion: 7k / 7k / 7k

Just like in real life, MMA pays much more than Grappling competitions & it's true in game as well. We've broken the threshold of breaking even albeit by not the greatest of margins. Hopefully, as the org continues to grow, all of these numbers will too.

We are also scaling the amount of fights on the contract offers from 8 to 5. We initially thought we'd be able to book everyone at least 2 matches a month (& for the most part we have) but we think seeing that number is scaring off some managers from joining.

I'll sign off with a few key reminders:
-Energy is not lost during a grappling match
-135 lb - 265 lb divisions are Open ID
-265+ division is Openweight 360K+ - Phasing out 350K to weight divisions after April 2020
-The org is perfect for older fighters declining in skill- Spar-bots welcome!
-If you have a Wrestling / BJJ heavy fighter that just can't hang in the higher/mid tier orgs, give us a shot!
-Due to the no energy loss, the org is great for the "Sparbots" on your roster who are just sitting around. You can have them still compete, earn a little scratch, all with no downside!
-We are the perfect place to have your 350k+ fighter compete injury & energy loss free all while developing their stand up skills for MMA/KT or move on to our unrestricted divisions!

Thanks again everyone!
12 Sep 19 - CWC partners with Groove Gear
CWC has established a partnership with LA's coolest apparel shop Groove Gear.

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