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GAMMA: The remarkable story of Ruslan Danilov

Global Association of MMA, Fight Organization, London
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

 Ruslan Danilov (334471) is currently competing in the GAMMA contenders. He is a 37y old veteran who spent the past 2 years competing in GAMMA with an overall 13-17 record. Now, at first sight, a fighter who had a 13-17 record would not particularly be a fighter of interest. He never competed for a title and spent most of his run at the lower to mid tier echelons of the organization. His highest rank to date was 334 p4p. 

  What stands out about Ruslan is the fact that he beat a total of 4 GAMMA champions during his reign! Most of those champions became champs after they lost to him! During the 2 years he had wins over Julio Regueiro (Twice) Patrick River, Kevin Daughtrey and Kebab Nurminen!    Ruslan hopes he can string some results in our GAMMA Contenders and move back up to compete for the GAMMA title, we wish him the best of luck! 


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